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I thought the oscillating pic was fun, that's the main reason I chose it. BUT it also is appropriate because it visually illustrates the concept that we create vibrations with our own consciousness/minds. Who can doubt that anymore? Apparently lots of people, especially many stodgy scientists who refuse to let go of what they were taught to believe, and those who believe in a mechanistic universe where such things as ESP, or prayer or any of those kind of "magical" but observable phenomenon don't exist. I'll get back to them and their beliefs in just a moment because they provide a perfect example of what I call "Energy Banks."

This post was rather difficult to write. I actually had a certain "path" I was going to follow but it wasn't working so I'm going to approach it from a different angle. I'm going to present a concept for you to ponder, and then later in another post expand upon it. Here goes:

The universe is certainly more complex than we/I thought isn't it? I mean when one considers that each of us is "99.9%" nothing (we are comprised of atoms, and the space within each atom that is essentially a force field is considered "nothing" by most scientists. That's one of their major errors. In their minds, because they can't measure the essence it does not exist). And there is so much more that makes our existence very peculiar. We just are not what we appear to be, are we? This is pretty much the point where most people say to themselves, " Wow! I'm on the wrong bus. I'm feeling uncomfortable. I'm going to get off." Or they never got on in the first place. Unfortunate, since there is going to be a massive leap forward in the next 10-20 years where new Einsteins, new Hawkings will put the puzzle pieces of our mortal existence together and forever change us.


We can sense energy through our five senses. But there is more you and I can sense. We can sense energy on a person, or in a room or from a sports team. We can, and do sense these finer energies on a constant basis. Every word, every Nike logo, every house or car or nation or school or professional sports team or corporation has it's own energy. You can feel it and sense it. Steemit has it's own energy. The thing is this energy can accumulate, or aggregate. Our interaction with the energy bank actually adds to the strength and depth and complexity of the EB. It can become quite powerful and influential. And we humans are like bugs to a lamp when we come under the influence of an Energy Bank.

But these Energy Banks are not passive. They are truly like reservoirs ready to be tapped. Let me give you a personal example. I was a very devout member of a well known American based religion for 30 years. I was convinced it was the Truth. I felt it. I sensed it. I knew it. I tapped into the powerful reservoir of energy that was this church. And in a variety of ways this reservoir influenced me and became part of me. And then I started looking around and noticed that members of other religions were experiencing the same thing. Ditto members of political parties, nations, sports teams. We all were tapping into the energy of a specific institution, faith, team, etc.

Now I suspect your eyebrows are rising. This just sounds a little out in left field doesn't it? I'll remind you, however, that the cosmos, the universe is not what we think it is. We are now discovering we are consciousness, we are energy, we are unveiling the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain and finding that not all is as we thought. Far from it.

We can literally become part of an energy bank. This is one of the reasons why individuals become so entrenched in their devotion to a political party, or religion or country.

What I'm suggesting you do is NOT believe me. Nope, you see even this concept of energy banks has it's own energy bank! Yep, it does and these energies, this post, does not care if it is the truth or not. It just is, and we humans think that if we feel it it is the truth. Energy banks just are, but when you come under the influence of one it seems like the truth. And it may not be. So what I suggest you do is observe. Observe the world around you and ponder this concept of energy banks. You will discover a whole new world.

Aladdin. I Can Show You the World.

Many Blessings. Mr. Mercury.




Great concepts to ponder! Thanks for sharing! I am offering a class on energy hygiene later this summer. It's getting more and more tricky to doubt the energy experience. The kids being born are so much more sensitive to it too.

Yes, they will stand upon our shoulders and see much farther than we. Have to share that my Millennial daughter and husband just had a child last week. They named their baby Aurora Shazam H. Amazing. They understand our power to create. Blessings.

Congratulations Grampa!!! That's wonderful. Is it your first grandbaby?

Nope: #8. Girls are way ahead, 6/2. Oh, and mom and dad are both Yoga instructors.

We can say all of these groups and belief systems are like energy banks of sorts, but what is it that makes them "energy banks"? It is each of us and our own energy that we put into them and thus they reflect back to us. So if we find that one group or "individual" has a stronger energy and/or is an energy bank, that is largely because we've bought off on and wired into our subconsciousness to believe and therefore project our own energetic belief into that perception (field). We project our own energies (beliefs) out into what we perceive as our world in a variety of ways and because we have programmed ourselves by choosing to think, feel and believe specific ways, including that those groups or that other person is completely separate from our self, we play out Shakespeare's "All the world is a stage" soap opera game in our own mind, often not realizing that we ourselves are really the screenwriter, director, projector, actors, etc.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to your comment. Busy. Had to go back to work. (Painting Contractor). But DAMN that is a good comment and thoughtful too. As far as I understand it we are indeed the creators of energy banks. I wish I understood computers and the correct terminology for them but it seems to me that energy banks are a memory of sorts, kind of like a file that we can add to over time. And there is a file for every energy set out there. When we think in terms of energy we can grasp the concept better. The word "shit" for instance has it's own energy but was created by us. Beliefs, as you indicate, are energy banks. When one taps into a major energy bank, like lets say... Mormonism, then the energy from that bank is so strong, to a member of the LDS church, that it feels like the truth whether it is or not. Ditto Antifa, or anarcho capitalists. This whole thing gets a bit tricky. People are feeling the EB's and thinking that what they feel is the truth, when in fact it is just energy they are feeling and it may not be the truth at all. Ah, well, quite the fascinating thing.

