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It's Pinky Pie with a cannon, best I could do - LOL!

Putting Family First

I do it every day in multiple ways and I know you all do too. We all appreciate it very much and if you haven't gotten a thank you from the people getting your support, I humbly say thank you for helping our family grow on their - and my - behalf. This post is designed to inform people of various support accounts run both manually and on an automated protocol, that support our family in #thealliance. Please take the time to honor them as needed.

First, our 'BOTS'


This was the very first bot introduced to our family. The code was actually custom built by @yabapmatt for us and has been a big help. It has become a mandatory enlistment requirement since then. Mainly because some people aren't on #thelliance curation trail or haven't set up auto voters. And, I really don't have a problem with that. Manual curation has huge benefits. By sending either 2 STEEM (per month) or delegating 60 d-SP to our 'ship', this ensures that you are serious about contributing to the steady growth of the family you joined.


This was the second bot we brought to the fold. It runs the exact same code as The Mother Ship with a few different parameters. The main one being, it is entirely optional for people to use. Those that do wish for an extra boost on their posts, you simply send 5 STEEM (per month) or delegate 100 d-SP to this 'boots on the ground' support automaton.


Who doesn't want to share the STEEM love? This bot (run by @bmj) has been a supporter of ours since about 4 months after Brett joined the family. I really like this one because it runs a contest to support minnows. It will put them in its autovoter for 60 days for each nominator and winner for that round. I've won a few times by nominating some people, so felt the love myself, it's a beautiful thing. Go see who the winners are for #25's competition! And, if I haven't said it enough, thank you @bmj!


This is a curation droid account headed up by @armshippie. He uses it not only to support our beloved family, but to hoist up the #steemsilvergold and #metalsmafia communities. I dig both of them too, and even though he doesn't have to support us, he loves us enough to do so. He's taking nominations for a new curation effort by the way, stop in and drop a name! I nominated @silversaver888. Good luck everyone and thank you Shippie!


STAX here, is owned and operated by long time ally, @phelimint. It is a tiered delegation bot, much like that of @qurator. Except, without all the massive confusion. I was purely overjoyed when he asked me if he could open the doors on this lady's hatch for us. Now that she is available and people have seen her curating our fam through various efforts, I hope others have picked her up as well. New memberships are once a month, and they are pretty lucrative. We definitely appreciate the support my man. Thanks for helping everyone!

Let's not forget these guys...

@sneaky-ninja, @lost-ninja, & @alliedforces

These are the three bidbots run by various family members (@michaeldavid, @enginewitty & @jatinhota) that are giving back to us and several other communities and initiatives to help bolster their presence here. Kozeni (Sneaky) started it with a conversation between Witty and The Docta. It gives to @youarehope, @tarc and @a11y to boost their power. @lost-ninja takes delegations and also shares some of the income with a similar list, inclusive of @thealliance.

The newest one, @alliedforces needs your delegations to do the same. This is mine and Jat's bot. Read this post for all the details. I would love to add to the list of beneficiaries as this one grows. Currently it funnels dividends to us, @youarehope, @tarc, @welcomewagon & @poetsunit. Thank you to everyone that currently is parting us some of their d-SP.

We also have Super Humans!


Being supporters of clean quality, #teamgood has taken us 'under their umbrella'. They have joined our curation trail and you can often see their chipper alpaca prancing around on people's posts. Headed up by @ancapbarbie and @battleaxe, let me publicly thank you for supporting our family! We all really appreciate it.

@thealliance (& @syndicates)

@thealliance is the main curation station for our members. Through that hub, there are several curative posts, including a featured member every week or so. You'll notice I added @syndicates because that account is now on #thelliance curation trail at a 100% scaled vote. Figure we might as well put it to some good use right? I know with the STEEM price down a little, the votes haven't been as significant, but hang in there people, it shall rise again.


Each and every one of you fanned by @thealliance. Doesn't matter if you're on the trail or manually vote, you are all here because you believe in the engagement we hold so dear. You believe in growing together. You believe in creating quality original content. You BELIEVE, just as I do, that together, we all succeed as one. Doesn't matter if you're a witness, one of the originals, or a brand new baby in the fam. You are here, with us, because we are what we think Steemit should be. Many pats on the back and kudos to you all! STeeM oN my peoples, and remember to BE YOU!


