Proposal: SteemWorld Support

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As I want to continue my development on SteemWorld and the lack of funds/resources has always been a huge hurdle for me, I think it is a good idea to use the SPS for funding my work in future. To be honest, as many have read in my last post, there is no other way for me to be able to continue on my current path and I may have to shut my services down, if this here should not work out.

How often in the last years did I ask myself something like: 'When will you finally make your next post and earn something for all that, what you have built here over the past weeks?' I can tell you, that has never been a good feeling for me. So, after the work was done (sometimes even in then midst of all), I was on a run to write an article about my work in a language that is not my mother tongue, just to be able to pay my servers and costs of living in general.

I am the only one who is working on SteemWorld (front & back-end) and I hope you can imagine that there cannot have been much time for other things in my life over the years. My wife, family and friends can write a book about this.

Over a year ago I told them that it is just a matter of time until I will be able to make a living of it. Now I am still sitting here in my room, thousands of people use my tools daily and my bank account is still unable to show me a green light.

I love to develop things for Steem, which make our lifes easier, and deeply in my heart I hope that the opportunity given here will be able to change my financial status finally.


I request 28,105 SBD for 365 days.

Since I am the 'team' and there are no others, who could continue the work on the front-end in case something unforeseeable happens on the server, I cannot always predict when exactly a new feature will be available on the site. The same is true, if I see something in my code that needs my attention.

As a perfectionist, my way of getting things done does not always go straight to the goal without taking care of all that, what is calling for help around me, but in the end, it is always way more pleasurable for me to solve upcoming issues directly. There is no deadline for building SteemWorld, especially not as long as I am on a one-man-mission, but I think the SPS can help me to better organize my planned tasks from now on.

The finished result will always be a stable, high quality product. Additional funding finally can bring it all to a level, on which I really can be satisfied with the results. It enables me to work more freely and at the same time more goal oriented, because it takes away the well known fear of not being able to make it through the next monthly bills.

Did I tell you that searching for transfers by using the "Search Transfer" tool on SteemWorld was way faster, before I removed some huge database indices? The only reason for removing them was the lack of available SSD space on my main server.

The same is true for my coming SDS (Steem Data Service). Until now I could not continue to work on it, just because I don't have enough disk space on that server. I would love to have it on a separate dedicated machine, because this would greatly extend the limits (especially for testing purposes, full blockchain-replays) and the whole development experience would be much more satisfying for me.

I don't want to create multiple proposals over the year and decided to make one for each 365 days, so that I can finally fully focus on getting the planned things done. Of course, I will post updates periodically to inform you about my progress, but I won't take rewards from the pool anymore and will decline the payout on all of my related SteemWorld posts.

Main Goals

SMT & Steem Engine Support

I already prepared my codebase in the past weeks to be able to work with tokens of different types and a big part of what is to come is already done. After finishing the delegations and market orders for SETs (Steem Engine Tokens) in the next few weeks, I will start to prepare SteemWorld for working with SMTs.

As I did not find time yet to fully explore the coming APIs and new possibilities with SMTs, I will update this post later and add more details on what exactly is about to come.

Mobile SteemWorld Version

I know that many users of SteemWorld are waiting for a mobile/responsive version and this will besides SDS (after SMTs) be one of the main points on my list for the coming months.

Separating Page Features

Currently nearly all features on the site are compressed like a swiss knife and are only reachable via the main page. I want to change this in future, so that we can create an account by visiting or see only the recent account history (operations) directly on It would then also be possible to work with URL parameters, so that for example when someone wants to make a transfer to a specific account, he could open a link like[target_account] and the given fields in the transfer form would be automatically pre-filled.

Interactive Post Editor

This is a nice to have but not really essential feature for SteemWorld. There are already great platforms like SteemPeak available that enable us to work with templates and all that stuff, therefore (and because a day has only 24 hours) I currently do not see a high priority for spending time on the editor.

In any case, first I need to switch to a responsive layout and wait for the SMT hardfork, because otherwise there would be too many later adaptions to be made. So, it will take a while until I will think about this feature's relevance again.

