TRANSLATE ANY OF STELLABELLE'S POSTS & KEEP ALL REWARDS: Translation Opportunities For Foreign Language

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By chance I ran across an incredibly ingenious translation idea by @papa-pepper and his original article can be found here. Any SBD from this post will be given to @papa-pepper because this original idea belongs to him. I didn't come up with this idea myself, but I love it so much, I've decided to do it, too.

So, here is the basic idea for those who speak more than one language, are good at translating and who are looking for translation opportunities......

If you know English well enough to translate from English into a foreign language, then you may translate any of @stellabelle's Steemit articles and post them on your own Steemit account. You can keep all the Steem Power and Steem Dollars for yourself.

THE GUIDELINES (Sourced from @papa-pepper)

• Send me a comment with the link to the article you would like to translate.
• Tell me what language you want to translate it into.
• You can use any or all of the original images from my post.
• Please link my original “English Version” article at the end of your post.
• Make it clear in your title or opening paragraph that your post is a translation of one of my articles.
• Once the translated post is made, send me a comment with the link. You can always just put this link in the comments of one of my most recent posts.


Image Source: Pixabay

"If you choose to translate one, whatever STEEM, Steem Power, or SBD that the translated articles generate will be yours to keep."

"If you get a great payout and feel like sharing some with me you can, but you do not need to!"

According to @papa-pepper, these users were responsible for manifesting his great idea: @xanoxt, @felixxx, & @dresden. Apparently, @xanoxt already gets paid to translate articles.

So, with this post, I hereby grant you permission to translate any of my Steemit articles into a language other than English for the purpose of posting on Steemit. You may not publish or translate my posts for distribution on Amazon or any other online retailer. This translation opportunity only applies to Steemit. You can of course share your translated Steemit post on all other social media platforms, including your own blog.

I would love for some of my articles to be translated into Japanese and/or French because I speak both those languages (at a 6th grade level, mind you). I'm also really excited about the idea because I grew up in a very tolerant family who embraced foreign culture. My brother is a linguist who speaks more than 6 languages! (I tried to talk him into getting on Steemit, but he's not into the idea.) Anyway, he taught himself German after our family took a trip to Germany when we were kids. Foreign languages have been a big part of my family's culture and as a young girl, I had over 20 international pen pals. I wrote to people from Italy, Australia, India, UK, Japan, Germany, France, well, you get the idea.

If I can help Steemit's international community grow, I am all for it. Thanks to @papa-pepper for this great idea.

If you're an author and want to allow translations of your posts in foreign languages, you can use these labels to make that clear:





Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@stellabelle I really would like to translate this in Philippine Tagalog language

Yes! Of course, please translate it and keep all rewards for yourself.

@stellabelle thank you for the privilege. I will start to translate it tonight, Philippine time. Thank you for the of 2.30$ reward on my comment. I just didn't get it. I think someone snatched it. I never seen the amount on my payment history and never registered on my Steem Dollars earnings. I was so sad because that 2.36$ is my first biggest award to be received as newbie.

Thanks for the opportunity.
I also...


Hello stellabelle:)
I might be 11 months late , but it's worth a try!
I would like to translate this article of yours
In Korean :) I would be grateful to do so :) thanks for the opportunity !

Hi @stellabelle i really would like to translate this one to Spanish Can I? I love the history and work from Tesla and also like a lot your post. Think would be very useful to have it in Spanish language too :)

OH, yes! Please do! Just follow the guidelines above and give me the link when you're finished. Thank you! Great idea!

I am pleased that you even liked my guidelines.

awesome! Upvoting now. Mucho Gracias!

If you say yes I will start right now :)


start right now! YES!

Hey @stellabelle, awesome iniciative once again! I would like to translate this one to spanish!

Thank you!

YES. Of course! You can start right away. Thank you!

Isn't this so exciting?

yes it its. Even if just a few posts are translated.........

Agreed, we will have to wait and see!

