🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #52 - "Freiluftgalerie - Hall of Fame" - 🎇🎨 🎆 - [GERMANY]

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( 25 pics ) Hello Steemians, Graffit Freaks and Streetart Lovers! Sorry for the long absence, but I was travelling and sometimes you just have to keep the internet away to get a break. So finally back home, here is another nice post about creative urban artwork in Frankfurt.

DSCN9088 (Copy).JPG

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The place I want to show you in this post is one of the few open spray areas here. Or even to say "few" is too much. There are only three. Of course people start spraying everywhere. And even if there would be more. There would still be spraying and changing of urban spaces by people. And that´s good. The city is for everybody.

DSC_1109 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1108 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1182 (Copy).JPG

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Have a look on this nice graffiti space, it is below the Friedensbrücke (=Peace Bridge) and called Freiluftgalerie (=Open Space Gallery). The creative doings there are organized by the Naxos Halle, frequently they are changing the fascade. And a lot of times there are other artists invited from abroad. Last year there was a group project with great artists from China, another day from Buenos Aires or New York. The group is open and as well wanting others to contact them. (the dog was made by SATR, the face by COR, the spacesurfer by REXCHL)

DSC_1123 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1112 (Copy).JPG

I will not write down the emails, you have to search. It´s possible to find, but not obvious. I don´t want to write about how to connect or highlight this too much, interessted people have some names and clues now. In this post I want to show you some of the artworks which are there at the moment and some which have been there before. Enjoy! 😊

DSC_1130 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1166 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1179 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1172 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1144 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1128 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1146 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1181 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1180 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1118 (Copy).JPG


Location: Freiluftgalerie, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


DSC_1176 (Copy).JPG


More Photos from this series [STREETART - FRANKFURT - GERMANY]:


DSC_1158 (Copy).JPG






DSC_1142 (Copy).JPG

DSC_1129 (Copy).JPG


Wahoo ! Impressive spot with all these murals. Only quality... a lot of talent.
Thanks for all these pics... Cool to see you back.

Just for Info: "MALEN NUR MIT ERLAUBNIS" means "PAINT ONLY WITH PERMISSION" .... so... if you cross off the "only with permission".. it means ... yes... what does it mean... :-) PAINT !!!!

Very nice job. I like good street art.

wieder sehr coole bilder. hatte dich schon vermisst ;). hoffe du hattest eine schöne zeit unterwegs. ja reisen, ein wunderbares privileg. das internet einmal abschalten zu können auch. während unsere politiker von einem recht auf internetzugang sprechen, wäre es mir lieber, wenn über ein recht auf ein leben ohne internet diskutiert werden würde. weder privat noch beruflich, habe ich den eindruck, ist es inzwischen noch möglich darauf zu verzichten. nun will ich das netz nicht verteufeln aber der zunehmende zwang permanent auf abruf zu stehen und online zu sein tut uns nicht gut.

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