Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 27 ||

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Dear Supporters,

This is our first weekly fruits program after a long holiday. On 30 August 2018, @SchoolForSDG4 arranged the weekly fruits program for around 50 slum children. We have been working with the kids for more than 2 years and steemit community helping the cause greatly last one year. These children face trouble to continue education due to the family economic background and our school keep motivating them so they at least complete the primary education at our school.


We arranged the Lotkon fruits this week. According to Wikipedia

Baccaurea motleyana (Lotkon) is a species of fruit tree which grows wild in parts of Southeast Asia and is cultivated for its fruit in Bangladesh, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia

It especially grows in the hilly area in Sylhet. Kids loved it a lot. The taste of Lotkon is sour mostly but is also can be sweet is it is rape fruit.

Thanks to all the supporters for encouraging us and supporting greatly with upvotes and direct donation. It helps a lot to continue our fruits program and we look forward to hearing from you too.


Koli, Sumona, and Juhora were eating Lotkon at School. They had a great time. They also cleaned their spot as soon as they finished their fruits.

GIF: How Ayasha was eating Lotkon

Al-amin and some other kids missed the fruits program for the week as they still enjoying the holiday in their village. Al-amin called me yesterday to know "If he returns to the city, is it possible to continue study at school again?". He left the city forever a few days ago, but now he wants to come city alone and want to continue study. His parents don't want him to keep him in the city. I hope he will able to live with his elder sister and continue school in the city.



Finally, I am with elementary kids. It was, of course, a busy day for me personally but I was happy to arrange it. We mostly try to arrange the fruits program on Thursday. @Lindahas already have written about the weekly fruits program from her personal blog if you would like to support. She will send all liquid rewards from the weekly crowdfunding post, nr. 56.

Watch our Fruits program Video

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A School For Social and Educational Development of Underprivileged Children

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Nice and cute post. You are always great. I like your writing the most.

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