Here are some previews from my related posts:

Animated GIFs

Preview 1 (fixing the typo in 'headar' with the editor)
Preview 2 (just playing around)

SDS (Open Source Steem Data Service based on Node.js)

Finishing the SDS is my main goal for the coming year. I did not talk much about it in my recent posts, but a huge part of my available time in the past year went into developing SDS. As long as I am working on its base and full data replays/compression methods are being tested, I will have time for working on the SteemWorld front-end, especially on the features mentioned above.

For most SteemWorld users the SDS is not really important to know, because it is more of a developer/statistics/investigation tool that can be used locally as well as for a public web service. It lays the groundwork for the future and coming SteemWorld features, which I cannot build with my current setup or any other available data service.

SBDS and Hivemind are good solutions for working with the blockchain data in a non-consensus way, but I want to provide a more configurable solution with compression and possibilities for own database structures in mind.

Earlier this year I wrote:

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm currently working on my Open Source Steem Data Service and I've already made great progress with it. The old (current) SteemWorld back-ends both run on PHP (one dedicated machine for serving the account data requests coming from and one simple host for providing the page itself and for acting as kind of a backup storage). The new back-end will use the SDS and it will be based purely on Node.js, which outperforms Apache/PHP with ease as shown in the following diagram:

I guess some of you can image that it's kind of an adventure to convert the existing back-end logic from PHP to asynchronous JS, but I already can tell you that it's worth it without any doubt. Future is here and I'm finally working with JavaScript on the client and the server side without the need of switching between different languages anymore.

SDS includes never seen compression techniques, so that the blockchain can be stored in a super compact format. There will be different compression modes available (full/lite), so that each of us can decide which one to use by changing the setting in the SDS config file.

Some of you may know the XZ compressor (based on LZMA), which on a level 9 (extreme mode, param '-e') setting compresses blocks to approximately 1/8 of the original size. With SDS in compression mode 'full' it is possible to compress them to a size that is ~ 0.63 times the size of the best XZ compression result. When the time has come, I will make an additional post about the SDS to explain how it all works.

Some facts:

  • Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows

  • Free to use, will be released under MIT license

  • Can be started locally or as public web service

  • Enables each of us to analyze and work with the Steem blockchain data in a simple and very efficient way (SQL and custom queries can be used too)

  • Syncing can be done via available public instances (very fast) or regular Steem nodes

  • Provides automatic downloading of already parsed data (no need to start from block 1)

  • No need to setup any database services (all file-based -> no layers in between -> lightning fast on SSD)

  • Offers configurable datasets (if you just need a db with all transfers, you can run an instance with only the desired parser module 'transfers' enabled)

  • Also virtual operations can be parsed (or downloaded from one of my servers that will also provide all parsed datasets)

  • JS developers can easily implement own parser modules (just add a custom script in the modules path and the service will call the parseBlock, parseTransaction, parseOperation and parseVirtualOperation methods within your script for each block)

  • Highly compressed data (some crazy stuff and a bit of magic involved here)

  • Can be used as REST API:
    //[domain or localhost]/sds/get_block/1
    => returns block 1 as JSON
    => returns 1000 blocks (1 to 1000) with one request in second(s)

  • Custom APIs that make use of the parsed data could look like:
    => returns my followers

Open Source

Since quite some time already, I am in the process of preparing my code to be published on GitHub. As I want to deliver a clean and secure solution for the whole Steem community, it's hard to say exactly, when SteemWorld will be completely open source, but I am doing my best to get it done until Q2 2020.

Closing Words

Of course, I cannot predict the future and there might come small additions/changes to the planned features in the coming months. I will keep you updated on my progress periodically and, as stated earlier, I will decline payout for my SteemWorld posts as soon as I get enough votes for this proposal.

If you think that I bring value to Steem and you want me to continue my development, please vote for my proposal:

View all proposals on:

Thank you for supporting my work!


Cool feature set, but this definitely doesn't deserve 28k. And not over a period of a year. I would suggest that you break this proposal into sub proposals, each proposal being one of the big features. like "mobile steemworld", "sds", "interactive post editor".

This way people can support what they want to support. I am down for the sds part. I don't care about the steemworld parts. Thus I won't be in favor of your proposal because I know that some of the funding will go to things I don't want/care about.

