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Now safely "out the other side" of the recent HF 21/22 enhancements to our Steem blockchain, we all now have an opportunity to vote on how the portion of the Steem "pool" reserved for the new SPS feature, aka SteemDAO.

Rather than just the Top 20 Witnesses determining what code will be written for future enhancements of our Steem blockchain, we can and absolutely should (or delegate a proxy for your vote, just as you can do for Witness voting ...) be regularly keeping track of what is being proposed. And, in turn, what sounds good to us and worthy of our vote in support.

Source: SteemWorld Support post of @steemchiller

If you are not yet familiar with the SPS (Steem Proposal System), I'd encourage you to do so, at your earliest convenience. The interface I prefer is this one on SteemPeak - Steem Proposal System.

SteemWorld and SPS Proposal #33

In this post - SteemWorld Update ~ Surviving The Bear Market - @steemchiller updated his support base on his current situation, beginning with this sentence:

"As I (SteemWorld) cannot survive for much longer with the given STEEM price, I need to take action now."

No need to elaborate, as it speaks for itself. He went on to discuss, in some detail, his plans to start up a Witness server. In an effort to bring in additional support. A number of comments, from some of the more "seasoned" and experienced among our fellow Steemians, encouraged him to consider submitting an SPS proposal instead. Or, at least, in addition to ...

In response, @steemchiller did just that in this post - Proposal: SteemWorld Support - where he makes his case for his proposal. Beginning with this opening statement:

"As I want to continue my development on SteemWorld and the lack of funds/resources has always been a huge hurdle for me, I think it is a good idea to use the SPS for funding my work in future. To be honest, as many have read in my last post, there is no other way for me to be able to continue on my current path and I may have to shut my services down, if this here should not work out."

Again, self-explanatory. Please read the entire post, as I do not intend to try to recreate it here.


For this Steemian, there is no more indispensible app to have at my side, on my "journey" through the Steemisphere, than SteemWorld! What would I do without it? I really don't want to spend any time thinking about that ...

Instead, a more productive and constructive use of my time is to write this post. And appeal to you to support SPS Proposal #33! The whole purpose of the brand new SPS feature of our Steem blockchain is to provide us a mechanism by which we can "vote with our pocketbook" for those proposals which we deem to be the most mutually beneficial.

It is incomprehensible to me, if you have any experience with our Steem blockchain at all, that you would not have SteemWorld at or near the top of your personal list of "mutually beneficial" apps. Without the tireless efforts of @steemchiller, over the course of literally years, it simply would not exist.

He is asking for our help and support. Please respond favorably to it!


My day had no time allocated for doing anything on our Steem blockchain, dear reader, beyond my usual early morning ritual (while waiting for my beloved lifemate to join me ...) of checking into what is going on and replying some here and there.

The first thing I always do is check my account on SteemWorld. Up popped @steemchiller's support post and we were "off to the races" ... I set everything else aside, because I consider this cause - the support of @steemchiller - to be that important to me. [Note: He is the 100% beneficiary of this post.]


While I have almost never done this, in my 1-½ years "in here," I am going to make an exception on this post and "call out" to several of my friends and acquaintances here on our Steem blockchain and ask for their support of this proposal:

@newageinv, @rawutah, @delishtreats, @macoolette, @thedarkhorse, @costanza, @trincowski, @crypto.piotr, @nextgen622, @fitinfun, @abitcoinskeptic, @steemstreems, @geekgirl, @daan, @tarazkp, @zyx066, @paulag, @wakeupkitty, @janton, @livinguktaiwan

Here is the link - Steem Proposal #33 - you will need to vote, if you are in agreement.


Long ago, I sat through a classic business networking course. In it, we were told that we are all (more or less) an amazing four contacts away from knowing or at least being acquainted with just about anyone. Anywhere. To reinforce the point, we went through an exercise in the course, and it turned out that someone there knew a person who worked with and was personally close to Bill Gates (of Microsoft fame).

So ... If you are so inclined (and I hope you are!), I would encourage you to write your own support post for one of the great Steemians on our blockchain - @steemchiller - to rally support, across the Steemisphere, for him and his continuing efforts on our behalf.