Tweeted for max exposure

thanks! I appreciate that.


thank you!

great idea!! Upvote 100% Thx @stellabelle

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

This a interesting iniciative! But I dont see it how it can succed.
Imagine, you want to have one of your posts "profesionally" translated. A translation agency will charge you for, let`s say, a english to spanish translation, at least 0.80$ / line (a "line" defined as 50 characters counting blank spaces). If your original article is, for example 100 lines long, the translated spanish version will "normally" cost you 80$ in the market.
In steemit, a post written in spanish, which under normal circumstances will never be updated by any high stake whale account - since they happen to be 95% native english speakers - will generate not more than 0.10 to 0.20 cents.

Now even with the @curie and the @cervantes team (spanish curators within the curie project), and some of the spanish post being upvoted to an average of 37$ (average value taken from the last 120 curated post), the translations (author) rewards will be aprox 27$.

What I want to say is that, from the financial perspective, it will be very difficult to expect a high quality translation if you are not able to ensure a translation reward fee or somehow to ensure that the translated version of your post get also updated to a "good" level - of at least 80$ authors rewards, if we follow the same example as before.

A solution could be to give the translator a % of the rewards of the original post, in case the translation not getting upvoted to the critical level.

But that bring others problems: what happens case that there are 10 people translating at the same time your post and all requiring at the same time the "contracted" % of the original rewards. It`s also a mess.

Just my thoughs. I love your writing, by the way, and I`d love to see some of your gems translated into spanish (my native tongue, by the way), and let my aunty Maria read them - who certainly has her difficulties reading in english :).

Anyway, for you guys who will do some translations into spanish, dont forget the tag #spanish and we will consider it for updating under the curie/cervantes umbrella. It might may increase your rewards..


Just my thoughts.

What would be beneficial is to see payouts times be removed and a post can be rewarded for its entire life on Steemit. I know dan has talked about doing that.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

After the first 24hours payout there is new payouts every 4 weeks. That is the case today. But I don't see how this related to my comment?

I believe there is no more payout after the first 4-week payout. Meaning a post can not make any more revenue past that.

So my point is it is possible to recoup the cost and maybe profit but looking at it as a longer-term investment. There might be a big audience for some languages today but in the future there might be. It is somewhat of a gamble looking at it this way.

But for that to work dan needs to extend payouts past the first 4-week payout.

Unless this was changed in the last hard fork?

It is meant as a way to grow foreign languages on here. I don't know if it will work. My FBI article would be a good one to translate because it got copied onto another website, and also received a lot of attention outside Steemit. Being choosey about which ones to translate would be a good idea, and if it's shared outside of Steemit, it could also bring more people here potentially. It's experimental. I don't have the answers to your questions......

I agree. Its a great iniciative and should be also be given a try. Other great projects also begun as experiments and evolved growing and adding a lot of value to the community. It could be also even be part of the blockchain. Translations beeing somehow hardly link to the original posts and sharing earned power or something...

It's just yet another thing to help bind us together, to make us realize we can help each other out.

Without risk there is no reward. My nick (traducciones) means "translations" and this is the kind of opportunity I was expecting.

Regarding quality, the translation of a Book requires at least proofreading from a third person. The translation of a Blog entry and the "near real time" translation of a Blog entry doesn't require such a standard. Also, posts from native spanish speakers on steemit are full of typos and errors as in any other social media and it is not because the rewards are low or non at all.

If you read today's online newspaper (even mainstream newspapers) they are full of typos, and the authors are well paid, because there is pressure to deliver for right now instead of coming with the "perfect copy" when the news are already old.

Good point, this agreement puts all the risk on the translator, also with the potential rewards.

Wise whales who see the globak benefit if this may choose to upvote

We will just have to wait and see.

An author can choose to make this offer, and a translator can choose to accept the offer, or not.