Also I don't think the sps should be used to fund closed source projects (like steemworld, correct me if I'm wrong).

Tl;dr : the sds is a great use case for the sps, the rest not so much.

Given all of our rich diversity here on our Steem blockchain, I for one respect differences of opinion. "As one man sharpens another" is an old saying which states very succinctly what I want to say here and now.

Your comments here @howo, resulting in the exchange with @disregardfiat, can (and should be, from my perspective) be seen as adding value to this post. You raise some valid questions / concerns and they should be discussed.

But ... How on earth do you justify downvoting @steemchiller's post here? Thereby reducing the value of what he will receive from the support of so many others? How do you explain that?

I'm downvoting him because he stacked tons of bidbots and I am against that. Also it's a way of showing my disagreement, but it's mostly about the bidbots, I'm voicing my disagreement in the comments.

Okay, thanks for the prompt reply @howo. This ...

"Also it's a way of showing my disagreement ..."

... is what I was anticipating. Here on a decentralized blockchain we are, of course, free to do whatever seems best to us. But I for one hope and pray this approach is consistently and heavily discouraged. I don't know where you live or what your philosophy in life is, but I consider freedom of expression to be a cornerstone of our liberties.

As for this ...

"... because he stacked tons of bidbots and I am against that.'

... "tons" ... ??? ... Hmmm, okay, frankly I had not noticed. In general, I understand this is one of the fundamental purposes of our new downvoting mechanism. But ... Would you find any agreement that perhaps case by case this should be considered? @steemchiller is likely to be viewed by many as an exception to this uhhh ... "rule" ...

By all means @howo, make your disagreements known. Hopefully, as civilly and respectfully as you can manage (as you have done here ...). I am asking you "publicly," however, to reconsider your 100% downvote.

At a minimum, you could consider "sliding it back down the scale" a bit (or a lot!), but still leave something in place as more of a symbolic, rather than a punitive, statement against the use of bidbots.

Thank you again! I didn't even use any bid-bots, but it looks like someone just wanted to be kind... Don't even begin to look, if they are boosting their own posts to the top ;)

"I didn't even use any bid-bots, but it looks like someone just wanted to be kind..."

Great point @steemchiller! They didn't even bother to look at wallets, to determine where the funds came from ...

In a future post, you may wish to think of a tactful way to point that out somewhere in the closing of it. Now with HF21/22 behind us, there is a lot more attention being paid to downvoting, so you would perhaps avoid this happening again.

I did make an appeal here, but ... No response ... Well, hopefully it won't impact you too much (although Smooth has a much bigger SP balance voted at 100% ...).


Please @michealb, consider removing your downvote, since I suppose it is the result of a trail vote rule!
Thank you!

Dear @howo and @fredrikaa,
I just removed my witness vote to @SteemPress because yours downvote.
Let's remove your downvotes and I'll be glad to vote for your witness again.
It may seem like childish spite, but if it can be useful... why not?


A huge hug and a !BEER

I just removed my vote as well... No chance of getting it back soon, though.

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

A good move!

I didn't remove my vote from @steempress since I didn't vote for them in the first place.

Yet, I did remove it from @smooth.witness.


Well done, mate! 👏 !BEER🍻

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @ervin-lemark, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hello @amico. First of all, you should find that I did remove my downvote. I explained the reason below as I had not yet read your comment here, but rather appreciate the good engagement and conversation I see that this post has generated.

But enough of that, I would like to make the case that while you are of course free to vote on witnesses as you like, this not only not helpful but actually quite destructive. Witnesses secure the blockchain, propose and approve updates/forks and hopefully contribute to its further development. You want the most dedicated team of individuals possible to handle this task, and ideally, you would also want your witnesses to be transparent, available, and engaged with the community. We already have a situation now where a big portion of the top witnesses are hardly engaged at all, don't make their views on new forks, the direction of Steem, or its needed devlopment public, or make themselves available to the community for input. If that's what you want, then doing stuff like this is a great idea, as it will only make witnesses more afraid of stating anything in fear that it will be used against them.

