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Let there be no confusion, I am not a Nazi. I'm using Hitler to illustrate the concept of Energy Banks, which I wrote about in my most recent post.https://steemit.com/teamsteemup/@mistermercury/observations-of-a-fool-energy-banks

However, I find it chilling and horrifying that the current group, Antifa (anti-fascist), seems to be under a similar spell as the Germans were under Hitler. Violence. Hive mentality. Hatred of a designated enemy . Lock-step allegiance to the group. How ironic, and so very human, the very behaviors Antifa proclaims to resist they are promoting. Zeal without knowledge.

How can this be? Don't people think for themselves? (The answer to that one is: not very often). I am betting that were I fortunate enough to interview typical college-aged Antifa members they could not accurately define fascism, or any other form of government, nor could they tell me any details about WWII, even as much as when it occurred, or who the Allies were and who they were fighting! Hint: the Fascists!

This illustrates Energy Banks. Antifa has it's own energy. Those who join or associate with Antifa drench themselves with this energy. They literally start to resonate or vibrate with the same energy. They, in a way, become Antifa. And this is the most important thing: because they take upon themselves the energy of Antifa they cease to question it's validity, their new identity is largely defined by Antifa and they can get to the point where they will sacrifice themselves, literally, for Antifa because they ARE Antifa. Does this make sense?

Most of us have asked ourselves how the guards at the Nazi concentration camps could have lost their humanity, how they could so dispassionately slaughter men, women and children. The answer: They were no longer individuals, they had become the energy of the Nazi party.

Now, since you and I are human we no doubt look at the Nazi's and Antifa and point our fingers and condemn them for their ignorance and gullibility. I know I do. But I assure you that you and I have taken upon ourselves the energy of groups, teams, political parties, Presidents, religions, nations, and corporations, etc. You and I vibrate to the energy of Steemit, or Buddhism, or Mormons, or here is a good one: Climate change, or Trump, or Nigeria (couldn't resist that one). And we say to ourselves, "Yeah, but my eyes are open. I'm no sucker." Really? Let's test that out.

How do you respond to these statements: EOS is better, Steemit is for fools. Buddhists are in fantasy land. Trump is an idiot and can kiss my ass. Mormons are delusional. Climate change is a religion. Nigeria. Can anything good come from Nigeria? Now since you knew the quiz question was coming you were prepared. But what if I really meant it? Remember how important it was to be either a Ford or a Chevy man? What about your sports team? How locked into that team are you? And how about your political party? Do you close your eyes and ears when anything negative is said about it?

What I'm saying is that these groups, institutions, religions, teams, etc., really do have their own energy and we frequently take those energies upon ourselves. And when we do we begin to loose our individuality. Many people literally stop thinking for themselves. The Pope said so. The Prophet said so. The Mullah said so. The President said so. My Team is the best. Dodge is the best. And so on.

I thought it was interesting, almost humorous, a few months ago when the Pope supposedly said in an interview that "there is no Hell." I would have thought most Catholics would jump for joy. Such was not the case. They could not comprehend a faith without the threat of eternal damnation. Amazing. The energy bank of the Catholic Church is largely founded upon the concept of Hell.

Consider this too. When you go to a concert, or a political rally, or a weekend retreat, or even a movie you are moved, affected, changed. You literally begin to vibrate to the energy of the group or event. It's true just think about. Don't believe me for goodness sakes. Ponder upon it for yourself.

This is why when the world gets crazy I go down to the river in a grove of trees and become a sponge to that energy. It has no agenda, no lies, no anger or dogma. It just is nature. The energy of nature calms me, brings my own energy back into balance and helps me maintain my individuality.

Ah, well, I ramble. Many blessings.




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Great post, Christopher. I love the way you challenge us all to step back and make some self observation of our own "beliefs" and consider thinking more outside the box.

The saying I hear all the time is "everybody knows that... or everyone does that" LOL... Classic Socialized Engineering is so much what makes the world go round these days.

You sum it up perfectly when you said,

This is why when the world gets crazy I go down to the river in a grove of trees and become a sponge to that energy. It has no agenda, no lies, no anger or dogma. It just is nature. The energy of nature calms me, brings my own energy back into balance and helps me maintain my individuality.

It is in that sort of space and vibration of Mother Earth where I find I balance and center myself into my core being to remember with more clarity who and what I really am. It also helps to put it all into perspective too. We project our own energies (beliefs) out into what we perceive as our world in a variety of ways and because we have programmed ourselves by choosing to think, feel and believe specific ways, including that those groups or that other person is completely separate from our self, we play out Shakespeare's "All the world is a stage" soap opera game in our own mind, often not realizing that we ourselves are really the screenwriter, director, projector, projecting and mascaraing our beliefs as the actors, etc. This all goes far deeper too, but it would become a book here... LOL

Yes, definitely material for a book. As a matter of fact, it's a book I'm writing. Have to be much more thorough and descriptive writing a book. But this is a great place to try out various concepts to see if in a very condensed manner I can make sense out of them. Blessings.

