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Dear Steemians,

A few weeks ago, I shared about a short project I am planning to share with you. To do it, I went to my pre-determined people who I know mostly deserves support. Anju Begum is one of them. I went to her slum today after the call from her. After I shared the story with you, I went to slum (12 August 2018) and talked with her. I asked her if she needs anything which is not affordable for her. I was just thinking about the vehicles she uses and if it is replaceable as it looks old.

12 August 2018

She did not agree to replace her vehicle which is 10 years old. Anju depends on the vehicle to move and beg on the streets. I personally know Anju for long time and I was habituated to see her on street. But it was like"She is many of them". I didn't know her address.

After I offered her about new vehicle or equipment she needs, she asked an alternative. She is facing eye problem for long time but can't afford to do the operation. According to her, Doctor asked around for her cataract operation. I was not sure what accually cost it would be. I told her to go doctor again and get the schedule and what cost it would be to be specific.

Today she went to another doctor again but the doctor said she should not go for operation next 5-6 months. Instead, the doctor gave her some free medicine. She will use the drop for few weeks. When I went to her hut today, she was looking after her sister's daughter and was trying hard to come down from a bed. Her husband is a rickshaw puller.

I hope, we will able to help her with one/two or a few separate fundraising blog post and as soon as I get everything ready, I will bring it to you via @fundition.


I met with her at her home for the first time on 27 July 2018. The picture is to remind who didn't check my last blog about her.

A Good news is that, Al-Amin called me two times today from his village and he is interested to come city again to study at our school. I hope his parents will allow him to stay with his elder sister and study in the city.

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