I am happy to be voting on witnesses who I strongly disagree with on multiple subjects, and who I've had intense arguments with in the past. Because at the end of the day, I respect that them (like us) have stayed awake 48 hours in a row at times troubleshooting issues like we've had with the recent hardforks and working to implement a solution immediately to bring Steem back up for the community asap. because despite what has sometimes been serious personal differences, it is the effort to make Steem better that counts.

I hope that I am not just hurting myself by participating in open and transparent discussions with the userbase, including when I disagree with something or hold an opposing view. But that people instead see the importance of an honest and open discussion, rather than what has unfortunately been the status quo of many witnesses just asking others for their votes in private chats, and not make their views open and transparent.

So if there is anything regarding the value steemworlds or steemchiller brings to Steem that you believe I have missed, I am all ears to hear it. And only want to see passionate Steemians succeed in what they do.

Dear @fredrikaa,
I really appreciate your action and your calm reply and you well deserve a bit of !BEER.

I am very tolerant and respectful of different points of view.
However, the action of your partner @howo (and perhaps also of @smooth) is based on the erroneous assumption that steemchiller used bidbot (while apparently he was one of his supporters) and apparently used to point out differences of opinion.
So I consciously used the lever of the witness vote to attract attention.

Unfortunately, I am witnessing a sort of "small fish hunt" which excessively uses votes from bidbots and at the same time I notice that the problem of the exchange of votes between big fishes has not been solved in the slightest. This may make the enthusiasm of the newcomers die, simultaneously with diffusion and remuneration of contents of a single limited circle of people... but we'll see how the situation will evolve.

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @fredrikaa, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

2k a month. (28k / 12 ) * $0.80 SBD.

Let’s ask this question a different way. How much would it cost to train a replacement for @steemchiller when he realizes that server costs and post rewards don’t put food on the table. Is anybody else stepping up to the plate to make an investment of time and money in to this ecosystem? Would you take a full time job for 2k a month? I wouldn’t take a full time job for 2k a week. Let alone pay for a server on a platform you’re hoping explodes in popularity.

As far as breaking proposals up that’s pretty dumb too. It costs $8 just to ask for funding once. Considering your complaining about less than $500 a week I doubt you’d pitch in to pay that listing fee. Do you think servers suddenly cost less to run when steem is more popular or the “feature set” is done?

If there is ever a point you don’t want this proposal to be paid you can simply remove your vote for free... proposals are paid out in hourly increments, not all at once.

Tl;dr Take your funds to a plantation and wait for a civil war.

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Says the man who made a proposal for a secondary tool just for downvotes ... at least steemworld is a complex toolset that people actually use and not just a downvote tool that only what like a few whales use?
Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

But with that said I'd rather see all these tools that steemchiller has integrated into an actual interface for users, have you considered talking to the interfaces @steemchiller?

Thanks for you splendid work.

To help with your development/support costs, I've sent you 50 Steem . Hope this helps.

You got a 56.69% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @agrostis!

Yes @steemchiller

”… and I hope you can imagine that there cannot have been much time for other things in my life over the years. My wife, family and friends can write a book about this.”

I and I am sure many others “in here” can most definitely imagine. Your post here and some of the initial comments I have read certainly bring sharply into focus the question of whether you, or anyone for that matter, can actually make a living developing code for our Steem blockchain. At least, at STEEM’s current price in the marketplace …

”As a perfectionist, my way of getting things done does not always go straight to the goal without taking care of all that, what is calling for help around me, but in the end, it is always way more pleasurable for me to solve upcoming issues directly.”

With some experience with programming and databases, I can relate to this. And, as a result …

”The finished result will always be a stable, high quality product.’

… you have long provided a service which many, many Steemians are very grateful to have available to them on their individual “journeys” through the Steemisphere.

From here, I can only say I continue to support your work. And, as a man of my word, I will vote for your proposal. You have earned my trust and confidence. But … Very openly and honestly, it is not without a little discomfort with some of the questions raised. Chief among them, as I read through the comments, is closed-source coding and the resulting concern - ”what if something happens to you?” Perhaps you will choose to address some of these concerns. Thoughtfully and conscientiously, as always. In whatever manner seems best to you.

