What Do This Picture And Gold Have In Common?

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Before you spend too much time racking your brain trying to think of the answer to my question, I have to confess...

...It's kind of a trick question.

The answer is: nothing.

But it DOES have something in common with MENE's new ❤️ hands 24k investment charms!

See??? The pic is the same as the charm! And I took the pic about a month before they came out, so it was meant to be!!

If you want to diversify your investments and protect yourself from inflation, Mene is a great way to go.

You'll get more gold for your buck vs. buying anywhere else.

Start earning Mene credit to get your own gold! It takes 30 seconds and you get $5 credit for doing it:


(Was going to use my invite link, 'cause I finally got around to creating one, but I think I'll still use goldmatter's link sometimes)

Also, follow @goldmatters to learn more. At the very least, you'll be entertained 😆.

P.S. Sorry for my sort of short post today. I wanted to talk about it a lil' more in depth, but I got really sick yesterday and may have shorter steepshot type posts for the next few days. You're probably happy to have a break from me talking so much, anyway, haha.

If you DO want posts where I talk a lot...read some of my semi-entertaining stuff:

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nice what a great investment will be looking into this with my steem payouts



Or power up! hehe but yeah, I had no idea how actual little amount of "gold" is in some things until I started learning about it after stumbling upon goldmatter's posts

I gotta say that took a turn that I wasn't expecting. But really, I think gold is currently a great investment. It will be an important hedge to have during the next economic downturn. Especially if it's as bad as many experts are predicting!


Yeah I agree!! I learned so much from reading @goldmatters posts. Like buying gold at "spot" price and how to tell how much gold value you're actually getting for a piece of jewelry you're buying.

Tell the truth, you are a time traveler and knew this design was coming out. Then you went to the past and took this photo anticipating this very moment. In fact you knew that I would type this comment and incorporated this into your master plan to dominate the world.

Just admit it.


I know everything. But I won't admit it.

You got a 3.29% upvote from @upme thanks to @goldmatters! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).


aw omg thanks! You're so sweet @goldmatters!

so is this a sposored post ?


It's not a sponsored post. It's supporting a friend that I met here on steemit. He writes a LOT about Mene, so he can explain better than I could. But for people who on steemit who care about investments (like crypto, for example) I've learned a lot from reading his posts and found out it's kind of cool! An investment you can wear.

Sorry to disagree, but the lights in the tower do look golden to me. ✨😊

Infinite beauty..
Oh and yeah.... the 24k investment thingy.
@goldmatters you owe this stunning picture my commitment
Hope my gold someday becomes as this.

Omg I love that charm 😆

Sometimes I wish I can see through your brain. I think it is a blockchain of its own. You're Awesome