We are ready for 5th Batch: USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Part-24

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Dear steemians,

Today are going to start the 5th batch of our USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit. We have planned something new and it really excited me to share with you. Yesterday we had no electricity and it was around 16 hours without electricity. So couldn't sleep well at night. Me and my brother went to our farm for work and check if everything ready for new batch.


Before I coming back to home, I have taken some pictures of our preparation. We not have 5 chambers for 1500 checks.


We already brought foods for new baby checks and around 80 bags of food will come soon. We will try to bring all foods at once to minimise transport cost. Each bag price goes around 2200 BDT.


Here is wood powder we brought to give them best place to live. It will keep them dry always and we will change when it will become wet.

@kenny-crane and me is the share of the business and we personally invested for 250 chickens. @kenny-crane invested 78 USD for 50 chickens. From the 5th batch I will add profits of @kenny-crane as reinvestment and will try to reach 50 chickens cost by him.

Last 4 batches profits by @kenny-crane went as donation to @schoolForSDG4 and supported kids largely. We would like to expand the business one day and if we get our land which is under court decision, may be we will make a big farm in our own land.

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N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information https://steem.chat/direct/azizbd .

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I am very happy to hear about this! I hope we have another good profit from our 5th batch of chickens. Thanks for everything you and your family do for the chickens and for your community!

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I hope we will have good profit from the batch if everything goes well. I will soon share checks pictures and how they are making crowd here. Thank you very much for your support and for being part of my life journey.

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