Edit: Your time is valuable. I will take your response to @howo as response enough for me, to what I have written here @steemchiller. Thanks! 👍

Thank you for your, as always, very insightful thoughts @roleerob!

Chief among them, as I read through the comments, is closed-source coding and the resulting concern - ”what if something happens to you?” Perhaps you will choose to address some of these concerns. Thoughtfully and conscientiously, as always.

In some of my earlier posts I mentioned that I want to make SteemWorld open source in future and over the time I have been more and more preparing for this. Publishing the code always comes with a few things to think about, not only the security aspect.

So, I am still preparing for that and maybe I should make a public announcement to make clear that SteemWorld will not go away and that I will eventually publish the code when the time has come.

What I forgot to say:

As the planned SDS will be open source anyway and I will use it to power the SteemWorld back-end (includes incoming delegations, delegation history, follower history, transfer search, mentions, resteems, witnesses lost blocks percentage, Steem request caching and all what is about to come within the next year), most of the back-end part will be done with that and I then only need to publish the code of the front-end.

Okay, thank you @steemchiller! Wanting to protect your valuable time, I had just written that I would happily accept your response above to serve as a response to me.

Also, I will take responsibility for not clearly understanding what you had already written before about making SteemWorld open source in the future and using a downloaded local copy of SteemWorld, if any concerns were there about it not being available in the future. Had I done so, I would not have written what I did. Sorry about that! I'll try to do better in the future ...

We greatly appreciate all that you do for your fellow Steemians @steemchiller and hope your proposal for the requested (and very reasonable to me ...) support is approved by sufficient numbers of us to "win the day!" 😊 👍

Lieber @steemchiller,

ich bin nun in der Liste der Supporter. Das hat geklappt.

Sollte man jetzt auch noch irgendwie voten?

Ich fände es gut, wenn du oben in deinem Post eine kleine Anleitung schreiben würdest, wie man dich bei dieser Sache am besten unterstützen kann.

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung!

Sollte man jetzt auch noch irgendwie voten?

Dein Vote wurde auf jeden Fall gezählt.
Du brauchst also erstmal nichts mehr zu tun ;)

Ich fände es gut, wenn du oben in deinem Post eine kleine Anleitung schreiben würdest, wie man dich bei dieser Sache am besten unterstützen kann.

Ja, ich werde mir da noch was einfallen lassen. Am besten wäre natürlich die Funktion direkt in SteemWorld zu haben. Ich bin da leider nicht mehr zu gekommen in den letzten Tagen, aber werde mich da später mal ransetzen.

LG, Chiller

I already told you last week I would support you adding a Proposal for Steemworld - I use more often than all the frontends combined, it's really a 'catch all' for Steem and we need you to be able to keep working on this - with less financial stress.

Thanks for all that you've done already without getting much for it in return - now I'm off to vote :D Cheers!

Always a fan of the work you do. Keep it rolling @steemchiller

Shit!, I cannot find your proposal... did you upload it?

Seems like KeyChain doesn't work. I tried in Firefox and Brave.
No error message returned...

Update: Now it worked with Brave ;)

I have the same issue with keychain when trying to approve proposals on steampeak interface .

KeyChain does not work very well on Firefox.
On Chrome/Brave it should work ;)

What a mess... Firefox users can't even vote my proposal.

Yeah firefox keychain app seems to be behind the times.

There is a new update available since yesterday. Let's hope that it will finally work stable :)

This is my favourite feature of FF Keychain


They can, but it seems they must use steemconnect.

Exactly... Steempeak + Steemconnect

Voted with my three big accounts, cheers!

Firefox do works. I voted (approved) your proposal on Firefox Quantum 69.0 (32-bit) with Steemconnect.
But the Steem KeyChain currently really does not work on this version of Firefox. The same thing is happening, which you included on the screenshot in your comment above.

I can't imagine a time without SteemWorld! So you have all my support!

Absolutely 100% support for this @steemchiller, I really hope the community steps up and shows its support! There are huge numbers of people who significant stake who use every day (and we KNOW this because screen shots of bits and pieces on their SteemWorld page shows up in their posts!) and hopefully they will get behind this, too.

