ArtVenture: Twilight.

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Hello how are you?

Today I am here to present a drawing that makes me feel happy, it is a seascape with twilight. I like to contemplate the twilights, and the sea is perfect, because their colors are reflected with more intensity.
With this drawing I want to participate in the great contest called "Seascape", organized by @stef1 and @myskye on behalf of the project @Art-venture.

If you want to participate in the contest, here is the link:

IMG 2.png

Technical information.

  • Materials I used:
    Colored School Pencils: Faber Castell, Solita and Kores.
    Sheet of thread white color: Dimensions 27,94cmx21,59cm.
    Graphite pencil HB.
  • Total time to do the work:
    Approximately 8 hours.
  • Photography:
    For the photos I used a samsung galaxy s3 mini gt-i8190.

IMG 1.png

Drawing process:

Step 1: Making the sketch, I used HB graphite pencil.


Step 2: Painting of the sky, to generate the great color of the sky, I used blue color, vileta, orange and yellow.


Step 3: As the color of the sky is reflected in the sea, I used the same colored pencils.


Step 4: To finish, I painted the boat and made the shadow in the water.


Original Image


Copyright @francisftlp -All Rights Reserved

IMG 1.png

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you like the drawing.

Until next time!

Blessings, kisses and hugs.



Todo una belleza ese paisaje, hermoso trabajo @francisftlp!!! <3

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Muy linda obra de arte, me gusta mucho el contraste de colores que usaste, ademas que relaja al ver la imagen. Que Dios bendiga tus manos y te ayude a dar mucho amor en el arte, mucha creatividad y en una sola pieza.


Hola muchas gracias, gracias por esos deseos tan bonitos, Dios te bendiga a ti también.
Un abrazo fuerte.

It's funny ... to draw a copy of the photo and write All Rights Reserved

Oh, I'm sorry if I offended him with that, I put it in that way is to say that I did the drawing, and so that other people do not take the drawing and say they did it.

You use someone's photo without permission. So why wouldn't anyone say that he drew this drawing?

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Thank you very much, <3

waoo is beautiful and in an oval, I remind you that you must place the link in the comment section of the contest. I hope you win.

Hello, thank you very much, and if I already placed it in the comments.
I hope so. Auque just by participating I am happy, thank you for your good wishes.

Very beautiful drawing, @francisftlp :) I think you reproduced the original photo and added a bit more romance into it with your colours :)

Hey how are you?
I'm glad you liked it, and those colors will always give the touch of romance, they're so beautiful, I love those colors.
A hug, thanks for commenting.

I caught a bit of a cough, but I'm okay. How is Francis? :)

Cough? It's horrible to be like that.
I'm fine, and how was the spider-man movie?

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