So Remember That Massive Toy Collection?!?

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A few months back, I posted about a toy collection that I went to go look at. Some guy called my shop and said he had to move his massive toy collection ASAP. This initial post can be seen here and should be looked at if you want to understand the magnitude of this dude’s madness.

Well that was 2 months ago and I still have yet to make the purchase. Why?!? All I can say at the moment is the guy is dragging this thing out. I can’t wait to tell the whole story once this is wrapped up. I’m close but there are still hurdles to clear regarding him stalling. Normally I would totally just walk away as it’s too much trouble, but to be’s too tasty of a collection to abandon completely. I’m not chasing though, just responding when he reaches out to me.

Anyway, today I found myself driving to his newly rented storage unit where he is transferring the product because he apparently like to waste money and time. (Tell me again why you would not only take the time to relocate thousands of items, but to waste money storing them when the plan is to sell them?)

He made me wait just over an hour as he was late and was on his way. Frustrating point number 1. Upon getting there I discover that only about half of the product is there. The rest is still sitting on his folks basement. Frustrating point number 2. Then he tells me he wants to keep a specific portion of the collection. Then he still hasn’t come up with an amount. The frustration builds...

Finally I told him I was splitting and to name me a price this week or I was going to have to bail as I have other places to park the funds. Let’s see if this lights a fire under his ass.

Below are some of the pics I snapped today. Basically it’s just boxes of product. Lots of action figures and some statues. Toy lines like Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics, Transformers, Dragonball Z, Gundams (which he now wants to keep), Halo, Funko Pops, and a megaton more. Some of these pieces are several hundred bucks a pop. He bought minimum 2 of everything. There are thousands of pieces in this lot and there is a ton of potential to make a boatload of cash. To those unfamiliar with this world which is a large majority of my new friends here, think about it this way. For the most part, the cheapest figure retails for around $25 with a lot going into the hundreds. There are thousands of pieces here. See why this is an attractive collection?!?


This has definitely been the most frustrating lots we have ever considered. It will cost a pretty penny when all is said and done, but there is too much meat on the bone to let it sitbor get away from me.











Anyway, I’ve had a few Comic people ask recently whatever happened with it. The short answer is, so far nothing but today there was slight progress. I just hope he throws me a number so we can finalize this deal. Stay tuned folks!!!



I remember that post and I must say I have never seen so much product not even in stores, this doesn't even look like half of the stuff @blewitt

Yeah, all the stuff in the basement is still in the basement. Easily half the stuff is not in these photos. This guy is a royal pain in my ass...

Christ on a bike, dude. That is a fuck ton of toys. Was pleasantly surprised to see the DBZ stuff in there. Doesn't seem like a lot of american people really collect DBZ stuff these days, at least around these parts.

Yeah man, surprisingly DBZ stuff sells like hot cakes in my shop. There would be a lot of cool new shit to add to the shop with this. We don’t have a ton of DBZ stuff so I’d welcome this new batch with open arms.

What a big collection that guy has. I've always liked to see that kind of toys, especially from marvel and DC

This guy uses his parents money to add to his collection. His parents seem like complete pushovers and have enabled his ridiculous collecting habits and OCD hoarding tendencies. It’s quite a sight to see.

Is there anyone else with the kind of money your willing to give him for all this?

You might have more power that you think, and he may be the loser if he arses around too much. Its a fine line you tread. I have been there before.

Probably not in the area. At least he would have to seek it out which won’t be easy. The thing that bugs me is he HAS to get rid of it. I think he’s stalling as he just does not want to. Maybe hoping for a miracle and that he will be able to somehow keep it?!? I dunno. Either way...the longer he delays...the more I mentally shave off my price.

Either way...the longer he delays...the more I mentally shave off my price.

That's the way mate! Make sure you get the deal though.

Yup yup! I’m salivating at the opportunity. Keep ya posted!

Holy smokes Batman! That is a lot of toys hahaha I've never got that deep but I did buy a few originally packaged Bucky O'Hare Toys a while back LOL I'm not obsessed, I swear.

But I know the struggle. My buddy is a big Lego collector and he went through a hard deal with a buyer when he was trying to pick up a Millennium Falcon set (before they re-released it). Guy was being a little shady. He ended up getting it but there were a few stickers missing inside, maybe a couple pieces. My friend didn't mind, he just likes building them and was able to get the piece of some website that sells duplicates.

Good luck!

Thank you brother!!! I wish there were some Bucky’s in this lot but Lol

Yeah, this one is especially “crazy” and will be a good story to tell once it’s all wrapped up.

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I just contacted him and outbid you by $1, Bob.

Saw the other post. Holy inventory for resellers like us. The more time that goes one, the better price you should be able to get. Forget the headache. You have 100% leverage here until he delays more and the storage unit goes up for auction. See you there.


Yup. Pretty much. I’m not chasing him. But he’s definitely...”off” to say the least. He sent me a random text of a brand new piece that he just bought. I’m thinking “why the he’ll is this guy still buying”?!? I asked him reply. To be honest, the waiting game is the best option. He’s a ticking timebomb and it’s only a matter of time before he ruins his 163rd go around with his folks who are supporting him. After kicking him out and getting a restraining order on him. With no job, no car, no money...that unit will go to default if his folks don’t pay on it. I’ll get the desperate call eventually.

Oh shit, it's ultimatum time! Good luck.

Fingers crossed this idiot realizes he has no choice. Sooner or later...

howdy sir blewitt! wow this is amazing. I hope the guy gives you a price soon. He not only had to rent the unit but it looks like he spent alot of money on nice new totes as well. Man you're tearing it up posting twice a day! I thought you were working full time! lol.

Lol. I try to post when something I find interesting pops into my mind. I live in a world where I’m stimulated all day so it’s hard not to just want to post all the time. Lol.

Yeah he’s going through a ton of trouble and wasting time and money. I don’t get it...

I bet you are exhausted when you get to bed at night after being over stimulated all day! I hope that guy makes his mind up soon. He said he needed to sell but that must not be an urgent need like he said at first.

He needed to get it out of his folks house. Then things got real volatile between him and his family. It’s an insane situation.

wow that sounds bad, it's unfortunate but I can see why he'd need the money if he planned on moving out, he sounds like he might be a little immature.

He’s a bit off to say the least, and had a falling out with his folks but needs them to get by. All this has created a toxic situation.

oh man....well sir blewitt maybe given some time things will stablize and he'll decide he needs to sell afterall.
If not there will be other great collections that come along.

Exactly. That’s why I’m not stressing it. I’m letting him come to me. He text me yesterday telling me he decided on a number but has yet to give it to me. Argh!!!!!!