The blatant ignorance of some people regarding this issue is astounding. The Steemworld site is used by MANY people and is an invaluable tool and the amount of time and effort that @steemchiller has put into making this beyond useful should absolutely be funded. I have yelled about this for over a year.


The fact that NO other person has created ANYTHING close to Steemworld should be proof in itself that he deserves funding, especially considering the distinct lack of support from Steemit Inc.

Look around at all the bullshit projects that keep popping up, adding little real use just another front end or some game, yet get constant funding from various sources. Why has Steemworld been forgotten about? @steemchiller has been very reserved in asking for funding over the years and now when he does ask, some people suddenly freak the fuck out.

I find Steemworld so useful that I have @steemchiller on 100% autovote and have transferred steem to him at various times to show I value the service he has created. It may not be much but it is what I can do.

You have my support.

But... one important point: I think that SPS proposals do not use the proxies that users may have setup for witness votes. If I'm wrong, then please correct this, but it means each of those accounts needs to vote individually on proposals.

Screen Shot 20190913 at 23.34.07.png

On you can click on supporters and see the votes plus the amount of proxy they add to their vote. From what I've been told this indeed comes from the witness proxies some people have set up.

Thanks, I stand corrected.
However, if the proxy-following account then also votes, it looks like it gets counted twice, at least looking at the numbers.
is this a bug?

Good question, I have no idea, maybe you can illustrate here where you see this happen and we can try to identify the problem - if there is one.

Thanks, @steemchiller's latest post is largely about this issue, and SPS voting in general. :-)

I used your your program and really like it a lot. Some steem coming your way as a gift 🎁.

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Greetings @steemchiller,

Thank you for all you do.....for many Steemworld is essential to using Steemit.

Truly simple is best.....please do not make it too complicated.

Please do not decline payout...if you get fact bleujay was going to propose you present two posts for every one in the German language and one in English......lets make that French as well. ^__^

Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


Super Sache, und es geht ja recht zügig voran mit den Votes, auch wenn es seit gestern abend etwas zurück ging! Die Daumen sind gedrückt!

Ich wollte schon eine Weile einen Fehler melden: Ich habe in den Settings Steempeak ausgewählt, aber das wird entweder nicht im Link gespeichert oder von dort nicht eingelesen! Und es hat sich verändert: Erst war Steeve drin und wurde auch aufgerufen und jetzt ist gar nichts mehr in der Anzeige und Steemit wird aufgerufen.

Danke dir! Sollte jetzt wieder laufen ;)

Of course you have my vote... I can not even imagine a world without this tool...

You have created a great tool for everyone who uses Steem. You have made it so simple to claim all Steem-engine rewards with a simple click of a button. I use Steemworld everyday and really do appreciate the product you have created. Hang in there, things will get better.

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Thank you for all the hardwork over the years making Steem accessible from all angles! I've given you a vote for your proposal, you deserve it!

really nice. I will vote for you

You have my support for the proposal of course! best regards!

You have my vote twice (both accounts). I hope it helps you if more is needed please let me know.

I cannot use Steemeorld it is too heavy to run on my mobile and with my connection. Same with most apps they simply do not work exception is @partiko.

I hope you will have a solution for all those mobile users too. I will write a bit to ask to help you.

I wish you a great day and future with 💕

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Fully upvoted, resteemed, supported 1000%.

Steemworld is the best and most essential steem platform tool. Period!

I think you deserve this support and the amount you are asking for is completely reasonable given how great your site is. I hope it is funded soon.

I know you work hard to enhance this tool all the time and is the only one I use now. I vote for the 1 year development and improvement.

Lieber Steemciller, ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deinem Antrag! Damit du dich weiterhin der Arbeit an der SteemWorld widmen kannst, die für mich, wie für so viele andere, inzwischen unverzichtbar geworden ist.

Voted and resteemed :-) Pinned post on FB.

Voted for your proposal in the affirmative, and enjoyed giving you the 100% upvote just now. Wishing you ease and relief from financial stress so you can focus on what really matters - improving steem for everyone. Much gratitude from Thailand.

This is a nice to have but not really essential feature for SteemWorld. There are already great platforms like SteemPeak available that enable us to work with templates and all that stuff, therefore (and because a day has only 24 hours) I currently do not see a high priority for spending time on the editor.

