ArtVenture Contest: Boat with pastel chalk

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Good morning dear friends!

When I started making drawings here at #Steemit I did it with pencils only, because I was terrified to use the colors and also because buying materials to draw was too expensive (E Now, I can not imagine how much a pencil will cost...), after One time I was able to buy some school colors and little by little he was grabbing love and learning to use them. As artists we have to have the necessary materials to be able to carry out our work and I had the opportunity to buy several, among them some cake tizal. But I never used them! First because I did not know how to use them and secondly because I could buy the Wacom, then I just kept them in a trunk, literally...

A few days ago I saw the contest that performs @stef1 and his project @art-venture which deals with marine landscapes, if you have not seen it, look it up and you can see all the information about the contest. The fact is that it was just traditional art, so I thought... let's dust off, right? A good excuse to do something different and use the cakes for the first time, which was difficult, for God's sake! My fingers ache XD. The truth is, I do not know if I did it as I should, but beyond the pain I enjoyed using them and I wanted to learn how to use them better and do more things with them.

For my entry I made a boat that is a bit, just a little twisted XD. I wanted to do something like a rough sea with several waves and poor pirates are having a hard time, hmmmm but calm! it will get worse XD.

To start with my idea I looked for a recycled sheet, I made several attempts to make the boat and I was doing it wrong, until I looked for some images and saw what they were like, I oriented myself a bit and finished my doodle that was not useful at all but it was as the initial sketch, then I passed it to the special sheet for pastel chalks (that's what the package said...) to start painting.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


As I said before, it is the first time I used this material, so I had to look for some videos (the one I found had the boat side too LOL) to know how to use them, I was very happy because there was Internet on Wednesday, but then it failed and it was reestablished last night for about 2 hours I think and then my Internet failed again and it has not arrived yet, because of what I find myself publishing in a Cyber-Cafe at this moment. (The sources will be placed at the end...).

Step 4


I admit that I was getting anguished because I did not know how I was going to finish everything, but it took a little bit of shape as I went along, like it was a kind of storm, I made the waves and the sky with some clouds and I used several colors for that.

Step 5



IMG_20190704_161313 - copia.jpg


Thank you very much to all who see my new work, I thank you for your support and you can leave me any criticism that I would be happy to receive.

I say goodbye for now and I wish you a happy day. ;)

Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.


Esta hermoso amiga me hizo recordar aquellas películas de piratas, con el parche en el ojo, la pata de palo y el loro en el hombre. ¿Y en verdad existieron los piratas? Las películas de piratas que van con aquel mapa con la gran cruz del tesoro enterrado, son buenas y el pirata mas famoso BARBA NEGRA.

También me encanta mucho las pelis de piratas pero en la actualidad no son mucho las películas de este genero que se hacen, pasa lo mismo con las pelis de vaqueros... solo quedan en nuestros recuerdos.

Muchas gracias por ver mi trabajo y escribirme, aprecio tu apoyo y que hayas disfruto ver mi obra. ;)

It's nice that you always change your style.

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thank you very much for your support Teresa, I'm glad you've seen this work. ;)

Ay por Dios que genial! se ve tan bonito, tan increíble... no sé como explicar que me gusta muchísimo. Hermoso Carmen, que talento :o

[nTopaz Curator]

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Hay que tarde voy a responder! todavía me pongo al dia XD.
Tranquilo yo tengo la palabra! Quedó


Con todas las letras pronunciadas. Por Dios que ego tan grande!!
Naaaaa nada de eso. Tampoco así XD. Muchas gracias por el apoyo. Me da animo para seguir partiéndome el pompi (soy fresita) para mejorar.!

PD: Esa palabra la escribió la nana.

Nooo Carmen así no sirve respondes al mes :v instala una app con notificaciones instantáneas xD

Hehehehes Es que tengo que hacer varias cosas y mi Internet no me deja entonces pierdo los mensajes. Pero estoy tratando de ponerme al día :P...

ya ya ya... te entiendo. Me pasa x.x

Estamos en la misma esquina

You are so well conveyed the atmosphere of a raging storm. Let's hope that the ship will reach the appointed place :)).
I wish You good luck in this wonderful competition on the theme of seascapes

Thank you very much @madlenfox! I'm glad, I was afraid that everything seemed strange and not what I wanted to express. Hmmm I think they managed to get there, but they had a very bad time, maybe a bit of dizziness?
Thank you for your wishes I was one of the winners. That made me very happy!

I apologize for the lateness of my response!

The feeling of a strong wave is so good!

This is a great art that makes you feel tense + _ +

Oh! Dear @jiwoon, I am very excited to see you in my publication, thank you for appreciating my work.

It is my first time in many things concerning this work, including the waves, but I think it turned out very well. XD

I appreciate your support. XOXO

When you told me you had made a boat with chalk cake, I never thought it would look so good since you mentioned that you had never used that material before, you knew you would do a good job, or not a good one.
As I usually say, it's never too late to learn or experience a new technique, and you really did a good job with the chalks applying thick and aggressive strokes to transmit the violence of the ocean and how this boat struggles to stay afloat, congratulations Carmen, you You showed with this work.

Thank you very much dear maestro @inu-jim, your approval is always very important for me and as you know I appreciate your criticism a lot, they allow me to improve in what I love to do.

I really liked working with these materials, I did not spend so much time working with the chalks so I could do much more if I learn to use them better, so I will try to work with them more often and I hope I do well. XD

Again, thank you very much, dear, for appreciating my works and leaving me your nice comments of support. <3 <3 <3

Cuando me contaste que habías hecho un barco con tiza pastel, nunca pensé que te quedaría tan bien ya que mencionaste que nunca antes habías usado ese material, sabias que harías un buen trabajo poro no una tan bueno.
Como suelo decir, nunca es tarde para aprender o experimentar una nueva técnica, y realmente hiciste un buen trabajo con las tizas aplicando trazos gruesos y agresivos para transmitir la violencia del océano y del como este barco lucha por mantenerse a flote, felicidades Carmen, te luciste con esta obra.

Muchas gracias querido maestro @inu-jim, su aprobación siempre es muy importante para mi y como sabes aprecio mucho tus criticas, me permiten mejorar en lo que amo realizar.

Realmente me gustó trabajar con estos materiales, no duré tanto tiempo trabajando con las tizas por lo que podría rendir mucho mas si aprendo a usarlas mejor, así que, intentaré trabajar con ellas mas a menudo y espero que me vaya bien. XD

Nuevamente muchas gracias cariño por apreciar mis obras y dejarme tus lindos comentarios de apoyo. <3 <3 <3

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@Art-venture Contest 50 Steem in the Winner Pot :-)

Thank you very much for the support @art-venture, happy that you have seen my work. <3 <3 <3

Great work with beautiful colors dear yanes.

Thank you dear Marya

Hi Carmen, I am very pleased you decided to try pastels, it is weird initially to start because you can't imagine how to create something fine with such chunky sticks but I am pretty sure once you learnt how to deal with that you will just love it. The best thing is if you made anything that you do not like you can easily pick it up with kneatable eraser and it will not destroy your surface. Your first attempt is fantastic! I hope you will give a chance to that medium :)

Thank you very much for such kind words dear @stef1, coming from you I really value them very much since you are a great artist and I admire.

I really enjoyed working with the cakes so I will consider working more often with these materials and improve a lot while I'm still experimenting.

I did not think that an eraser could be used in case I was wrong, I did not want to try and destroy the paper, but if you advise me, I will keep it in mind for future works. XD

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