Absolutely... Me too. I must have a dozen or so books that have been in the works for some time now. For me it's more the journey of just piecing it all together and then seeing if I can condense it down to a few paragraphs sometime... and sometimes that seems impossible, but still I love taking a stab at it.

By the way, check out this video. I was listening to it as I worked and got so excited I just watched it a second time with all my attention and absolutely love this stuff. It's an interview Lilou gave Dr. Joe Dispenza on the topic of mysticism and his work helping people to activate their pineal gland. Brilliant stuff:

It is so easy to lose one's identity in a herd. It's comforting to know we are part of a group, speck of matter that's connected to other specks. Our identities become more secure when we have some sort of reference point to draw from.

Yet, it's not actually who we are. Our individuality is absorbed into the group energy, mostly for our detriment. When the group begins to stray into immoral acts, we are unlikely to acknowledge or see them as such, as our own identity is tied in with the collective.

It's quite scary to realize how easy it is to get caught up in this energy. None of us a totally immune from it, but the best antidote is to begin to recognize it within ourselves and take a step back from time to time. Nature is a fantastic option, I'm happy to hear it grounds you in the same way it does for me.

Thanks for your thoughtful post and for having the courage to walk your own path.

Indeed, our survival instincts tell us to belong. However, most of us do not realize how infused we become with the energy and beliefs of tribal energies. Thinking for oneself does not seem to be a strong point for most humans. Unfortunately.

Nature: I'm very fortunate to be able to go down to the river almost every day and bask in the energy of the cottonwoods and tall wild grasses. I'm very grateful for that. I love it. Glad you do too. Blessings.

There's a lot here to respond to.

I guess I don't think of energy in the same way you describe, but I do feel I understand what you're saying. We do tend to take on at least some of the characteristics of the company we keep. Yet, in the process, we will find ourselves butting up against that and our own individuality, and so we either need to dive deeper to silence our own voice, or we spit ourselves, or get spat out. Now there's a visual!

There are the folks who have the power and pull the strings, and there are those who buy into the propaganda and become useful idiots. There are also the thugs and criminals that just want to pound heads and if they can do it under the guise of a cause, maybe they avoid some unwanted jail time.

I think there are those who know what they're doing but don't care, along with those who don't know and get swept up in it. If they're not seeing change on the national level, take it to the streets. It does trouble me, though, when I start to feel bad for the white supremacists because they're actually peacefully protesting while they're getting knocked around by the Antifa folks in the masks with bats. :)

So, if that's all bound by energies and imparted to those who participate, I can see that. People do tend to become those things that they follow or even rail against. We see that a lot.

As for how I would respond to your questions, I guess it depends on what side of the fence I'm on. Truthfully, though, I'm not phased by much of it, though I probably was more so in the past, and probably could be again. Since I am a member of the LDS Church (and I know you're just using this as an example, so no worries), I can honestly say I've heard a lot worse. Delusional almost sounds nice. :)

That said, though, I believe individuality is very important. In the end, we are all we truly have, regardless of our marital or family status. I guess what I mean by that is, even though we can have support and love from other individuals, we need it first from ourselves. We need to be able to rely upon ourselves. So, I get that.

However, I don't think that belonging to anyone organization is inherently bad. We would need to be picky, and we would need to know where our thoughts, beliefs and desires end and the other begins. In other words, be in it because we want to and because we draw positivity from it, as well as help to give it to others.

Otherwise, I think we can end up very lonely and alone. I happen to be a person who likes to be alone for extended periods of time, but even I have my limits and have to go checking in on my wife and so forth. I don't think we want to be walking away from those communal things that help us stay centered and so forth.

Nature does that for you, it sounds like. Coming and going as I please among people tends to help me with that, as well as time to think and write and create.

Most of us are social creatures and our survival instincts move us to belong. Those are good things. It's just the way it is. What I'm saying is that we become infused with the energy of a group or tribe and when that occurs we frequently cannot recognize that the group-think may be a lie, or may lead us to do things we normally would not. Awareness is the key.

My daughter, @littlescribe is LDS. In fact she and family are moving to Utah in a month. Right now she is just a few miles away. Hate to see her go.

Oh, I completely agree. Awareness is key. It's not about the group, anyway. It's always about the individual. I hear a lot about team this and team that when it comes to work or some other organization, and I don't know. Everyone has to be on the same level, same amount of knowledge of their position, pulling their own weight, etc., for it be about the group.

It is true, though. It is quite easy to fall into group think. It happens a lot around here, which I find sad because we're supposedly trying to get away from that.

Okay. I thought there must be some connection with the LDS church, but I can't remember every conversation we've had, so not remembering if you've mentioned that before to me or not.

