Art-Venture Contest. Sailing past the old Fort

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Hello, friends! Last summer, during my trip to the island of Kotlin, I visited several fortifications that were built by the Russian Emperor Peter the Great in 1704. Last year I did a big post about it and showed a lot of photos from my trip.


Today, for the contest, I made a drawing of the old Fort Kronshlot and the lighthouse. You can see the whole step-by-step process of my work.





I used watercolor paper (A3, 300 g), synthetic round brushes № 1, 3, 5 and 7, a palette of watercolor paints, a graphic pencil and a soft eraser.

Editing!!! apparently I inaccurately translated the terms of the contest and missed one important point, where - The works must marked with your own names. I now put my name on my drawing and took the appropriate photo.

DSC04149 (2).JPG

I would be interested to hear Your opinion :)) Thank you if You took the time to see it. I'll see you soon...


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Thanks for resteem :))

Simply lovely, my talented friend!

Thanks, Melinda!!!

I think I like your watercolor version better than the actual photo :) ... but I absolutely love the softness of watercolor compared to oil or acrylic! Beautiful work @madlenfox.

Thank you to @vibesforlife for featuring your post in her Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry :)

Oh! that's a big compliment for me, @lynncoyle1 ! In fact, I have not tried any oil or acrylic. I am still at the very beginning of my journey and watercolor technique is the first thing I started with. I am also more attracted to the smoothness and softness of techniques such as pastel and watercolor. Well, I think that it will be necessary to try everything to determine your vision and direction in painting. Thank you for taking the time to visit :)

Do I need to tell you I like your painting ideas?, no you already know.
Two words: perspective and proportions.
You work very nicely the colors, relax just paint wat is in your mind don’t let you go by stress, you got an artist soul I’m quite sure of this, let it flow.
Big hugs

thank you, my friend, that You are honest, objective and always there :))


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What awesome work! I love how you shared your process and the original photo.

I found you today because @vibesforlife featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, @viking-ventures ! It's very nice to see so much support from the community here. It gives me a lot of motivation. I'm glad you were interested to see my work :)) I wish You a nice weekend ahead!

Oh! thank you for telling me that! I'm so distracted, I lost sight of this important point in the contest, But now I've fixed it. :)

When I saw the first pic I find it to be real..but later I relaised it is actually a painting

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my drawing turned out a little brighter than in the photo, but probably it was influenced by my pleasant memories from that trip. Thank you, @steemflow, for paying attention to my work :))

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Very nice to get this delicious cake from You :)). Thank you for your attention and support from all Your team!

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@Art-venture Contest 50 Steem in the Winner Pot :-)

Very pleased that once again my drawing in the magazine Art-venture! It is very honorable for me :)) . Thank you!

wow madlen what a lovely painting, totally justice to the picture you clicked last year :):)

thank you, @vibesforlife ! So nice to get Your comment. I'm glad my drawings are getting some attention here.
I thank You for your visit and wish you a pleasant weekend ahead :))

yeah lots of good attention to your good drawings, Have a great weekend :):):)

вот умеют же люди рисовать)) я вам немного завидую))
Очень хорошо получилось)

Привет, @bambuka ! я могу сказать тоже самое про Ваши фотографии :))
sorry за поздний ответ - время отпусков сказывается :))

ПРивет, @madlenfox, согласен, лето приятнее проводить в реале. В лесу, на берегу, у костра. Сам быват выпадаю из сети вообще. У меня телефон только для звонков)))

та же история ... поэтому желаю Вам приятных выходных :))

да, это взаимно)) хорошо бы выбраться... ))

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