🎨 Streetart Montevideo #30 - "Face 2 Face" 🙂🙃 - [URUGUAY]

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This one here is a nice double face artwork. A wonderful colorplay just with yellow, red and blue. As well you see some messages in the message, like the cages in the eyes or the hands playing stone, paper scissors coming out of the mouth. It´s just awesomely put into the architecture of the building, the noses of the heads fit perfectly on the closer spot of the wall. With the series about Montevideo in Uruguay we are now at number #29. Chek out the previous posts, and as well the other city series.

Location: Palermo, Montevideo, Uruguay
Camera: Rollei Bullet 5S
Photographer: @vagabundler

More Photos from this series [🎨 STREETART - MONTEVIDEO - URUGUAY]:



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