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I am Duncan Macleod, of the clan Macleod. I've been chopping heads off for 300 years. Normally, I am pulled to another highlander and a raging battle ensues that forces the elements to gather and the lightning to roar out its thunderous bellow, encouraging us to engage in immortal combat. This highlander, this 'fiftysixnorth', is the only stalemate clash I fought and agreed to, and he is also the only highland friend I have ever made. We have even worked together, supporting mere mortals in their endeavors and branched out our families. But, we know that one day, we may have to face each other, as the law states, there can be only one.

Who Is @fiftysixnorth?

First off, hope you're feeling better buddy. I know you have a strong affinity for being out and about because that's the aspect you show us quite frequently. The marvelous photos and stories that come with them from your travels are stupendous! You've been with us since before the syndicates and have stayed strong and true to the fam. You are one of the prime examples of what a great Steempeep should be. Check out these posts down here everyone:
561.jpgEditing An Old Photo
Edinburgh City Nightscape567.jpg
566.jpgBest Laid Plans
Close Up of Phoebe562.jpg
563.jpgBeltane Fire Festival
Staircase To Infinity564.jpg

We Love You @fiftysixnorth

You are a real Alliance 'Trooper' and Steemit die-hard. You even take us on vacation with you! That kind of dedication is very admirable and we really appreciate it. This is highly motivating for all of us as we tread these shifty waters and try to stay the course. Your support of the family since day one has never subsided and that is also very honorable. On behalf of the entire family, let me say thank you for being YOU and we love you @fiftysixnorth!

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