Poultry Farming Business Dtube Part-2

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Dear Steemians,

Here is the second Dtube video of our poultry on 31 August 2018. Yesterday, I was working with my brother on the farm. Just to remind you that, @kenny-carne and I are the partners of the chicken farm. My brothers and I manage the farm for around half a year. We made great profit last few batches and @kenny-crane donated the profit to @SchoolForSDG4.

31 August 2018

There were four chambers two days ago and now we made only two chambers for them. After a few days, we will make only one chamber and it will be a bigger space for the checks.


We now have 1500 chicken in this batch and it is 5th Batch. After giving foods and water, we make their litter comfortable for them which makes it dry. And Sometimes we add new wood powder where needed.

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chicken........... -_-

wow such a great information to all and very valuable and puting the picture looking so awesome. very welldone dear azizbd (65)