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Join the DNN revolution

We all know how objective the media world is. The information has been replaced by their own interpretation, which has little to do with reality. Journalists instead of presenting facts make their own views, curving the reality towards them, convenient and more convenient to their owners. And so on the example - CNN and Fox News pull the rope from left to right. Where is reliability in all of this ?! Unfortunately, it’s more important to create the viewer's worldview than relability!

DNN: News by the People for the People

As we have already known, one of the basic features of the blockchain is transparency, which completely deny with the above. The DNN (Decentralized News Network) project is based on Ethereum Blockchain, which leaves no space for censorship or hacking. DNN is a decentralized information platform, its main features are:

  • decentralization - there is no center: authority results from the consensus of viewers,
  • facts - the authenticity of the news is guaranteed by recipients who can check their reliability before they will be published,
  • cooperation - the project allows interaction between readers, writers, reviewers and publishers. The number of collected DNN tokens will be depending on the work of the work contribution. For the project to be smooth, users will be able to go from readers, writers or reviewers and return to their initial function whenever they want.

In summary, this visionary project was created as an alternative to corrupt and politicized media. Perhaps before our eyes are creating real media which presenting facts, created, edited and reviewed by each of us. The revolution is slowly becoming a fact, let us not let our brains to be washed again and let us not stand aside - take part in it.

For more information about the project, please read whitepaper and the main page of this project.

IcoBench rating - 4,1/5 – source.

Numerical data:

The amount of tokens available for airdrop100
The current value of the token0,2$
Tokens value from airdrop20$
Expected date of receipt of tokensafter ICO phase
The time it takes to receive tokens2 min

Description of steps to take part in airdrop:

  1. Click here and start chatting with the bot by clicking "START", then follow his instructions:
  2. Join to telegram,
  3. Submit your e-mail address, user name and ETH wallet address,
  4. Follow Twitter DNN and the co-founders: Dondrey Taylor and Samith Singh (15$),
  5. Like and retweet this tweet (5$),
  6. Your balance will show 0 because it takes time to verify the twitter tasks. You'll receive your tokens about one week after the token sale (no date announced).

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Have a good hunt and hear you soon!

~ Maurycy

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