Time to Apply for New books 2019

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Dear Steemians,

Yesterday night, I completed the data entry of children in Govt. website http://myschool.eis.dpe.gov.bd/ and put related information for Education Board. I supposed to complete it few months ago and I was not much prepared to do it as it needs long time to complete. Finally, I have done it and then went to Sadar and district TNO office to drop the data. It is out of my city and around 12-13 KM away from my home. It took around 6 hours to completed the data entry and I completed it by 7 Am.

06 January 2018

Last night we had no electricity at home. and our area had to wait about 16 hours to get electricity back. So not much sleep too in this hot weather. Today I will complete demand for books in 2019. It will ensure that kids will get free books from Govt. in 2019. So it is very important to apply and demand for books. So if I can't apply, no books are coming for kids in 2019 and I will have to buy books with huge costs.

I was able to manage books for 2018 and I know it was not easy even I had everything done. So waiting for smiles in 2019 and hope kids will get new books at the end.

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Great post about education and thank you for sharing this beautiful with us

You got a 44.61% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @azizbd!

Books are really helpful at studies. Although we have the internet but I think for me books are more reliable because well known author researched it very well. But books and internet have their advantages and disadvantages. But for me book is much more reliable when it comes to accuracy of information

this is great