You'll be glad you did!

Thank you for investing your time in reading this post. I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Steem Communities and increase the value of the Steem blockchain! 👍 😊

Steemian @roleerob

Posted using SteemPeak and “immutably enshrined in the blockchain” on Saturday, 14 September 2019!

P.S. Are you are inclined to write a support post, but unsure who to "call out?" Hint: Look through your "follower" and "following" list! 😉

P.P.S. If not sure even about that, just resteem this post!! 😉😉

P.P.P.S I am sure some of you I have "called out" may have already voted (e.g. I know @abh12345 has ...) for this proposal. If so, please forgive my lack of time to go through that list of current voters and screen you out in advance ... And thank you! 👍

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Update / Edit

2019-09-15, 00:17:09 (UTC)

Following up on my serious concern this morning, after finding some significant downvotes on @steemchiller's support post, discussed above, I again stopped what I was doing to conduct some research of my own. Then, wrote this comment on his post.

While I see value in the new downvoting mechanism for our Steem blockchain, I was always more than a little concerned about the possibilities for abuse. Now, I am not going as far as to call these instances (read below ...) abuse. But ... They do not indicate enough time was put in to ensuring they were being applied for the right reasons.

To save you some time, if you don't want to go back to @steemchiller's post, I have transcribed my comment here, as a permanent part of the record for my post appealing to you, dear reader, for support of his proposal:


Joining in with @amico here, I have taken the time (I didn’t have …) to follow-up on @steemchiller’s message to me that he did not use any bidbot services on this post.

This was the primary reason cited above by @howo for his downvote. No one else downvoting appears to have taken the time to let it be known why they would downvote this post. Presumably for the same reason?

So … What does the record show? Using SteemWorld myself to track down the largest of the bidbot votes - $11.816 from @upmewhale – as shown here:

I “reverse engineered” the transaction, back through @upmewhale’s account, to (surprise, surprise …) this one!

Or, if you prefer, here is the transaction on steemd. Look in the comments on this post and you will see a comment from @steemium … If there is an issue, perhaps you will want to take it up with this account?

Now … I am not going to take any more of my own valuable time to track down any of these other bidbot votes, as I am confident we would find a similar source, i.e. not @steemchiller!

Therefore, I am making a “public” appeal now to:

Please seriously reconsider your actions. While they are still reversible … Thank you!

Steemian @roleerob

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I can not recall a day on Steem that I did not use Steemworld since I discovered it. The interface alone is very friendly and easy to understand, let alone the data that it provides! Aside from neat and very organized interface, I believe the data it provides are very useful even for strategic planning. I wonder, is there any other Steem tool out there that provides as good and as friendly data as SteemWorld? I don't know any. If anyone knows one, I would appreciate the sharing.

I do not understand why people have to block someone's progress. If they can not add to the solution, it will be great if they don't add to the problem.

Anyway, I see that majority are still behind @steemchiller. With the looong exchange of comments on his post, it is overwhelming to see how much he is being supported. The idea of him having a witness server sounds even more promising that I know more will support him with it. The good will find its way to come out... I have casted my support on SPS.

No @macoolette ...

"I can not recall a day on Steem that I did not use Steemworld since I discovered it."

... nor can I. Which is why I refer to it as indispensable. Hopefully enough of our fellow Steemians will feel the same way to put the proposal "over the top!"

"I do not understand why people have to block someone's progress. If they can not add to the solution, it will be great if they don't add to the problem."

Professional jealousy? Laziness to actually do honest research? A myriad of things I suppose. I got "fired up" on seeing some of the reaction and dropped what I was doing to uhhh ... "weigh in" 😉

Made me feel better for having made the attempt to help, but I can't honestly say it makes much difference (I do see a couple of the downvotes are now gone ...).

Thank you very much for stopping by and lending your valuable (quadruple dolphin now!) support!! 😊 👍

Jealousy... I was writing that on my first reply but held back. I thought I'd rather leave it be.

I actually salute you for all those facts that you are bringing out plus the fortitude to stand on what you believe in. A business analyst who stands like a soldier, yeah?😊

Yes, well @macoolette ...

