🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #50 - "The Woog Street House" - 🐒 🎨 🏠 - [GERMANY]

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( 13 pics ) Time for some new Streetart! In this post I want to show you the Woog Street House. It´s a group work from artists from the Wandfarben Crew. For contact: [email protected]. They had a wall, what more to say, and they did a nice huge mural. But there was no real concept, it all got clashed togehter. And in the end there is a concept. Jungle. And between the designs the monkey is jumping around. :-). During the days others added bombings, little pieces, stencils or stickers. Meanwhile it´s a little memorial. Enjoy the artworks!

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DSC_0598 (Copy).JPG

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DSC_0590 (Copy).JPG

DSC_0594 (Copy).JPG

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Location: Woogstraße 50, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


DSC_0597 (Copy).JPG


More Photos from this series [STREETART - FRANKFURT - GERMANY]:


DSC_0584 (Copy).JPG






DSC_0583 (Copy).JPG


I forgott to add this here: And when you keep on destorying everything, pushing and pushing and pushig. The monkey (= jungle or nature) at some point.... it´s going eventually jumping back against you... ( means us )

Nice mural, nature vs exploitation...
The other stuffs, so so :-)
@tipu curate

I really thought about that for a while, and I think it´s a mix of appreciation and getting some kind of closer to the fame of the bigger ones. It´s interesting, because there are a lot of other free walls around that place. But they all go in someway around that house, they want to make a piece close to the house. Interesting. For me it is just a magnificent phenomenon and I just can spend my whole time with that. ... what I actually do... :-) There is going to coming a very nice book about the start of graffiti in Frankfurt city from the 80s when it started to the 90s. This will be part one, and they are doing more for each decade. Some close friends are doing that and they are before finishing, it should be published around march next year. I will send you links by then. The guys who are doing that, and who have been involved in some of the artworks I posted, are from Naxos and Mainstyle. I always write "friends". Because not everybody wants to be mentioned or be in public. But Mainstyle wants to, they do the book, and I can really recommed as well to check out the website. There are some fantastic train collections and just meanwhile historic material with old but good graffiti stuff from 30 years ago (everything is from Frankfurt and region): https://www.mainstyle.org/

Yep in Montreal, we have the same thing with the legal fight vs illegal. These days almost all the murals done during Festivals have received a little graf as a Christmas gift :
588 - Miss Van 2019 Mural Festival.jpg

I checked Mainstyle.org, very good stuff but my German is more than rusty but I can look the pictures, great stuff, I like this one with Tom & Jerry :

Poor Jerry ! :-)

We did meanwhile as well a audio interview for our show at Radio X. The podcast is in German, but I wrote it and translated it into English. This guy is just awesome and a legend. In a few weeks their book about Frankfurt-City-Graffiti-History will be published: https://vagabundler.com/photographer/mainstyle/

Thanks for the link... Very long interview, as I'm little sick, it'll make good reading in bed :-)

Yes exactly :-) The theme is quite obvious and speaks about the elimination of our forests and nature. The Wandfarben Crew made a nice clash. And of course, like a magnet, others wanted to "add" stuff. It´s really concentrated around that house. Yes, it´s mainly crap. But I think about the connected bombings, most are some kind of appreciation for the mural, or some kind of greeting and cheers.

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