My Attempt at Spreading Steem Spirit… Will It Fail???

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Today I did something that I wouldn’t normally do.

The reason I wouldn’t normally do it is because 1. I don’t typically have the opportunity to do it in the first place and 2. I’ve mentioned that I’m a frugal mcdougal and do NOT like spending money on things that aren’t necessary.

I’m all about free entertainment and buying a dress for $3 USD.

$10 if I’m feeling spendy.

Anyway, I heard of a town in Vietnam where you could get customized clothes made VERY cheap if you just want something casual.

Like, $7-$10 USD for a dress cheap.

That’s basically insanity if you ask me...

...but I thought I’d go check it out (because I have 22.589 designs and ZERO sewing skills).

That makes for some major creative constipation. So much in me to create, and yet no outlet.

So maybe this could be my outlet to create something!

In fact, I keep seeing people on steemit wearing their steem and steemit shirts...

...and I’ve had enough.

I want something to sport my steem pride, too. But I’m on the move too much to really make one and I’m not sure where people are buying these from that they would ship it to me wherever I am. And the mail couldn’t catch (keep) up with me if it tried anyway.

So when I heard about these tailors in the town of Hoi An, about 30 minutes from Da Nang, I immediately grabbed the back of a receipt and started drawing really embarrassing sketches on it.

Man shoulders, anyone? Do you even know how to hold a pen?

Then, I took a picture of the steem logo and set off for Hoi An with a plan to hopefully have my very own, one-of-a-kind steem article of clothing!

Because they don’t really specialize in t-shirts, I had to do something different. I’d designed 2 different steem dress and a steem shirt.

When you get to Hoi An, there are two entire streets just filled with nothing but tailor shops, all competing against one another.

My original plan was to go with one highly rated on Trip Advisor.

Then, I changed the plan... going to the one where my friend got her dress made and it was SO gorgeous that I thought I just HAD to go that tailor and no one else.

But because I’m easily distracted and horrible at planning, none of that happened.

I ended up at a place with zero recommendations from the internet OR from real life people.

I went into tailor shop after shop after shop after shop only to be told that it wasn’t possible to make my design and that it was too complicated.

I was feeling kind of sad about it because I just wondered “what if.”

And that’s when I decided to walk into one more shop and was told that she could make the dress no problem!

So... why am I worried that this is going to be a total fail?

Well, I’ve noticed that sometimes in Asia in general, people will say they can do something for you when they really can’t. Yet you trust them anyway.

A driver will say they can drive you somewhere when they really have no idea where you are going and they can’t read the map, so you end up just wandering around in circles.

You know what I mean.

In my head, the design for the steem-dress was really cool.

But you know, a lot of people think delusional things in their heads that just aren't true.

Just re-watch some beginning episodes of American Idol and you'll know what I mean!

In real life, I think the dress could turn out really awkward-looking. Which could be cool, because then I'd have something that matches my awkward personality. An outward symbol of my inner awkwardness.

Instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I'll be wearing awkward on my sleeve.

This has major potential to come out looking like a badly botched Halloween costume that was made by a drunk monkey.

If it comes out looking horrible, I'll take 50/50 blame with the tailor.

But only because maybe she went above and beyond to offer what no one else could, and I'm skeptical about if she actually is able to do it or not (I mean I walked into a rando place with zero references. But her other dresses looked good!)

Also, the fabric that she insisted would be good to use looked kind of Halloween costume-ish.

Lastly, I'm sure my crappy receipt-drawing wasn’t clear enough.

Could she really even see my vision of grand steem-dreams?

Well, you guys… we’ll know within a day because she said she can finish it in 24 hours. I’ll pick up the dress and let you know if it was an epic steem-fail or not!

Love, @nomadicsoul

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This hand in a design is new addition @nomadicsoul
That is really cuteness of you dear.
Your love for steemit heading toward dress and our loves to steemit only reach to our image design and line design of post.
Waiting to see the special noma-steem-dress :)


LOL that hand cracked me up as I was drawing it. So funny you zoomed in on that, that cracked me up!!! The thing is, believe it or not, I CAN draw. Cartoons anyway. But you'd never know it from these receipt sketches.


i do believe it that you can draw thats why you tried to art the design. May be that time you were in hurry or you did not had mood for drawing and art just initially a few lines draw :D

Yay! Looking forward to the next Post where you unveil the final product! I'm sure it will be great! I mean, how bad can it be with those masterpiece sketches inspiring the tailor? ;)


haha exactly!!! How could anyone mess up what is clearly pure artistic genius??


It's approaching the 24 hour mark (tick tock tick tock). YOUR FANS DEMAND AN UPDATE!! :)

Say Yes to the Dress!! Can’t wait to see it


hahaha I can't believe you referenced that! lol have you seen that show? I won't hesitate to make fun of you lol


Oh I referenced a show? I had no idea? Lol ..... OR DID I????





Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777


aw nice to meet you too!! Thank you! Hey, I wish you the best of luck on steemit! haha you'll probably do well with a name like lucky! Did you know I always considered 7 my favorite number?

What a fantasy this would be for me too! I have sooooo many sketches. The part about wearing awkwardness on your shoulder resounds with me. I would like to wear my awkwardness there too, instead of just letting it come out of my mouth. I'm excited to see your results.


Oo that's awesome! Haha yeah I'm such an akwkard duck lol I don't know why. I would love to see your sketches! Or see some come to life!

😀. You are so creative and funny.
No dear, you won't fail.
Pardon the tailor.


hehe aw thanks!!!

Crossing fingers it turns out even better than you imagined.


hehe thanks!! I have a pretty good imagination though (delusional lol jk)

it is beautiful to know everything that can inspire steemit, the truth I also wish to see your steemit dress would be very original