Perhaps we are just energy creations ourselves in some cosmic video game. There certainly are lots of similarities.

Oh, and I am back to work, at least temporarily. So my production here will be less than it has been for a while. However, I'm still going to engage as much as I can. Always good to hear from you. Blessings.

I thought I had posted this last weekend, but it still seems stuck in preview mode. I was talking of this over lunch with a friend yesterday (last Friday). I think of the more eastern belief systems, which speak a lot of just how much science and spirituality all connect. There are in fact many parallels between humans and computers. Neuro Plasticity, for example, is essentially where each time we think a thought and feel an associated feeling, we are wiring (programming) it into our subconscious memory. Eventually after so many times, it becomes the belief system we filter our perspective through and shape our life experience around.

For years they said our memories were held in our brains and then later in the cells of our body tissue. Now the last few decades there has been a growing body of evidence that good ole (H2O) water holds memory, of which we are between 65 and 90% water, depending on several factors. It's in practically everything, from the air we breather to the ground we walk on. Some scientists believe there is a connection between this and to what in spirituality is known as the akashic records.

Again it all makes me think of the Matrix Trilogy and the Jim Carrey film, "The Truman Show" some as well. And all the world's a stage, but there is a growing body of evidence that points to how for each one of us it is our own stage within our own minds, that we each play out our own world from our own individual perspective, while somehow interact with the energies of other experiential versions of our self. In other words the Christopher, as well as the me, in your mind are clothed with energies and memories of all your experiences and the version of Christopher, as well as the me, in my mind are clothed or painted with all the experiential memories that I have collected in my life. Thus, the Christopher in your mind is a very different Christopher in mine. Of course this idea runs against the programming grain and produces cognitive dissonance. I just love to explore all I can outside of the box.

I’d like to know what is beyond the energy banks. I know for sure I’m not all those billions of atoms that make up my body or this steam of conscious that’s dependent on this body...I’m opting opting out of the banking system!

It could be that there is an energy bank more fundamental than any of our constructed energy banks. An unknowable spaciousness that powers everything in the manifest world. @mistermercury talked early in this piece about the ratio of matter to nothing. Somehow the nothing part (shiva, or that which is not) is a super important aspect - even though we can't say a lot about it in a logical linear way.

Fascinating isn't it? Love the power of free will.

It's good to hear from you @reddust. I've been ....um...in transition. (A pleasant word for "all-screwed-up".) Really. Last fall I had to quit my painting contracting business because of illness. So when I discovered Steemit I thought I'd give it a go, and that perhaps in a year be able to support myself writing (Major chuckle). So was kind of disappointed when I realized that was not going to happen. So I faltered in my productivity and activity here. Then I repented of my wicked ways and decided that Steemit is a good thing for me. So here I am...again, with a more realistic attitude.

What are we indeed? Any more that's kind of a multiple choice question. It used to be when we were kids we were either "a child of God", the one soul, one life, one judgement, one eternity plan OR we were nothing, according to the atheists. Or according to my football coach we were all just "dumb shits." I think the coach was closer to the mark than anyone.

But now we can choose from: 1. We are players in a colossal AI video game, 2. We are individual units of consciousness - extensions of THE ONE Consciousness, 3. Or we are some kind of hybrid creature of soul, informed by the One. Kind of like this:

God, takes his cup,
Dips it in an ocean of soul,
And pouring out
I live again.

I lean toward the following, but am not certain: We experience several levels of Being as a reflection of our level of consciousness, however, ultimately I think we are Pure Consciousness. God, Essence, The One.

Your question is a good one. I think I'm going to write a post and give my opinion on the matter. Perhaps even tonight.

Blessings. Hope the AC is working well. Stay in the shade.

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Your use of "energy banks" is essentially a mirroring of Rupert Sheldrake's "morphic fields." And he asked many of the same questions you're asking here.

If you're not familiar with his work, I highly recommend him, as a deep critical thinker, interested in many of the same areas in which you are raising questions, and beyond that, he is an amazingly good and gentle soul. Well worth reading.