"... plus the fortitude to stand on what you believe in. A business analyst who stands like a soldier, yeah?😊"

... I'm a pretty simple, basic sort of a guy. Who places a high priority on what (to me) is right. Rather than what is popular ...

What are your future Steem plans my dear "quadruple dolphin" friend? Do you plan to get enough SP to be an Orca some day?

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow, orca! I may be dancing in the rain if that happens. 😃 I planned to buy steem with what I can spare every month but some things change not according to plan so I am not sure yet but let's see... How about you? Any plan to add more?

"How about you? Any plan to add more?"

Not sure @macoolette, as I tend to be less optimistic about our Steem blockchain than many "in here" ...

That said, I did recently buy 1,000 more STEEM at my personal ATL (all-time low). To keep moving my overall cost-average of ownership down ... That really only works if ultimately the price goes and stays ... UP! 😏

Good for you to have bought recently with that all-time-low. Months ago, I was "rushing" to buy more Steem when the price was double of what it is now because I thought that was already the all-time-low. Now I'm regretting for not waiting awhile. I could have doubled my Steem amount if I waited. Anyway, it's not too bad. It is still good to keep Steeming. 😊

Yes, my dear friend @macoolette ...

"Months ago, I was "rushing" to buy more Steem when the price was double of what it is now because I thought that was already the all-time-low. Now I'm regretting for not waiting awhile."

... but I would encourage you to not be too hard on yourself. No one can "time the markets," no matter what their claims. In fact, if they claim they can, I would personally counsel "run away" in the other direction.

While we all continue to hope the price of STEEM rises (isn't that what steam normally does? 😉), there is no guarantee it won't drop further still. To some new ATLs ... IMO, there are still inherent flaws that hold it back ...

If you are steadily acquiring on a consistent basis, the cost-averaging overall price achieved is a time-honored way to invest. But ... Only on one condition. That there is truly value in what we are buying and that ultimately the market uhhh ... "catches up" with how brilliant we are and the price goes ... UP! 😉

Steemworld is too heavy for my connection to load and I cannot use it but I am willing to give a hand.

The whole post is a lot of info I can hardly understand. I use the internet connection of the supermarket so not much more time to find out how.

Thanks for tagging me it helps me finding/reading posts faster.

I wish you a great day and @steemworld a great future.

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  last month (edited)

Yes understood @wakeupkitty. I had frankly forgotten your personal circumstances, so please forgive me for that. I don't know if the link I have provided will allows you to vote or not. But, you have at least resteemed it, so your followers will have some idea of what opportunity they have to support one of our great Steemians.

Thank you for that and for stopping by! 😊 👍

P.S. Glad to see Partiko Android is still working for you, even though they appear to have all gone ... A testimony perhaps to how well they built it?

The link worked for me and I voted with both of my accounts. I will write something about it to ask for attention too.

Like said I am always happy if people tag me it makes it easier for me to stay in touch. Thanks again. I wish you a great day/evening. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

"The link worked for me and I voted with both of my accounts. I will write something about it to ask for attention too."

Excellent! Thank you for the support of what I and many others would say is a "great cause!" 🤗👍

Posted using Partiko Android

You are welcome. I noticed a mobile version is thought about 😁

Posted using Partiko Android

Already voted for this proposal. I think steemworld is the bomb.

Excellent. Thank you sir! We are in agreement then about the indispensable value of SteemWorld.

Hope you and yours are doing well. And hopefully we'll see the value of STEEM go up some day!!

I am saddened to see the ignorance of some regarding this issue, but am buoyed by the fact that there has been a good number of people responding and supporting Steemworld and @steemchiller.
Honestly, who has done more for the average user and received less? I can think of no one on this platform who deserves funding more than @steemchiller.

Yes @flemingfarm ...

"Honestly, who has done more for the average user and received less?"

... we are in agreement. The open question is how many others do? And, if they do, will they act on it? Or just talk about it and move on ...

I appreciate you stopping by and adding value to this post. Lets hope we see a growing groundswell of like-minded individuals who then follow through and vote.

P.S. Interesting to see you are in "Spokane-ish, WA" We used to live up that way. A beautiful part of our great country! Also, we have just barely started (after retiring in January) learning about permaculture in general and "back to Eden" principles in particular. From Paul Gautschi up on the Olympic Peninsula? Familiar with him?