Exactly. It's all a gamble! I think though in order to get a wider audience on Steemit with foreign languages, the more articles that are available, the better it is! Everything is risky, as far as time goes. Even deciding to write a post is a gamble. But the more we can work together, and find out who we all are, the more we will be able to find out who to trust. Another side benefit of this arrangement is that I'll be looking for translators for my books in the future. If I can test out translators on this platform, find people to work with, then it's's hard to find and cultivate translators....


I never thought about finding translators for my books in the future, good point! That could work for any authors on here!

I think something more may come out of this idea too, so thanks for seeing the value and jumping on board @stellabelle!

I would like to do it but the problem that I guess most whales don't understand and don't vote for non-English posts. The idea is great but until SP distribution state is unchanged I have very few chances to be noticed. But anyway, thank you for this possibility.


How about a post listing all the authors who would agree to these terms? Authors can respond to the post, then anyone who desires to translate one of their articles can go to that post and ask permission by replying to them.

great idea. Maybe as the idea spreads, it will become something that many authors could be a steemit culture thing? I also see the dire need for there to be way more different kinds of whales, hopefully soon. We need diversity in the whale pool because right now it appears to be only one demographic: male, primarily English speaking.......

I just made this promo post and linked some of your articles and translations!


See what you think and feel free to chime in on the comments!

We should move towards getting some sort of list for this agreement as it gains momentum.

That way people could see at glance which authors were allowing this.

At the bottom of our posts, we can put the disclaimer: I allow translation of my posts...etc.....
As more people see this idea, they can adopt it. I might make some labels/ post stickers tomorrow for this idea.

Nice, I'll add that to my signature.

Perhaps we should start a "name" for that.

"Steem-author translation group" or something like that, so people can recognize the term of phrase and understand the meaning.



I like it, simple and to the point.
This could be a community building idea in so many ways.

Nice to finally "meet" you.

I was also thinking of Operation Translation

Perhaps someone near the "top" of steemit could get on board and get the word out.

Maybe even @ned or @dantheman, or someone.

Then all authors could consider this option .

Hi @stellabelle! My nick means "translations" in Spanish. I would like to translate this one:

STEEMIT SLANG: Your Guide To Understanding WTF Is Going On In Steemit

Nice choice, keep up the excellent work!

Thank you! I'll leave the slang term in english and the meaning in spanish.

good idea.

Yes! I saw it! Great work. Mucho gracias!

What a great offer from another wonderful steemian!

Thank you @stellabelle!

This will be huge for our community.

Goodness gracious me!! The Queen of Steemit Typo Errors has an error in her title! DISGRACEFUL I SAY!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!

oh hell! I fixed this! My eyes were killing me today and I shouldn't have been writing either........thanks for pointing it out. About my head.............OFF WITH YOUR HEAD FOR SAYING "OFF WITH HER HEAD!" I should flag you, but I won't (ha ha ha ha.......MUWAH!!!!!!!)

OK, I'm in a forgiving mood after reading all those piper fellow regrets, so I've downgraded you to life imprisonment instead! Loving your animated GIF meme thing by the way :-)

I have always enjoyed reading your posts - this is an interesting idea and one I might just take up myself. I know a fair bit of Scandinavian languages and would be able to translate. I am however not sure how large the population on Steemit is from those countries; we will see, definitely an interesting idea. Thank you!

It would be cool see posts in Swedish......? Wait, how many foreign languages do you speak?

Agreed. I need to find time for this one day! German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. I have read a couple of neat Swedish articles already - and a comment on here already mentions Swedish. I have seen a few Norwegian ones as well, perhaps Danish and Norwegian would be niches I could try. I reckon others are far more skilled at German than I am.

Hello stellabelle,

I sent you a private message in My wife and I are interested in working as a team on translating all your posts into 2 languages.

We are interested in starting at the very beginning from your first post working up and releasing all of them on a single account to be easily found for those who speak that language. We would like your approval to get started on both Tagalog and Visayay/Bisaya versions of your posts.