I think this is correct - an editor wouldn't have high priority for me either. However, if you can make a mobile version that still feels light-weight that would be a big win for Steem :-)

Thanks for your input!

However, if you can make a mobile version that still feels light-weight that would be a big win for Steem :-)

The good thing is that I myself am a fan of light-weight and fast-running apps, so I think there is no other way out ;)

Good luck with you proposal. I love Steem World and use it every day i am on the platform.

I clicked on the link in your post but have no idea how to vote for your proposal. Could you maybe take a screen shot to demonstrate.


It's really simple, just go to

and click on 'Support With KeyChain' or 'Support With SteemConnect'.

In case you are using Firefox or you don't have the KeyChain browser addon installed, you can either install it in Chrome/Brave or use SteemConnect.



I don't know what I clicked on before but I didn't end up on that page. 😂

Some things are meant to be...
I think it's good to have that screenshot here in the comment section. I already linked to it in an other comment, because I was asked: 'How to vote?' ;)

thanks for posting this. I didn't know how to vote. I appreciate all you do and love using your tools. I will follow you and vote your posts as well

Was wollte mir Steemworld hier Wichtiges mitteilen? Kam nach Klick auf "claim all rewards", was über Keychain ganz normal ablief.


Danke für den Hinweis! Vermutlich ist mit dem letzten KeyChain Update (kam bei mir gestern Abend an) etwas geändert worden. Werde ich gleich mal prüfen ;)

Update: Bei mir läuft es ohne Probleme.
Ist das bei dir nochmal aufgetreten?

Nein, ist es nicht. Ich hab es allerdings auch nicht gleich anschließend erneut versucht, denn das was ich wollte lief ja.
Ich hab das nur mitgeteilt weil es ja hätte sein können dass da eine wichtige Information hätte kommen sollen - man weiß ja nie ;)
Danke und nen schönen Abend!

Not sure why you would decline payout for steemworld related posts if you got this funding.
Wouldn't it be smart to post up the updates to be more robust in the future, when the funding stops?

Guys, if you have problem voting with the keychain, you can use steemconnect here:

Thank you @cardboard,

Completed with ease.


Thank you @cardboard! I would tip you, but, you already own that bank. ;)

After Hf21 I'm sending everything to investors ;)

!giphy LOL & !BEER

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I voted for the proposal. Even as largely an outsider I used your services most often. Any help you need, than I can, I am willing

I wish that at least people can vote. Wished I had more resources to donate to you but couldn’t afford more. One can help as one’s capacity, that was mine.
Hope your proposal gets approved soon, I honestly think you deserve it, not gonna flatter just a bit on this, facts are enough.
Proposal voted of course!

I do not understand that technical stuff, but I will send my steem-rewards to you until the situation has become better. Manually, but I suppose that doesn't make any difference for you.

Your tool is the most used at the steem Blockchain, you have my vote and support always. !BEER

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Literally, everyone with stake uses it daily... He deserves this funding 100%. I hope the community will instantly push it past the return proposal

I wish you the best of luck with this proposal. My favourite front end was Steem Dash, a way of looking at our wallets that updated in realtime. It didn't survive the hardfork because it was on the Steembottracker server.

Steemworld is now my go to place for doing that. My upvote isn't worth much but I do what I can.

Ohne dich wäre steem undenkbar und wir alle sind dir deiner Arbeit wegen dankbar. 👏👏👏

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I'm proud to support the great work you do for this chain. You have my vote! Keep doing the amazing work you do for Steem!

Programmieren macht durstig - auch von mir ein !BEER

i wanna help as much as i can.

Hello @steemchiller

Here I am as always, placing my grain of sand, you deserve it for your dedication.

Greetings from Venezuela a country that elucha for their freedom.

You get my full support on this proposal. Steemworld is a go to for a lot of steemians and it would be a travesty if you didn't get the support you needed to maintain it.

Hope to see many more vote for you here

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Thanks for all your hard work!

Have a restful weekend!

