@Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Seascape”: Winner!

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Hello dear Steemians,








It is so far and today we would like to announce winners. It was slow start but at the end of the week we had quite few new submissions.

Considering that we thought that the next contest we will extend for 2 weeks so that people have enough time for preparation.

But this contest we decided still to keep for a week, as it would be unfair in regards to those who tried hard and submit their work early. There is a famous proverb, that became my firm attitude of life:


“The early bird catches a worm”



Rules of competition:


Many of the posts complied with the rules, that means many of you read them. Nevertheless there were few who, either posted old work or did not do the steps, also one of the requirement was:

  • Title it: ArtVenture Contest: + your title

That was not fulfilled in one case. All those mentioned posts were excluded.

Another key role in the selection of winners was the payout of the posts. One of the aim of @Art-venture project is to support undervalued Artists therefore if we have had some who made equally good works but one of them already had high payout, then our preference was given to those who had less.

Big thanks to our Sponsors:


Only with the help of our sponsors and our own contribution it was possible to make such good Winner prizes and even 3x honorable mentions. Thank you very much for your support and making this contest to happen:



Winner of Traditional Art Contest: “Seascape”:

First place go to @pipoune and 20 Steem


Pastel work


When we saw that work, that immediately took us into the adventure with the wooden Sailing ship, that seems just left its home haven and sailing away. Only seagulls still accompany them. Beautiful sunset and perfect reflection of sun. Thank you @pipoune for explanation how you used two different photo references and created your own story. You managed to show the whole beauty of pastel work.


Second place goes to @madlenfox and 12 Steem


Watercolor work


This work is done in watercolor, which is quite tricky medium and as many of Artists know you can spoil your painting quickly if do something wrong. But Madlen managed to create a beautiful work and combined many attributes of seascape, such as lighthouse, fort at coast and of course blue of sky and water, that is very important to use different shades of blue otherwise there is no difference between sea and sky. Well done, Madlen and deserve our Second place!


Third place goes to @kendrawing and 9 Steem:


Charcoal work


This is technically really challenging to present colorful picture in black and white, you should be able to see the shades of grey and not overdo too. Nice smooth blending and again it was very important to show the difference between sky and water. You managed it very well, beautiful charcoal drawing.


Next three works are honorable mentions:

@yanes94 -3 Steem Pastel work



This work is one of the first that Carmen done with pastels and that she specially dedicated to our contest. I like to read the thoughts in her posts and it is interesting how she developed her work. She is a hard working person in general and I like her problem solving setting of life. That was great to see that you watched the video tutorial that helped you with some tricks to pastel work.



@francisftlp-3 Steem Coloured pencils work



Beautiful sunset and evening sky, that is definitive something that everyone would love to experience. You paid a great attention to sky and clouds and the reflection of sun that still playing on the waves are perfectly done.




@andreasalas-3 Steem Coloured pencils work



This work automatically drags our attention because there is GIF version that perfectly gives impression of constant movement waves on a sand beach. Living ourselves at North sea coast we love to walk along close to the edge to see approaching waves and sometimes we also find a little star-fish or jelly fishes brought with the waves.

Well done Andrea!




We were very happy with the amount of submission and would like to continue with the contest. The new Contest will start beginning of next week because we will be on the way to holiday end of the week, therefore we would like to start once we arrived and settled. Please keep an eye on our blogs.


Thank you for everyone who participated!



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Thank you so much, I'm very happy to have won!! :D
Congratulations to the other participants, there was a wide variety of beautiful things!

Congratulations on your victory, @pipoune ! Your picture is amazing! I look and examine every detail of it, every fragment of the picture :)). Very cool!!!

You are very welcome @pipoune and I am glad you decided to take part in the contest. As I told you previously it would be nice to have you around, I know that it might be quite busy with our daily routine but it would be nice if you are posting on and off. :)

Yes, I will pay attention to leave some space in my life for steemit! :)

You are amazing, you have great talent, congratulations, you deserve many good things.

Thank you !! :)
You are talented too, and i wish all the best for you too.
See you soon!

It is so sad my dear stef you missed my second work :)
I tried so hard

I know that you are very good in your works and do not be sad there will be many other contests, we just started it :)

Ничего не понимаю, ведь я выполнил условия и успел вовремя

"One of the aim of @Art-venture project is to support undervalued Artists therefore if we have had some who made equally good works but one of them already had high payout, then our preference was given to those who had less."

Wow! it's incredible! I expected the results of the competition only tomorrow :)).
I congratulate all the winners! That's cool! I am very pleased to be among You :)). Thank you for the award! I wish you all new creative successes and thank you to the organizers for an interesting topic for the contest

Hi @madlenfox, you are right, we thought that there will be more works that is why have taken initially one whole day for consideration but as we had enough time for looking through the works on Sunday, we decided to announce today. I remember myself when I take part in contest I am eagerly waiting for the result. So we thought why not to bring it earlier.

It was nice to have you among our participants adn hopefully will see you again next week in new contest :)

Thank you for your kind words, @stef1 ! In General, I am very glad that I joined @Art-venture and @NTopaz. I see so many talented people and their amazing pictures. Many of them I have long and carefully consider to understand how to make certain details of the picture. It helps me a lot too :)) and, Yes, of course, I will take part in further art competitions

Congratulations to all the Winners, the really beautiful works!

Thank you for considering my art. It makes me want to keep using the chalk :).

Congratulations to all the winners:) i hope to see another contest soon and enjoy more amazing artworks:)

Thank you George for your attention. So we will see what will be subjects there are few possible topics that we are thinking about, so you will find out next week :)

Oh, so soon:) I am looking forward to:)

Thank you @stef1! this was a nice contest!

Congratulations to all participants, Amazing works!

You are welcome Ken and thank you for participation!

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Is a good selection, congratulations to all the winners.

I do not understand this part of the publication.

project is to support undervalued Artists therefore if we have had some who made equally good works but one of them already had high payout, then our preference was given to those who had less.

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to the winners. really magnificent works. I am quite happy with the request. Thank you for the opportunity to reconcile

Congratulations to the winners

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Congratulations to the winners and also to the participants who made great works of art, I was really surprised by all the great talent there is, and they have inspired me, to use other materials.
Thank you very much for conciderarme. You're very kind.
I hope to see the next contests, I am very anxious.



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