STEEMIT BLOWS MY MIND AGAIN! - Plagiarism, Repentance, and Forgiveness

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What an amazing community we are privileged to be a part of of. If any of you have been paying attention, then you already know what has happened with @jpiper20.

Both @klye and @pfunk posted articles about the plagiarizing activity of @jpiper20.



Recently though, @jpiper20 posted a confession.


Just look at the replies to that article from members of our community like:

Obviously, what @jpiper20 did was wrong.

Obviously he got caught.

Obviously, when he was called out, he confessed and asked for forgiveness.

What I find remarkable though is the willingness of so many within our community to forgive him, encourage him, and support his honesty in this matter.

Though @jpiper20 deceived many of us and has broken our trust, yet, the community seems to be willing to give him another chance.

Though I have never followed him yet, or ever upvoted one of his posts that I aware of, I have just now clicked "follow" on @jpiper20.

If he is willing to be honest, repent, and stop his deceptive activities, then I am willing to forgive him and allow him to have another chance.

How about you?


I too am pleased to see people forgive him. We've all lied before, so none of us are qualified to throw stones.

There is a difference however between forgiveness and restoration of trust. His 67 reputation is a major problem that needs to be addressed. It gives the impression that he is trustworthy, which he is not. He now has the chance to win back our trust, but that should begin from a much lower reputation score.

I was considering that myself. Both the reputation and steem power have not been obtained honestly.

Your second sentence is gold!

I too am pleased to see people forgive him. We've all lied before, so none of us are qualified to throw stones.

Exactly - I agree.

There is a difference however between forgiveness and restoration of trust. His 67 reputation is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Good point. I think for people who are on the site a lot they know the situation but for others they might not. I doubt he will do anything similar though and think he is truly repentant. If he does the community will see it and take further action.

I've developed my thoughts a little more on this in a recent post. What do you think is the solution to his overinflated rep score?

I don't think there is a solution as of yet. I don't think it would be right to just downvote all his posts from now on to lower it. The community is aware of what he has done and will be more acutely aware if he does it again. I doubt he will though because he knows he will be caught. I think that should be the end of the matter.

What about new people or old people who don't know the story but who do rely on the reputation? Or do most people just wonder what that funny number means?

Not to beat a dead horse, but I do believe that there should be a real downvote firecracker in addition to the nuclear bomb flag. And maybe the flag should automatically (after verification of the infraction) reset the rep score to less than the normal starting point.

@jpiper was one of my favorite steemers, so I'm really sad now (((

Wow. Based on your response, he may have the opportunity to become one again, but trust is difficult to rebuild.

In essence, he has spent quite a bit of time here tricking people into giving him upvotes...

That's rough, and forgiveness is often not easy.

Time will tell what the outcome will be, but it says a lot about your character when you respond the way that you are.

Excellent job!

You have my full support.

FYI to other uses - I have offered a translation opportunity to other users. Please check my recent posts for more info.

Hi @papa-pepper, I stopped back to let you know that this post was one of my favourite reads today and was included in my Steemit Ramble. You can read my comments on it here.


I'll check it out.

We need all the ambassadors we can get - even rehabilitated ones!

Support the supporter. Upvoted and confessed.

Time will tell, but I can forgive.

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I was watching that unfold too. He made a mistake, but the big difference between him and so many others is his willingness to take responsibility and fess up then apologize. I've seen too many others who vilify the community for calling them out, but they're the ones who burn bridges and then drag the Steemit name through the mud.

Despite everything bad about the situation, there were some positive highlights!

Great post. Also I love the pepper symbol:)

Thank you.
I love the community.

Forgiveness is one value we should all share here in Steemit. Thanks for reminding us again, @papa-pepper

Forgiveness heals our soul.

Where would we be without forgiveness?

I forgave him. I have been a follower if his for quite some time. I hope he can work through this and put up content with honesty from here on out. We all make mistakes and sometimes a second chance is all the difference a person needs to straighten themselves up.

Great attitude man.

It's folks like you who add real value to thus community.

Everyone has experienced a time when they messed up, due to a level of desperation for something. But attitude toward that error is what determines character and it is by character we should (not judge), but determine the worth of further interaction. Interesting few have the courage (or character) to do this these days.

Well said.

I've changed a lot in this life, and moments like this can have a lasting effect on character.

Second chance is a good thing! What do you think about @trisnawati ? =)

I was unaware of that situation.

I think that we all need second chances, so we will see how it plays out.

I was mostly just reflecting on all the scandals and screams of "scam" going on around here, and was blesses to see so many still willing to forgive.

Well, I ain't got a dog in the hunt But....

When I read someone came here thinking Steemit wasn't a legit site any way so they went all willy nilly posting things belonging to other etc etc..

Then, they say opps now I made a lot of money and been caught out I'll apologize, hmmm...

You follow em papa, I'm gonna concentrate on other things...


Good point, somewhere along the line they found out is was legit and really continued to scam the community.

What was done was wrong, plain and simple, ain't no doubt about that, and to only confess when caught, well that's all too common.

I'm certainly no where near as impressed with him as I am with the community.

That's all I meant really, after re-reading my post it seemed a bit negative and that was not my intent. The Steemit community is certainly a positive one and I'm sure for the most part a forgiving one.

The old saying "too good for your own good" comes to mind..

Reality is most people are good people, and easily forgive mistakes, seeking the positive in others while willingly overlooking their shortcomings. This is why we have the governments we do :)

Vigilance goes hand in hand with justice and in the end truth will set you free.... Read that somewhere, prolly should source it.....

Reference fully understood.

Thanks for clarifying a bit more.

@papa-pepper, we all deserve a second chance. I read his confession and good for him.

When I was a little boy, I got caught replacing chrome valve stem caps with plastic caps. I was around 8 or 9 and I felt so bad. I never stole again. I was a criminal once and never again. Thank you for your post.

I wish I would have stopped stealing when I was a child.

Even after I got worked over with a pistol as an adult I still did not stop.

Thankfully, all that is finally behind me now.

wow didn't know this
awesome to hear
sure is a community I enjoy being a part of! thx for sharing this

I figured many may have missed it, and wanted to share about how incredible I find the response to be.

It makes me glad to be a part of this community when I can see forgiveness and second chances being lived out right before my eyes.

It is truly a blessing.

Thanks for your comment.

It gives me tremendous bitterness this news, my support to lift the mood. I do not support what has made support for the human being should estra Sorry destroyed in Alma

What happened was wrong, and it cannot be undone, but I am glad that people around here are willing to give second chances. If it were not for second chances, eventually everyone would hate everyone and we would all be alone.