Team Australia new recruits update 08/09/17 and it's ladies hour in Team Australia Discord 🍷

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Right. It’s time for another Team Australia update. Seriously, it either doesn’t rain or it pours. Either I have no one to introduce, or I have to go on a recruitment drive resulting in everyone—including past potential candidates—contacting me at once. 

Right now, it’s the second one and I have enough for two posts. So if I’ve responded to your comment/DM and you’re not on this one, don’t worry. You’ll be on the next one.  

And please don’t take this as me complaining. I’m not. I actually really like doing these posts and finding out about new people I can follow, and hopefully helping you find cool people to follow too. 

Now, in case Centerlink wants to audit me for receiving dole payments here’s some updated stats to prove I've been looking for work. Since I’ve been doing these introduction posts, I’ve contracted 181 Aussies, of which 43 (24%) have joined. A bunch more have contacted me, but I don’t include them on my list since I didn’t find them. 

Also, we might have to give @mrsquiggle a new hat as the Minster for Immigration since he has been throwing a bunch of names my way lately. Go Squiggle! 

We are starting to see a lot more of you in the Team Australia chat in Discord too. This obviously makes it more fun since not everyone is available for a chat at all times. 

@bearone, @shellyduncan and I have even instigated ladies hour which involves virtual drinking (or maybe real drinking) and talking about whatever comes up. @seajai and a less than enthusiastic @ryivhnn have been known to participate. 

Of course, this is not an official thing so the men can still join in. Or lurk.


The official news

You should follow @mrsquiggle, who is doing a great job recognising and rewarding creativity within Team Australia. He will also submit the most worthy posts to @curie, which would result in a massive upvote if you can tap that gravy train.

You can support Team Australia members by following the centerlink curation trail in Streemian. Instructions on how to do that are here.

Don't forget that @centerlink is busy putting Aussie-battler tax dollars to work in the form of dole payments for posts, as well as showcasing Australia's most worthy dole recipients.

The Minister for Welfare @ausbitbank has created the @discordia bot, which you can use to increase your upvote moolah. Some of the proceeds will support @centerlink so give it a try.

Of course, also check out the awesome Minnow Support Project. Details on how to join are are here and here. Come say hi in the Team Australia chat room in Discord. It's fun and you can make new friends!   And lastly, if you're feeling generous, you can delegate SP to the Team Australia upvote bots @centerlink and/or @mrsquiggle (or any other bot you like) using Vessel.   

Candidate 1 

Name and bio 

@gyro is from a small town in Western Australia. He is a 3D artist who uses Blender and Fusion360. He likes designing cars and dreams of one day making his own, if that is in fact possible. 

@gyro has studied many things and has numerous interests, including the impact that water has on this planet, technology and how it works, Kinesiology and the healing arts. He has been known to strum a guitar from time to time as well, and loves to build things when he gets the chance. 

Fun fact 

“Not much fun about me, actually if I’m honest nothing fun at all... but I like cars.” 

Mate, I hate to tell you this but your fun fact BLOOOOWS. 

Candidate 2 

Name and bio 

@seajai is a wife, mother or two, and an audiologist who lives 40 minutes south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands. She likes going for a bushwalk almost every morning. Apparently I gave her abs envy so now she’s back doing pilates as well. 

@seajai loves photography, writing, reading, learning, seeking out new adventures, travelling, everything tech, and all things geeky. She’s into creating and manipulating images and has already got a few big upvotes for her efforts in this area. 

Fun fact 

“I once kicked a former Australian Prime Minister by accident. I can't tell you where, when or why... but I swear it's true (and I promise that it was an accident)!” 

Ha! That’s awesome he (or she) probably deserved it.


This one’s still my favourite though—that nurse that threw a dildo in NZ Minister Steven Joyce’s face. 


Candidate 3 

Name and bio 

@andrewfilisetti lives in Hobart with his fiancee and two labradoodles. He's a mechanical engineer who designs equipment and tools for scientists and to help further their research. Apart from being cold a lot, @andrewfilisetti is pleased he gets to work in an environment where he sees some pretty cool stuff, and creates and plays with some interesting toys that he can throw off the back of a boat.  

Outside of work @andrewfilisetti plays basketball, goes to the gym, and likes tv and traveling around the world. He recent went to Italy and visited the Red Keep from Game of Thrones (aka Fort Lovrijenac) in Croatia.  

Fun fact 

“I have two fur babies (dogs) and they love ice cream as much as I do (that's a lot!)” 

Dogs? Good. Ice cream? Good. Nothing wrong this scenario.   

Candidate 4

Name and bio

@cycling-goldfish is from Melbourne. He says his steemit name should represent something inspirational like “it's about achieving the impossible” but it actually originated from a combination of his three favourite hobbies—cycling, gold prospecting, and fishing.

In his intro post @cycling-goldfish says these are the main things he plans to write about in his blog. However, he is currently documenting his 1200 mile walk from Cornwall to Caithness in the UK instead. 

@cycling-goldfish is also interested in mushroom picking. 

Fun fact 

“I can juggle while balancing on top of a basketball!”  

This is a good fun fact. I think you should put it in a video and upload it. 

Candidate 5 

Name and bio 

The hilarious @goldenarms lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife and his cat Ginger. He’s a stacker, collector, chef, and out of work comedian. He loves baseball, gold, women, cuddling, and teddy grams (Canada’s Tiny Teddies). 

Unlike normal people, @goldenarms likes to take his silver out on walks and photograph his coins in nature for posting on his blog. He also regularly invades the Team Australia Discord chat room using phrases like “Canada is here to take your women”. 

