🎨 Streetart Hannover #9 - "PROIS & CHO brick wall style" 🏭 - [GERMANY]

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(Artists: PROIS, CHO, RB, ZICK, EPIC). - In the quarter Calenberger Neustadt there is the Hall of Fame in the Glocksee Center, I posted already some pics. Of course you focus on the main spot if you don´t have much time. But as well around this areal there are heaps of other more or less good streetart pieces scattered throughout the neighborhood. The rivers Ihme and Leine flow through the district and therefore there are a lot of bridges around and as well graffitis below them or on the pillars. While walking along the water we found this half abandoned building with some nice graffitis from PROIS and CHO by accident. On the same old brikwalls of the factory there are as well pieces from RB, ZICK and EPIC.






Location: Calenberger Neustadt, Hannover, Germany
Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830
No filter, no editing
Photographer: @vagabundler

More Photos from this series [STREETART - HANNOVER - GERMANY]:

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