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Blockchain in Telecom

Imagine this: you take a vacation and plan a vacation abroad. You want to have contact with your family or friends from homeland country, but you have to limit it due to the high cost of calls, and the use of cellular data ruins your wallet and you are looking for anywhere you can Wi-Fi. Sounds familiar, right? Not only for you. This problem is solved by one company and its name is: Bubbletone.

Why Bubbletone?

Mother-project of Bubbletone is called "Allo Incognito" . It has been operating on the European market for over 20 years and its country of origin is Russia. During this time, the project has developed:

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator "Allo Incognito" - 250K Premium Subscribers,
  • "Bubbletone" messenger - voice chat and sms from the app. Beta version is already available at App Store and Google Play here,
  • Global Mobile Data Exchange - developed for mobile operators. Currently local prices are available in more than 80 countries.

Project Team

  • Ivanov Sergey - founder "Allo Incognito" at 2001. The company associates telecommunications companies provide converted communication services of the new generation,
  • Yury Morozov - Co-founder of 4 Telecom companies,
  • Oleg Pravdin - CTO - co-founder of 3 startups in Russia, US and China,
  • and many, many others.


The idea of the emergence of international mobile telephony based on blockchain is so good that it has to be successful. It solves many problems, where the high cost of mobile services is their core. Will it be a Bubbletone project? Vision, preparation and an experienced team standing behind the project gives a good chance of success.

For more information visit whitepaper and projekt website.

Rating on IcoBench - 4,4/5 – source

Numerical data

The general quantity of created tokens1 000 000 000
Quantity of tokens in ICO500 000 000
Quantity of tokens to be dealt in airdrop/bounty2 000 000
The amount of tokens available for airdrop75
The current value of the token0,2$
Expected date of receipt of tokensAfter ICO
Expected appearance on exchangesNot enough information
The time it takes to receive tokens1 min

Description of steps to take part

  1. Join telegramand follow bot instruction:
  2. Join telegram.
  3. Submit your details: name, ETH adress, Twitter profile and e-mail.
  4. Confirm e-mail.

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~ Grzegorz

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