@goldenarms just won @scaredycatguide’s competition for a 5000SP delegation making him an insta dolphin for a week. If you want some of his dolphin love, I suggest you make a cat post tout suite.  

Fun fact 

“Fun fact is I love you. And let me in cause I'm the shit. Favorite Steemer? Choo.” 

 😭😭😭 GA. Flattery (and bribes) will get you everywhere. You’re in my friend.

@sirknight, please add these new members to Team Australia.   

The rules for joining Team Australia

If you’re not yet a member and want to be, this is what you need to do:

  1. Vote here for our resident steemit witness @ausbitbank.
  2. Regularly check the  Team Australia and Australia tags and upvote the content you like. 
  3. Follow and upvote existing members of @teamaustralia who you share a common interest with. Alternatively, you can show your support by following the centerlink curation trail in Streemian. Instructions are listed here.
  4. Comment below or DM me on steemit chat or Discord that you want to join.
  5. Link your introduction post so I can find out a bit about you. If you’re new to steemit you'll have to write one so use the introduceyourself tag to help boost your following. You can also follow this handy guide written by @teamsteem.
  6. If it’s not mentioned in your introductory post, tell me which city and country you’re in, cos let's face it, a lot of us live in Australia's fourth largest city—London.  
  7. If you’re not Aussie tell me why you should be a Team Australia ambassador. 
  8. Tell me a fun fact about yourself. This can be anything. For example, maybe you run a successful business, or you have eight kids and three dogs, or you rode your bike across America, or you won the blue ribbon for javelin throwing at sports day back in high school, or Toadie came into the pub you work at one day and you served him a beer, or, maybe you can fit 55 maltesers in your mouth like Ed Sheeran can. It doesn’t matter what it is, I want a fun fact about you!

Once I receive this information I will try my best to write a good introductory paragraph about you for the official Team Australia membership updates. So the better your information is, the better I can make you sound. Where relevant, please use the teamaustralia and australia tags to promote your work. I will try and post weekly updates unless there is a lot of interest, in which case I will try and post sooner.  

Team Australia banner by @bearone

Page dividers by @kristyglas

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Outstanding once again @choogirl - on behalf of Team Australia and the Discordia Bar Tender, we thank you.

Welcome to our newest members:


You have now been added to our membership register and we look forward to seeing your posts at #teamaustralia

Secretary SirKnight

@centerlink benefits and backpay for everyone!

The Minister for Immigration welcomes all new members and is now upvoting everyone. Welcome to all!

Hi @choogirl I would like to join and have followed the listed steps in the text. Your community is awesome!


What's your fun fact o07?


Well I have a 007 tattoo on my forearm and I used to be a amateur rapper in Brizzy lol


Nice. I'll let you know when you've been introduced.


Thanks I appreciate it :)

Awesome sauce! ..Or I mean thx mate!! Now I'm on all the best teams. I will always have someone to talk to, when Canada's sleeping I got my Aussie friends and vice versa. I never sleep and i live on Steemit so.. Thx @choogirl, you'll have to let me know where to mail this cheque now? 😊


I accept SBD @goldenarms.

Also, you're welcome. It's good to have you here.

Thanks for the introduction. Looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better


You're welcome!

Welcome everyone! Looks like us Canadians really are invading your team! Thx.


Yes. We may need to put a cap on the Canadian contingent. 😁


Yes now that I'm here don't let anymore in. This is enough flannel for one group!


Lol! Noted.

Hi Choogirl, I am 16, I am new here, please can I be a member of team australia. Also, can you please help me find my way, I don't know what I am doing.


Hi @jayson.watts, welcome to steemit! If you want to join, please follow the instructions I have listed in this post. Thanks.

Hey @choogirl. Thanks for the invite comment on my post. As requested here is my info: Fun fact: Just turned 40 yesterday and I am a Makeup and SFX artist with published articles and a few movies credited.


You're on my list @magickred. I'll let you know when you've been introduced.


Hey I just read your introduction when you say your a gaming nerd who plays SWG? Is that Star Wars Galaxies? Are there still active servers from pre-NGE. I was crushed after the NGE and never played an online game since. I still hold so much resentment, but am very curious about this.

Thanks @choogirl... I love that my intro includes dildo throwing... hilarious!!!


Lol. It was actually the first thing I thought of when I read your fun fact so it was definitely going in.


I would have so payed to see that LOL =)

These are all lovely candidates, excellent degrees of freedom who will infringe on the borders of SK's temper, but their work shall all underly the terms described here: Thank you Choo for your diligent work. Hope those virtual drinks taste as good as the real ones you actually all deserve.

Welcome, newcomers. Oi Oi Oi :)
I got another Malls Baller for your consideration, @choogirl.
Keep up the great work.


Thank you. On it!

Brilliant work Choo Choo.
Welcome to all the new recruits.

I am such a loser not being over with you team aussies, even though I am one

sorry aussies

my heart goes there sometimes, I must admit, but is many a long year since my eye has fallen on her golden shores

welcome to the new members

Yay! Great job as always choo xx

Welcome a new members! Congrats @goldenarms you're now official!!

Welcome to all our new members , enjoy the ride and I look forward to reading your content.

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You doing great for team Australia @choogirl wonderful people....great plans and update... Keep it up

I want to joined with team australian,, thanks for share @choogirl..
Giv me solution, follow, resteem and vote. Thank you

Would like to join Team Australia PLEASE =)
Thanx mate! Cheers! @choogirl


Can you give me a fun fact about yourself please. Also, what part of the country do you live in? Thanks