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Where freelancers meet Blockchain

LibertyLance project connect on one platform freelancers and customers. It provides a system of facilities where communication between these entities is much more attractive than in existing solutions. Blockchain technology provide:

  • it is decentralized - it solves the problem of a trusted third party
  • uses smart cotracts - increases the security of communication between contract parties and definitely speeds up communication between them
  • settles disputes - in the event of any disputes, the owners of LTN tokens settle disputes. They receive tokens as a reward

What are the advantages of using LibertyLance?

Low fees for platforming between freelancers the platform only charges 2%
Fast payouts with smart contracts, freelancers can immediately collect their salary
Review System which forces freelancers to meet deadlines and perform their services with the highest quality

How it works?

For more information about the project please read the whitepaper and the project page.

Numerical data

The general quantity of created tokens50 000 000
Quantity of tokens in ICO32 000 000
Quantity of tokens to be dealt in airdrop and bounty1 500 000
The amount of tokens available for airdrop10
The current value of the token0,4$
Expected date of receipt of tokensAfter Pre-ICO
The time it takes to receive tokens1 min

Description of steps to take part

  1. Sing up here
  2. Verificate your e-mail
  3. Sing in and put your Ethereum adress into dashboard
  4. To get more tokens join bounty campain

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