I don't get it. The best tool available for Steem by a really long margin... and some whales are opposing it?

At the same time, there's some trash in the trending tab, including stolen photos without citing the source and they get 100% from the top Witnesses?

These people are seriously screwed up.

Well @trincowski ...

"I don't get it. The best tool available for Steem by a really long margin... and some whales are opposing it?"

... I don't pretend to either, but of one thing I am certain. Pretty anywhere in life, the closer you get to "the top of the food chain" the more fierce the competition becomes. Particularly if there is an accompanying perception of "scarce resources" ...

Lots of "utopian visions" of what our Steem blockchain might be, but in the meantime, what is it day to day? Just what we are talking about here and what can be seen demonstrated on Steemchiller's post ...

Even I meet just recently steemworld I upvoted the proposal from @Steemchiller, I know and I've been using other tools as steemblockexplorer or steemnow but I think steemworld is much ore complete. Is not my speciality but I see several people comenting that the amount is high. Anyway I hope the best for steemworld. About the votes and downvotes from of bidbots I think is needed a consideration and a little search because a good part of them are making random upvotes I think as part of the recent hardforks. I recently have a very surprising visit from appreciator, and I found nobody paying for that!! :O
Thanks for your great support @Roleerob!! The best vibes for every day!!

  ·  last month (edited)

Thank you for letting me know of your support of SteemWorld and your voting for @steemchiller's proposal @leveuf. I am obviously biased, of course, but I consider it indispensable. While we don’t really “know” each other, in “the real world” others who know me well would tell you I am not easily impressed. So … My support of something to them would stand out …

”Is not my speciality …”

As an engineer and finishing my career as a Business Systems Analyst, I am what some might refer to as a “numbers guy.” So … Since I have done some coding and work with databases, I know a little bit about the subject. This app can do pretty much everything you need. And it is well designed. Like any other piece of software, it takes a little bit of practice and “feeling your way around,” but with SteemWorld I think you have “at your fingertips” the best Steem app available …

”Thanks for your great support @Roleerob!!”

Certainly my pleasure @leveuf. Just so you are aware, as I have written about many times over the past, I am first and foremost an investor on our Steem blockchain. I had never been online until choosing to “jump in” here. Still honestly wonder at times about how bright a move that was, but … Here I am! 😉

So … Anyway, I try to let my actions speak louder than my words. I let you know I was impressed with what I saw of your work the other day. I have very limited time I am willing to invest into our Steem blockchain at the moment, so I placed you on my autovote list. In so doing, I am both supportive of you, but in the big picture supportive of everyone else who wants (like me) to see the value of their investment go … UP! Rather than down … A key in that is supporting good content creators. Like you … 😊 👍

P.S. Entirely up to you sir, but you may wish to consider writing in both Spanish and English. In an effort to reach a wider audience "in here." I have seen a number of other quite successful writers do exactly that - write both in their native language, as well as in English.

Those who do so choose one of two paths:

  1. Both translations are on the same post (all payouts lumped together ...).

  2. Each translation is on a separate post (see which pays out the best and who supports each ...).

I don't know which is preferable. If it were me, I'd probably experiment with each and decide which I liked the best ...

Steemworld is definitevely a great steem app and I'm sure when the ability to post from there is in place much people would prefer to stay there, mostly if Steemworld choose to increase the alowed number of tags, a much needed item in these times of Steem Tribes.
I'm much grateful for choosing my work to support and in these way having confidence that your investment is working well, it's a very good sign for me as writer and content creator "in here". But it's also a compromise to keep the good work, which I always think to enjoy myself in the making and in the interaction with other steemians, in adition to this the different rewards will come. This new age of Steem seems to bring a lot of good things.
I'l try to work in my english versions, is mostly a matter of the time needed to work in the english translation and give it a good style which is hard for me. Some time ago I tried with re-workings in english from short stories for a long term contest. Maybe I'll give them a "re-visit" soon!! :)
Finally, I'd like to know your opinion for this proposal by the witness Anix, I voted that too but I see low support. I did see as the only node properly working in the last halt of the blockchain and it seem to support lot of projects.
I send you the best wishes for this great journey, @Roleerob, a pleasure to meet you and will be seeing you soon!!

