Team Vietnam Statistics - 2019-06-03

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These are statistics gathered for the following Vietnamese tags: #vn #vietnam #vietnamese #teamvn or #teamvietnam.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 90 days, except for the global statistics.

First Steemians using the Vietnamese tags

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the Vietnamese tags (no time limit):

  • 2611 Steemians used the tag
  • 842 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 681 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 582 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Last 90 days statistics

Number of Steemians:

  • 128 Steemians used the tag
  • 39 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 30 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 28 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@artemislivesTraditional Natural Medicine Rather Than Western-Style Magic Bullet - Bringing Cannabis HOME To Where It's Always Grown Like A Weed.10
2@freegon날 버린 국가(베트남생활자)10
3@freegon돌아온 베트남생활자(베트남생활자)7
4@freegon"비나이다 비나이다"(베트남생활자)7
5@joythewandererTrying out SteemCoinpan6
6@freegon마음 가난한 짬뽕(베트남생활자)6
7@freegon지키지 못한 약속(베트남생활자)5
8@artemislivesRespect vs Deference and Why It Matters: Mandated "Respect" in my Thai World5
9@artemislivesNo-Effort "First Aid" for Sciatica5
10@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post5
11@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post5
12@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post5
13@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post5
14@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post5
15@joythewandererI miss this Brown Sugar Bubble Pearl Waffle ice cream so much!4
16@joythewanderer[继续学习SCT] 发帖收益3天结算很有意思3
17@joythewandererBack in Belgium. Summer is still not here yet...3
18@tieulongdl711Bánh mỳ saigon - vietnam3
19@artemislivesSciatic Pain: Acupressure = Natural Self-Care Medicine 1013
20@bitrocker2020Sourcecodester - Free sources code for everyone3

Trending posts (by number of time resteemed) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@artemislivestraditional natural medicine rather than western style magic bullet bringing cannabis home to where it s always grown like a6
3@joythewanderergettingreadyfortheeuropeansummer pf8lq9k5no2
4@happydolphinindonesia top pending payout post since 201905302
6@artemislivesrespect vs deference and why it matters mandated respect in my thai world2
7@artemislivessciatic pain acupressure natural self care medicine 1012
10@saltyfishcafe brettle1
11@saltyfishbrammibal s donuts1
12@tieulongdl711bnh m saigon vietnam j7sl5uqq1
13@saltyfishbiawak island1
14@saltyfishbaby turtle1
16@saltyfishampera bridge1
19@happydolphin4egcrv india top pending payout post since 201905281
20@happydolphin3jqu2b vn vietnam top pending payout post since 201905281

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-05-27 00:00:01

1@bitrocker2020179 comments
2@joeyarnoldvn130 comments
3@artemislives120 comments
4@freegon118 comments
5@joythewanderer57 comments
6@truestories10 comments
7@tieulongdl7117 comments
8@fotografia1016 comments
9@happydolphin5 comments
10@wisdomandjustice2 comments
11@teamvn1 comments
12@bongje1 comments

Last payout statistics

Top 20 Steemians order by payout (on week 2019-05-27 00:00:01)

#AccountPayout (STU)

My upvote stats

I upvoted the following posts in the last 24 hours

1@rollandthomasUsdollarsmartmoneysentiment6219 acontrarianviewampbettothedownside n5yc4wby2k100%
2@riseofthBought 25 steem and powered up on steem powerup day june 1st sold usd10 eos that i got free from coinbase100%
3@mikehammFact checking abortion talking points100%
4@flemingfarmWhat an evening 46himxmu100%
5@crypticatTen thousand steem power vmixllpz100%
6@muratkbesirogluSci fi novel the love algorithm part 24100%
7@mehtaEarn 10 steem with 1 million epc by just rolling dice100%
8@chronocryptoTarantula exoskeleton wlgrwj6c100%
9@chronocryptoMario carts kjfzlsgo100%
10@zakuDaily splinterlands tournaments 30 05 2019 time zone gmt 06 00100%
12@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 9 show off your battle100%
13@firepowerLooking for cryptocurrency alerts100%
14@firepowerIs inconsistent medical advice commonplace today100%
15@crypticatHappy spud caturday100%
16@rmsbodybuildingStep challenge is on 1000 steem prize pool 1559216247100%
17@quochuyDiy hobie revolution 11 kayak sail v1 045%
18@oendertuerkTriple frontier 2019100%
19@mehtaWedding stage colorchallenge friday sky blue100%
20@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 8 show off your battle100%
21@therealwolfSecurity prosperity and innovation for steem100%
22@zakuDaily splinterlands tournaments 29 05 2019 time zone gmt 06 00100%
23@dotwin1981Steam giveaway random key 016100%
24@hatuAn orderbook for sports bets the market decides the odds100%
25@oendertuerkAvengers endgame time travel explained100%
26@waybeyondpadthaiFinally sets of tables ldouohjg25%
27@beastlybanterBeastly tales the lumpf chronicles 9100%
28@oendertuerkThe greek creation mythology 4100%
29@firepowerIndia dapp fest is here100%
30@acceleratorMap rewarder free upvote and crypto news of the day formula 1 record nft 30 may 2019100%
31@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 7 show off your battle100%
32@rahul.stanSnax auth post what is snax100%
33@r351574nc32erhdz steem sbd100%
34@firepowerWhy do you feel you are late to cryptocurrencies100%
35@firepowerWhat angers you the most in the cryptocurrency space100%
36@stackinHow high can bitcoin go before a massive correction100%
37@mikehammNew kitchen remodel in mexico100%
38@beastlybanterBeastly tales arabian nights100%
39@oendertuerkA few things about uranus100%
41@funtravellerTime for change100%
42@mstaffordExhaust cycle 1558968493100%
43@mstaffordExhaust cycle 1559057626100%
44@mstaffordExhaust cycle 1559140998100%
45@jazminmillionVacheron constantin harnesses blockchain to authenticate its vintage watches100%
46@jazminmillionFidelity is really in love with bitcoin texas office filled with crypto asics100%
47@a-aliceTasteem 8949bc40%
48@news-todayZ more elon musk cartoonz part 1100%
49@gogreenbuddy5wcbcv daily green give away 266 win a huge upvote100%
50@firepowerSteem moves up in chinese crypto ranking100%

Community delegators ordered by SP

1@qurator513.46 SPFri Jun 01 2018
2@nuoctuong305.86 SPTue Jun 19 2018
3@carlpei152.85 SPFri Jun 29 2018
4@quochuy151.69 SPMon Nov 19 2018
5@hanggggbeeee102.14 SPMon May 14 2018
6@a-alice102.07 SPMon May 28 2018
7@nguyenthanh101.73 SPTue Jul 31 2018
8@thanhquyen50.95 SPFri Jun 29 2018
9@adam.tran50.93 SPThu Jul 05 2018
10@ngocbich50.81 SPSun Aug 19 2018
11@lantracy40.78 SPSun Jun 17 2018
12@crypto.hype25.48 SPFri Jun 29 2018
13@steemitguide25.46 SPMon Jul 09 2018
14@lenancie20.39 SPTue Jun 19 2018


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