Airdrop of the day - Superbloom [ENG] - the future exchange without commission

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Superbloom - the future exchange without commission.

None of us like to pay commissions on stock exchanges. That is why an easy-to-use Superbloom platform with zero fees is creating. Besides, if we decide to keep our SEED tokens (eg received from airdrop) we will be receiving additional bonuses for each transaction. In other words the stock market will bepaying us not the reverse. And here are the questions how is it possible and is it profitable? The answer is simple - if no one sells a cryptocurrency, its price increasing, as its price is increasing, its owners are earning. Who has the most SEEDs? Of course, its creators and stock market owners! And here we have a simple example. KCS or the cryptocurrency of the Kucoin stock exchange, which also offers bonuses from its possession of the value of $ 0.5 in December, increased to around $ 20 in January. It is easy to count that there has been an increase of 4000% and therefore 40 times a month. There is one difference - Kucoin, of course charges commissions! Where will customers go if they have a similar bonus and do not have to pay?!

A great team.

Superbloom has a strong team consisting of former founders of start-ups. They were working in enterprises with venture capital in Silicon Valley and were building complex systems for various technology companies. The project is supported by Guy and Galia Benartzi from Bancor and Jed Mccaled from Stellar.

In summary Superbloom is a great idea, lead and supported by experienced businessmen and very highly regraded by experts (info below). But the most important for us - we have a very well-paid airdrop!

For more information visit whitepaper and project website.

Rating on IcoBench - 4,7/5 – source.

Numerical data

The general quantity of created tokens1 000 000 000
Quantity of tokens in ICO500 000 000
Quantity of tokens to be dealt in airdrop/bounty10 000 000
The amount of tokens available for airdrop1000
The current value of the token0,1$
The value of tokens possible to receive100$
Expected date of receipt of tokensend of June 2018
Expected appearance on exchangesend of June 2018
The time it takes to receive tokens10 min

Description of steps necessary to take part in airdrop:

  1. Click here and follow the instructions described on the page:
  2. Complete the described tasks in social media.
  3. Fill in the form with your data.
  4. Confirm your e-mail, it may be in the spam directory.
  5. Be sure to register on the website to get your tokens.

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Have a good hunt and hear you soon!

~ Maurycy

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