  ·  last month (edited)

Only brief time for commenting @leveuf ...

"... and I'm sure when the ability to post from there is in place much people would prefer to stay there, mostly if Steemworld choose to increase the alowed number of tags, a much needed item in these times of Steem Tribes.'

... this is the one aspect of SteemWorld I have reservations about, as I have long since been accustomed to the use of Steempeak. I have built this link for you, if you are not yet familiar with it. By far (IMO), the best Steem blockchain interface currently available. All that you mention here is already operational ...

"Finally, I'd like to know your opinion for this proposal by the witness Anix, I voted that too but I see low support."

A challenging one. Weighing the pros and cons, I elected to also support it. But I can understand the arguments against it. Overall, these proposals are a whole different form of the "popularity contests" that it seems our Witness voting becomes. If you cannot manage to secure large SP-based votes, then you are unlikely to ever get into the Top 20, where being a Witness is profitable. Similarly, only a small number of these proposals are actually going to get funded ...

Hello, @Roleerob!! Thanks for making me know about steempeak, it seems everything steemit could be and did never become, you can manage even your tribes in there. I'll give it a try. I'm glad you've checked the proposal. I understand that lots of popularity is needed to get to the top, in the case of witnesses also a pumpkin vote. ;) There's always a world to learn for me here in the steem blockchain!
Have a great day, @Roleerob, I send you the best vibes!!

Happy to help @leveuf. My core apps are the Brave browser (linked to the crypto named BAT), the Keychain extension (better than SteemConnect), SteemPeak, SteemWorld, and Partiko.

While there are many other useful Steem apps, which I use on occasion (like Steem Engine ...), these are the ones I am always using ...

Out of curiosity, have you ever written about the name of your account? Some people have a story behind their account name selection. If so, I'd welcome a link to it.

Have a great and productive day!

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  29 days ago (edited)

Brave is delicious!! Invaluable experience to surf the internet, included, without ads!! :) I use eSteem frequently, the app is some kind of miner of ESTM points, posting and commenting (10% benef), voting, making transactions, even keeping it open gives you points, you can use them most of all for promoting or boosting posts made with eSteem. I understand that Partiko is something alike!
For posting I use SteemPress (15% benef. but they try to vote almost every post) and try to have a good looking wordpress blog too. The problem with both (eSteem, SteemPress) are the five tags allowed until now.
I made a post about my nickname that I'll share with you: (Le veuf) it's a little long and I hope the google translator works well, if don't I can explain it for you in fewer words. Maybe you've made a post like this, I'd like to read!! :)
Thanks for sharing, @RoleeRob, I send you the best vibes!! Have a Great Day!!

Very interesting origin of your account name then @leveuf - "the widower!" Mine is not nearly so clever or creative. Probably due to my not claiming any particular artistic talent (I do enjoy taking pictures though ... 😉), but instead just a "black and white" engineer ...

You can find my intro post in the link found on my profile. Following what I understood the "rules" of our Steem blockchain to be, it was the first one I wrote ...

As for eSteem, I have heard of it, but never used it. I even downloaded the app, but still have yet to use it ... Very early on in my Steem "journey" I had a very good exchange with the founder of Partiko - Out of loyalty to him and due to the excellent performance of it, I never needed to look anywhere else. Sadly, has not been "seen" or "heard" since March 2019. There is speculation about what happened to him, but I personally simply do not know. So ... Perhaps I will give eSteem a try at some point ...

I have also heard of SteemPress, but the one time I began to pursue getting set up on it, I was stopped by two issues:

  1. It does not (probably cannot, due to the way SteemIt wrote the blockchain code) appear to help content creators get past the “locked down” subset of HTML code supported by SteemIt.

  2. It is tied to WordPress and getting some sort of license. Which, in turn, requires a lot more personal identification details than what is required to actively engage on our Steem blockchain.

#1 has been a huge source of frustration, since I spend a lot of time trying to get my posts to a certain standard. And #2? I am very private and prefer to maintain my privacy "in here," as much as I can manage. Setting up a license seemed to defeat that objective ...

