🎨 Streetart Thessaloniki #25 - "Wolf Edge" 🐺 🐺 - [GREECE]

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DSCN8330 (Copy).JPG

(5pics) Between the Rotunda at the Hipodromio and the sea there is a wall around a small parking parlor which got redecorated by several artists. On the right side at the edge there is the huge teeth gnashin wolf head, you have three more bigger graffitis on the left of the head and heaps of little gimmicks, small graffs and there are fragments glimpsing here and there of the previous artworks below from earlier days. As well those streetarts must have been there for some time because you can see everywehre the paint going off.

DSCN8327 (Copy).JPG

You have streetart just everywhere in Thessaloniki, they climb even the roofs and paint there. A lot of the spraying is just low quality or even crap, but in between you can find fantastic artworks and some wonderful huge murals as big like apartment buildings. Check out the previous posts, and the other city series. All the series will continue!

DSCN8328 (Copy).JPG

DSCN8329 (Copy).JPG

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Camera: Nikon P520
Photographer: @vagabundler

DSCN8326 (Copy).JPG

More Photos from this series [🎨 STREETART – THESSALONIKI – GREECE]:



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