Ok, done voting, I think said transaction on it's way, so assume it is done, I love Steem world and is one of the first things I log into every morning, hope this works out for you, great job so far, all the best @steemchiller


Your work is invaluable and I hope the powers that be see that..

good luck, brutha!

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Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit.
Sie ist eine echte Hilfe für die Anwendung von Steemit.
Alles Gute wünsche ich dir.

I've been waiting for a proposal like this. I use everyday mainly o save my time with STEEM-Engine. The features available are simply amazing. Thank you so much for all you work. ope to see this proposal approved ASAP :)

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I can't imagine a Steem without Steemworld! I hope the community can gather around you for support.

I've promoted your post on eSteem for the next 7 days. Good luck!

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Hey @steemchiller, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

How do we vote for your proposal?

Thank you for your reply. Do you know where I can go to find out how many people use Steemworld in a day, week or month?

By the way you are 50% beneficiary of this post about Steemworld.

SteemWorld Rocks ! Thank you so much for all your hard work, resteemed & upvoted ;)

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This is a great proposal! Going to support it and love your services.

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Hey @steemchiller, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I think the content in your article is enough to start gofundme or indiegogo page. Try multiple options, segregate information and explain it well, it's not that hard to grab money when proposal is well explained.

People.. it’s a few clicks. Vote for @steemchiller. Steemworld is the best front out there.

Proposal supported.

I've got to admit I zoned out on the technical stuff; but you run an awesome service that gets better every update. I hope you find a way to at least continue to run it as-is, even if you have to stop adding features.

Hast du eigentlich auch einen Patreon Account?

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Thanks for the update... and everything that you d, @steemchiller!

Voted (I hope I did it correctly).
Hope others do them same. Fingers crossed :)

Ganz klar, mein Stimmchen hast du + Resteem. Viel Glück!

Your service was too good until I can't live without a day checking out steemworld. The UX was a work of genius. I will vote for your proposal. Everyone in STEEM should do the same too.

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Hey @steemchiller, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I am a front-end developer, Let me know if I can be of some help :)

Upvoted, resteemed and supported with love!

A huge hug!

!giphy awesome+proposal

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

100% support this project!

This should be rolled into the official steem platform.
Not too much else to say about this... YES!

I support this request 100%

I love Steemworld and I use it every day, so this proposal has my vote, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Downvote removed due to high engagement to the post. While I'm yet to use steemworld, and found the content of the post itself overvalued, it's clear that it adds something to the many Steemians who have commented here, and that the resulting discussions have been very positive.

Thanks for your response, appreciate it.

I can't imagine the platform without a Steemworld. It is obviously used by others and quoted throughout every day.

Upped and Steemed and off to read the proposal. Have a great day!


I just voted.

I hope people don't look at this proposal only for the work you're planning to do, but also as a reimbursement for all the work you have already done.

I support your project because it is a brilliant idea.

I love this! This is a no-brainer vote.

With pleasure, vote done!

Happily voted:) @steemchiller your are the backbone of our community:)

I think this project deserves the most active support.

steemworld is my go to steem tool, and it's great what you do. happy to support!

Hello Dear, @steemchiller
I think you deserve this support and the amount you are asking for is completely reasonable given how great your site is. I hope it is funded soon.

Follow Me Please @timesoffitness

Thanks for using #steemleo tag. Here is my support and #steemleo community is also eager to support the project.

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your work is fantastic, I apreciate a lot what you do

And offcourse i Will support that

Appreciate time and effort put into this project @steemchiller have voted.

Thanks for the post.

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Discord Server an

You got our full support!

Excelente información para todos aquellos que desconocen el funcionamiento de la plataforma. El mayor de los éxitos en tus próximas publicaciones.

Upvoted and resteemed

Hey man, I fully support your work as I visit steemworld on a daily base. Having that said, I also agree with the people who advice to break it down into smaller proposals. As you already have broken down the functionalities you want to implement, it would be better to make proposals for sets of functionalities, rather than 1 big proposal.

Still, I support your work and hope you keep doing this as long as you can ;)

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Thanks for your good work for steem

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You have my vote(s) and my resteem. Looking forward to see further development in Steemworld!

Thanks for the post.

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You've had a few steem direct from me from time to time but you've got my vote now too.

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