I'm sorry to hear she's moving, too. I've lived in Utah for extended periods of time, but never really get used to it. I like the idea of having a larger population of likeminded people living around you, but it has its limits, too. Plus, I'm used to the green. :)

I think I believe you. I've been watching Ted Nugent on Joe Rogan's show and probably for the whole interview Nugent describes how he's feeding off of nature's energy bank. For whatever reason though I don't think I've ever been able to do this. Not with nature. Yet, just listening to him talk about it had me feeding off of his energy bank. It's pretty crazy stuff, very interesting article Mister Mercury, I've not thought about it in this way but I do believe that it is a productive way to view it.

Hey! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. If you allow yourself to contemplate on this you'll see it all the time. It's all energy. We are energy. Many blessings. Oh, and thanks for the reference to Ted Nugent. I'll have to check it out.

This is why when the world gets crazy I go down to the river in a grove of trees and become a sponge to that energy. It has no agenda, no lies, no anger or dogma. It just is nature. The energy of nature calms me, brings my own energy back into balance and helps me maintain my individuality.

Your rambles are the best. I hope I get some of your amazing vibration every time I read your posts. And yes, nature is the best thing to identify with and connect with - and she's everywhere, even if it's just closing your eyes and feeling the wind on your face or hearing a bird tweet or a cloud drift - even in a city, we can connect to that.

Greetings @riverflows. Glad you enjoy my ramblings. Indeed, I am very grateful for our natural surroundings. I don't think I'd do well at all without it. Yesterday I went down to the river and swam in deep pools. The dogs know to jump right in and follow. I go under water and come up and pull their tails. It's quite fun (though I think they get a bit unhinged).

Many blessings.

Ahaha that's the funniest image @mrmercury !! My dad used to love to tease his dog too. What great playmates they are.

Yes, I considered the moniker of @dogmaster but ... didn't quite fit. Oh, but the critters are at my feet as I write. They want to make sure they don't miss the noon walk coming up very soon!

Interesting how much we're on the same wavelength.

I've been working for the past few days with a book, appropriately titled "Raise Your Vibration," that Marek fell in love with and gave to me. I posted about it a few days back.

And I love this guy - Kyle Gray - he breaks down the process into 111 simple steps, walks you through each of them, and does so with grace and humor, Scottish brogue and all. I have no doubt his book will help a lot of people, and Marek and I have started it ourselves.

As I said in my post, and as Gray readily admits in his book, nothing he says is new or groundbreaking - most of this information has been around in varying forms for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

He has merely simplified the process, but for those willing to do the work, I have no doubt it will be effective. And if ever we've needed more people resonating at a higher vibration, it's now.

As for pointing out who is doing things right and who is doing them wrong, that's a non-issue from an energetic standpoint. As the saying goes, for every finger I point at someone else, three more are pointed back at me. It's not my job to judge others, not that I still don't do so on a regular basis, even though I try not to.

And who's to say that a Hitler or Stalin in one life might not come back as Mother Theresa or Sai Baba in another? None of us are privy to what another's soul journey entails, and as Neale Donald Walsch said in Conversations with God, even Hitler went to Heaven.

Wrap your head around that one for a while.

So for example, as much as Trump makes my skin crawl, he may be the perfect Cosmic Toddler to bring us to the critical mass of awakened souls to move us into the next realm of consciousness, whatever that may entail. Or not.

In either case, he is doing what he is supposed to do, which we know simply because he is doing it, like it or not. Along those lines, I also highly recommend Byron Katie's work, particularly her book "Loving What Is."

Anyway, thanks for another great post. I'm off to bed for now. ;-)

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There is something about human nature that makes us susceptible to hive mentality. Is it enough that we are social creatures?
I believe that we were created to have a relationship with God(as we understand Him/Her/It[giggle at the political correctness]), without which we are seeking to fill that void.
A common mistake is to feel the connection to a larger group fixes that. Ultimately being mislead by one or more human leaders not really qualified to lead at that ultimate level.
As far as the Hell comment. My definition of Hell is absence of God(insert above politically correct title if you feel triggered)(These political corrections are not aimed at you @mistermercury, I don't think you need them). So if the Pope was saying there is no specific place that is Hell, I would agree.

How can this be? Don't people think for themselves?

Perhaps they are thinking about themselves in a survival motivated way? That is, how a particular person may envision their greatest chance for survival?

Hmnn.... our survival instincts tell us that we must belong to a tribe or group or were dead. That's the way is was for most of history. So it is very natural to submit to a group or institution. However, when we do we frequently leave our brains at the door. Time to recognize these old behaviors do not serve us.

Time to recognize these old behaviors do not serve us.

Could not agree more!

Indeed, things will change. Perhaps the new Generation Alpha will have the knowledge and will to do so. Let us hope. Blessings.