This said, I have never gone back to delve deeper into each of these issues. Perhaps my initial impressions are incorrect. Or there may be benefits that far outweigh these detriments. Your thoughts and input on SteemPress are welcome! 😊

I jumped aboard this proposal yesterday. I think his work is very valuable and he definitely deserves funding. I'm also voting steempeak and inertia.

  ·  last month (edited)

Excellent! As a part of my "under the hood" effort to further support his work, you may be interested in the edit I just placed at the end of my post. I'd be very interested in hearing your perspective on this subject @abitcoinskeptic.

And thank you for the follow-up!

P.S. Yes, I also voted for SteemPeak. I'll have to check out the one you cite from inertia.

Those are some nasty downvotes he received. I think the worst part is after they were informed that he didn't bid on his post, they just kept their flags anyway. I'll give them a couple of days to come around and if they are still downvoting by then then I will consider them unreasonable people and start avoiding them.

Actually, on my post about the salmon run I received a very nice upvote from appreciator despite not bidding (I paid for the ocdb bid). I think some bot accounts are just upvoting things they like now since HF21 wrecked their business model. As someone who has used bots before, honestly, I don't miss the decline (it's not nearly as profitable as one thinks) and won't be using them again until there is some kind of consensus.

inertia's proposal is already funded and even if it isn't funded he said he would just get the votes needed to fund it anyway. I don't fully understand what he is doing, but it seems to be important and he really knows his stuff.

  ·  last month (edited)

" I think the worst part is after they were informed that he didn't bid on his post, they just kept their flags anyway. I'll give them a couple of days to come around and if they are still downvoting by then then I will consider them unreasonable people and start avoiding them."

Yes, we are in agreement then @abitcoinskeptic. I value your opinion, so I was genuinely interested in your perspective, in case I was somehow missing something. That said, purely from a timeline point of view, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume what I have written. They did not take the time to investigate fully and they have yet to have been informed of that fact.

As you say, in a day or so, we'll know, as they all will have had enough time to follow-up, should they choose to do so. In the case of one of them, waiting won't be necessary. They've already replied here ...

I'm going to "get away" for a bit, as I probably would regret the words I would likely choose to write in response (to this person) right now ...

I understand that downvotes are still seen by many people as something that should require a very good reason to be used. However, it really isn't meant to be more than the opposite of an upvote, and a natural part of content discovery where the community expresses its opinion of how content should be rated and rewarded.

For me, I really don't want the Trending page to be occupied by a lot of SPS proposals that people use bidbots to promote. Or at least, it should come at a cost to the person promoting something so that it isn't something people just get to do for free. That would bring the Trending page back to where it was before with only content that was heavily bidbotted stacked on Trending. If it is true that @steemchiller didn't pay for those votes himself, then I suppose nothing was lost, and the downvotes was just a fair expression from people who did not agree that the post should be on Trending? At least that is how I see it. I have downvoted posts like that since the last hardfork by people who I otherwise like, for the sole reason that I want Trending to reflect what the userbase liked, and not what people are promoting.

As for your comment that it was steemium that bought the votes: I'm not sure if you know, but steemium is a vote-buying service that just makes it easier to buy your way to Trending. So I'm pretty sure that it was steemchiller who bought them. In any case, that is less important to whether or not it was something to downvote.

It had less to do with Steemworld, which I'll admit I've never even used in 2 and a half years on Steem. If there are a significant number of people who do say that they find a lot of benefits in steemworld, and that it is vital to how they use and benefit from Steem, then I may consider supporting his proposal despite having downvoted the post. But still, I don't think paying someone to do this full time is the best priority for what the SPS can fund at the moment. Although perhaps a more modest support would be appropriate.

In any case, I am very open to hearing from Steemians what they like about the tool to help me better understand if I've been wrong.