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@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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4 clues are hidden in that....I am the founder and inventor of teamgood but it isn't me..its US, there is a super secret team that is working in the shadows for the light.....
just to clarify
also....@ancapbarbie and @sapphic are VERY deserving of upvotes over what is being given..Ancap is a genius in the whole meshsing of 'fams'

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i'm surprise to know that many accounts support this family!! for something is an alliance isnt? hahaha!

can't wait to join and delegate to these accounts so they can have some more sp!

i loved how you ended the post with the best motivation style!

You believe in growing together. You believe in creating quality original content. You BELIEVE, just as I do, that together, we all succeed as one.

I believe ;)

Hecks ya my man. And very true, it is becoming quite a lovely alliance indeed.

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnom!

When you see them all listed like this it's pretty amazing, so much accessible support in so many different formats - people can really just pick an choose what and how they get great support.

I really like the @alliedforces bot, it's a superb upvote service and very clever - it knows when it's had too many bids and auto moves you to the next round - I really like that.

#thealliance #witness

That was @jatinhota's idea, clever one he is :)

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 10.00% upvote!
I was summoned by @enginewitty. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

A portion of the proceeds from your bid was used in support of youarehope and tarc.

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Thanks for the showcase and reminder. I have been using our bid bots recently actually since I think it's another good way to help support a good cause, but I totally forgot about lost-ninja. I'll be added her to my daily use list. Thanks for all these great services for our family.

Glad you came by and got to see em all, they're getting more intricate and precise. Lovin it man.

You have been defended with a 69.37% upvote!
I was summoned by @enginewitty.

You and your BOTS!!! :D

as long as I don't have to hear about them for 6 hours I'm very happy for you and US as a family :D LOLLL Love the Tag :D

You like that? Probably not as much as I love bots, but it's a good tag lol

You have gotten a vote courtesy of @enginewitty!
They have enlisted the help of the @alliedforces!
We gladly answer your call!
(@alliedforces is a collaboration of witnesses @jatinhota & @enginewitty)
Have you supported your favorite witnesses?

Thanks my man. Some really good stuff going on. I have to learn about those other ones. But love helping with @a11y, @themothership, and @alliedforces ...and I encourage all Fam to at least Delegate a little to some of these.

That last one @alliedforces is new and helping some great Causes :)

Nice to see !!

I want some to start going to things like @freewritehouse, @teamgood, @fiberartists, and some of the other smaller accounts out there too. Time is all it takes. :) Finally on Steem Bot Tracker (after 3 weeks) so that will exponentially increase the growth of the bot.

Power bots!!! LOL

I'm not in the ALLIANCE but you have my support!

Thanks bro!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

It is sparkly enough, I approve :D

ha ha ha! YES!!! I aim to please :P

I love that there are multiple ways to support each other. I appreciate @themothership and @a11y, and I'm starting to like using @alliedforces as a tip on people's posts. :) 💖

lmao! That's what I've been using it for too :P

Great projects and awesome people you all...

You got it boss! I thank you for everything you do for the fam, all the support and shoutouts brother!😎 ☠️

You got it fam, glad you here :)

Family always supportive...and the helping hands are good to help you with all the support

We all help each other, that's what families do :)

Yeah... family FIRST!!! I so believe it that! So I use @sneakyninja often. I am still learning much about what I need to do to demonstrate my support for the family. I shall go to our discord channel and read up about delegating and sending steem. I don't know if I have enough SP to delegate, and I may have to wait two weeks more to be able to send the 60 SPs. I would like to have some in SP so that I can try my hand in manual curation. WOW... so much to learn. And once again, I appreciate the nomination @enginewitty, andthe mention in this article. I appreciate you!

Glad I could help hun and really happy you decided to join us. Love seeing you around everywhere :)

We really love all that you do - the ever growing support!!!

Trying to do more you guys, gimme a little time :)