All posts would be released on her account which is @jenelyn


James & Jenelyn

I am not on chat much right now. I had some issues earlier....
Anyway, I am not sure why you would want to translate all of them as I have written a lot on here. And I have no idea what kind of readership she will have, but it's fine with me if you translate them into Tagalog and the other language. It's really a first come, first serve basis, and I will not make any kind of deals with anyone. The opportunity is for anyone, so I am not going to do any exclusive agreements or anything of the sort. I am not sure what you're expecting as a result of translating them all, as you know I have no control over the rewards they receive. But you can do it if you wish. Please don't get mad at me if you spend lots of time but don't receive a decent payout. That's not my area. I will give you my upvote, but I am only able to give a little bit with my one upvote. This post as it stands right now is around $6.40 and 209 votes.......

I think we are considering the potential long-term payoff it could have once language communities are established and dan adds payouts on posts for the life of the post (if he will do that)

Short term it probably is a loss and a gamble for sure.

We are also trying to find ways to expand steemit into the Philippines more. Filipinos love their social media.

I am in for French. You can check my posts. I have a lot of stories in French in need to be shared. Ce n'est qu'un aurevoir.

yes! My French is pretty bad but I'll check some out to see if I can still read it.

Amazing text! ty

I'm new to the community, what I like is this kind of teamwork, solidarity, empathy with others. But biniendo of you who are an example to follow congratulations to all never change thank you very much

I like this idea from @papa-pepper and I'm gad you are providing the same opportunity to the steemit community. I hope people take both of you up on this offer. Resteemed and shared.

Thank you Kenny. It's a really good idea actually...

thanks for the mention

I guess if I hadn't seen @papa-pepper's post, I wouldn't have done this one! I was lucky today.

you're welcome

Great post and initiative :)

This is an awesome idea. RS'ed!

I am mostly helping Russian people have good English translations in their posts for a part of the rewards they get, but so far it is mostly a community service. 8)
It did land me a job offer, and one of the payment options was in SBD, which is something I chose, since I beleive that SBD is a good stable option. 8)

This is a brilliant idea.

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It really is an excellent idea. I was thinking about offering some of my evergreen posts and necessarily my art or personal posts for this. Then again, I'm just a minnow and not much of a catch. :P

never underestimate yourself! You're a great reason to stay on steemit! You have more power than you know!

I have noticed your post was flagged by R4fken, well known steemit hater.

I am for justice and I am here with all my Steem Power to help you resist his hate downvotes and let your post be visible for steem users. Upvoted!


great idea!!

Hi @stellabelle. I would love to translate this post about verification proposal to Russian. I love your proposal and believe it is very great idea to use 3-rd party websites as a way to verify other people's identity.

If you allow me to, I can start tomorrow because today I already have 11 p.m.

that's not my post. I only resteemed it. You will need to ask the author.

Okay, I didn't notice that its not yours :)

so good and very benefits. thanks you so much @stellabelle

This is a great initiative! I like it!

I have even made a short description of Steemit in my native language swedish a couple months ago! Hope we see some more users becoming active from all countries and parts of the world!

hello @stellabelle it's very good idea
i can translate your posts into Arabic
it's my native language would you like ?
thank you

Hi @stellabelle can I translate this one in italian language?..If someone has not already done..

GREAT IDEA! If only my French weren't so rickety & rusty...

Not a bad idea, do you plan to resteem translated articles? because without this, many authors are unlikely to receive a reward commensurate with their costs

Once Dan gets the streams separated, then I will definitely. The idea behind this was to open up the cultivation of foreign posts, but I don't know how it will work in reality. It may or may not be a winning idea..........I have no idea, but if people have a following in a foreign language, maybe it could help.

We do a similar project which translate important articles for our (RU) community - such as developers articles and announcements, check it:
Rusteemitblog project announcement

very cool.

That's a great idea!! Well done for your open[source] mind!!

NIce.....thanks for the effort.