Okay @fredrikaa

”I really don't want the Trending page to be occupied by a lot of SPS proposals that people use bidbots to promote.“

”If it is true that @steemchiller didn't pay for those votes himself, then I suppose nothing was lost …“

”So I'm pretty sure that it was steemchiller who bought them.“

… you seem to be uhhh … “stuck” on the fact bidbots were used to promote a post which ended up on Trending. Even going as far as suggesting SteemChiller is lying … Yes, I understand you attempted to downplay who bought them, as secondary to your primary point. On that we simply do not agree.

First and foremost, SteemChiller is not lying. If you can prove otherwise, make your case! Having never been to Norway, I can’t speak to what passes for injustice there. But I can assure you making a baseless charge against someone is a serious problem where I come from and, therefore, to be avoided, as it is simply unjust.

Second, have you given any consideration to the intent of whoever did choose to employ the service of a bidbot to support SteemChiller’s post? From the content of your response here, we can agree at least on perhaps this not being the uhhh … “optimum” way of expressing support. I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt, however, that it was well intended, as SteemChiller’s app is invaluable to many and they want to do all in their power to support it.

Third, your definition of downvoting’s purpose does not “line up” with what I have read elsewhere. And you conveniently neglect there being a third option for all of us – 1) upvoting, 2) downvoting, and 3) not voting at all! In downvoting, you have chosen to reduce the value of the support your fellow Steemians have freely elected to give to another. Your definition is far too casual about what it represents.

”… which I'll admit I've never even used in 2 and a half years on Steem.“

I’ll close with showing my appreciation for your honesty. And respect for the courtesy you have shown in replying at all, to what I have invested my time in researching. It is well written. You may wish to reconsider, however, the position you have taken and I will again respectfully encourage you to do just that.

P.S. Also, if you chose to reply again, I would be keenly interested to know why you elected to do so on my post here in the first place, when the topic at hand is on SteemChiller’s post. If you truly want input on your thought process, I would suggest you reply over there, as it will be much more likely to generate input from others …

You feel strongly about your position? Then get it "out in the light" and let's see what happens!

Thanks for your help @roleerob! If I had any money sitting around, I would send you some for sure. I love to see how you always go straight, insightful and empathetic into solving peoples problems. He responded in my post and removed his downvote, so for me it's done now.

The fact that there have been assumptions being made about me lying is kind of sad. Those who know me, know that I'm always honest and that even if I didn't earn that much over the years here. I will stay true to myself and I'm sure that someone will see it and reward me for that one day.

All the best to you ;)

  ·  last month (edited)

As always @steemchiller, you are very kind. I definitely wanted to do my small part to help you, as I do not personally know anyone on our Steem blockchain more deserving of some full-time support external to SteemIt. Having said that, I honestly do not know if that is possible / sustainable. Especially at the current market price for STEEM ...

What I am sure of is the closer you get to "the top of the food chain" the fiercer the competition will almost certainly be for the available SP. Whether it is for this proposal. Or to get your support for your Witness server into the Top 20 (as I understand it, income drops off dramatically below that threshold ...).

I'm sure you're already way ahead of me in figuring those things out. You can always count on my full support along the way! All the best to you and yours for a better tomorrow!

P.S. Just my sense of humor late in the day (here) perhaps, but next we may both be facing "conspiracy" charges, with you being accused of "self voting" by proxy or some such silliness, as you are 100% beneficiary of this post ... Hahaha! 😉

Upvoting this instead as your post is too high up the trending

Yes, the main reason I did downvote was the stacking of bidbots. Like several others in the Steem community, I believe that bidbots have been very negative to Steem over the past 2 years, and see discouraging its use through downvotes as overall positive, even on users who I otherwise agree with.

I never implied, or at least did not intend to suggest, that @steemchiller was "lying" here. If he did state somewhere that he never bought those votes, then I missed that part. I only found it worth clarifying that steemium is a promotion service through which people can purchase multiple votes at the same time.

But in any case, this is a bit of a distraction from the point. Downvoting is simply a way for the community to express itself, and is intended to be used to direct rewards in the fairest way possible. It is worth noting, that a downvote does not take anything away from someone. Pending rewards are not earned rewards. Instead, final rewards are the result of 7 days of joint community judgement on what is the right allocation. So I simply want to respectfully disagree with your view on what downvotes are. And part of my motivation for replying your post was to offer a different point of view on this point.

In any case, I have since removed my downvote from his post (before your reply) on the basis of the high engagement and productive conversations I've seen coming from his post. While I still think the proposal needs a bit of tinkering, as others have suggested in "breaking it down to short term objectives", and while I still think it is right for there to be some downvotes on posts that are stacked with bidbot votes even if the person buying the votes is someone else, I see that many others clearly appreciate his effort way more than I do. For that I am both grateful for his contributions as well as for having discovered other positive and engaging Steemians like yourself in the process.

And I replied here because you tagged me :)

  ·  last month (edited)

think you meant me.

i don't use steemworld that much anymore. maybe i just don't know how to use it properly lol.

regarding downvote: hope my response back to amico on his latest post helps.

Yes @michealb ...

"think you meant me."

... I did. Thank you for pointing that out. It has now been corrected.

Okay (extracted from your referenced reply on @amico's post) ...

"... relocated some rewards from steemworlds post after having gifted him directly first ..."

... I followed the "trail" including looking at Steemchiller's wallet and see two different STEEM transfers from you. Also, his response to you via a STEEM transfer back. As he says "confusing," but ... Guess it "nets out" to his advantage!?

For reasons of your choosing, you have elected not to reply on the post in question. But here ... And on @amico's post ...

I hope you will at least then be sympathetic to how easily your downvote can be misinterpreted.

Thank you for the courtesy of this reply. And for your upvote on this post. Steemchiller is a 100% beneficiary of it.

  ·  last month (edited)

yes i understand. Had initially responded to amico on steemchillers blog, felt it wasn't everyone's business what i do with my votes or steem, so deleted it. Others can interpret it as they wish, that's ok.

  ·  last month (edited)

Fair enough @michealb. We all have our perspectives and freedom "in here" to do as we wish. As for the consequences of our choices?

"Others can interpret it as they wish, that's ok."


Thanks again for your reply. At least for me, for what it is worth, it helps considerably.

I voted almost as soon as the proposal came out. It sucks to see that there are ideological idiots who are downvoting based on arbitrary reasons instead of properly evaluating the value of the content.

  ·  29 days ago (edited)

Glad to hear @vimukthi! Yep, there are some interesting people "in here" on our Steem blockchain. That's for sure! Guess that is part of the experience, for me at least, of electing to "jump in" to this months ago, having never previously had an online presence ...

Hopefully this proposal will ultimately "win the day." Thank you for stopping by! 👍

P.S. I've always been intrigued by the account names of some of my fellow Steemians. Like yours for example. If you've ever written a post about your account name, I'd welcome a link to it.

A lot of the context will be lost if you haven't seen the anime Psycho-Pass. But I have written a post on it:

Thank you for providing this @vimukthi. I admire the creativity you showed in selecting your account name. I wish I had done something similar, but at the time, it didn’t occur to me to give it more thought than I did …

I certainly appreciate the word “liberty” myself. As for your reference to “liberation,” I will have to try and find something on the definition of an “anarcho-capitalist,” as I am not sure I have ever seen that phrase before now. Perhaps then I will have a better idea as to what this means to you.

I do know there are some of our fellow Steemians who identify themselves as “anarcho-communist” sympathizers. I am not one of them … 😉

I did watch the YouTube embedded in your post. Seeing a similarity between one of the characters in it and your profile image, are they one and the same? As for your reference to Makishima Shougo, I have not heard of this person, who you indicate is now passed on. It is a little confusing to me that you have that name on your profile. Perhaps out of respect for this person?

P.S. We have had family visiting, so my time "in here" has been even less than normal. First opportunity to catch up ...

Okay, I should've read through a bit more, before my reply above @vimukthi. I found a Wikipedia page indicating "Shogo Makishima" is a fictional character ...

I also quickly glanced through a Wikipedia page on anarcho-capitalism. I am most definitely an avid supporter of private property and free markets. As for "self-ownership", that is also a new phrase to me. I agree with individualism, but a quick glance through I see it is talking about far more than that ...

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and therefore, politically speaking, have a Judeo-Christian worldview. Having been a political activist in the past, while we would have areas of disagreement, I would imagine we have some similar views on many things.

Thanks again for providing me the link!