Pennsif's Sustainability Curation Digest for MSP - week ending 10 June 2018

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Second week on the job as Sustainability Curator for the Minnow Support Project and I'm definitely getting my feet under the table.

I've been on the lookout throughout the past week for sustainability related gems and I sure have found some great posts to feature in this digest.

The plan to interweave this curation process with finding guests for my Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio also worked out super well.

@buzz.lightyear who was among my five curated authors last week was on the show on Friday and gave a great interview about this EMPOWER project.

@alexa.janell unfortunately couldn't make it on to Friday's show but is scheduled to come on in the next week or two.

A couple of the other curated authors are also looking at coming on future shows.

So I have high hopes for this week's curation choices.

The Five that made it ... the Picks of the Week

Empowering Ourselves By Building Food Security by @walkerland

I was collecting potential posts all through the week for this curation digest and I was surprised by the end of the week that I had actually added four posts from @walkerland to the shortlist.

As a prepper myself, food security is a big thing, so of @walkerland's four posts on my list this one just edged home to become one of my five picks of the week.

If bad times come how long would your food stocks last? Check out @walkerland's post to learn about improving your food security...

How to Bottle and Brew Kombucha at Home by @rakkasan84

I am a keen follower of the Way of the Ferment, and I like to keep my microbiome happy with the likes of kefir and sauerkraut.

I haven't yet ventured into making Kombucha so this post caught my eye.

If you want to learn to love the SCOBY take a read of @rakkasan84's post...

Bugging Out – Why Bother? PART 1 by @preppervetuk

Prepping and bugging out might be considered to be on the edge of the sustainability remit, but to be truly sustainable you need to be prepared for every eventuality.

If you want to see if you need a bugging out plan take a look at @preppervetuk's post...

Making AirCrete For The First Time. Alternative Building Material! by @basicstoliving

AirCrete is something new to me, but it seems it is a less environmentally impactful building material than traditional concrete. And it's cheaper too.

@basicstoliving's post will tell you more...

My first time having Alligator : An Alligator Sauce Piquant over Rice by @armadillocreek

This is definitely the curve ball in the frying pan.

Even though I am currently chomping at the door of veganism I couldn't resist this one. I am guessing alligators aren't yet factory farmed so it is worth exploring different forms of protein if you are a meat eater.

Go take a bite out of this post...

The Five that didn't quite ... the Honorable Mentions

During the week I shortlisted more than a dozen posts in total. Aside from the five that made it into the top picks of the week, these are another five that were close, but not quite close enough.

They are all definitely worth a read and a vote for good measure...

I will be on the lookout now for posts to include in this weekly Sustainability Curation Digest.

I am also always seeking out new guests for the Alternative Lifestyle Show that I host on MSP Waves Radio every Friday.

If you haven't listened to the show before you can hear last week's episode here :

If you are interesting in coming on the show, or if you have suggestions for suitable posts for this digest, feel free to comment below, or contact me on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

I also run a charitable giving project called A Dollar A Day - you can read more about that here :

I am looking for more projects to support with that and I am particularly interested in finding some sustainability / renewables related projects.

The Minnow Support Project has multiple curators that pick five posts from under-valued minnows each week to highlight through MSP3k. This way MSP and PAL can promote new writers and content creators on Steemit, and in effect reward them for doing a superior job.

[ images from @pennsif, @walkerland, @rakkasan84 ]


Thanks for highlighting my post! Hope everyone can learn something from these posts I am doing on AirCrete.

I had not come across aircrete before so I found it very interesting. Thank you for posting.

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Try it with a Maibock next time!

These are great choices and you're doing a fantastic job! Love all the tips!

Your post is featured in my Preppers' Curation Day- Weekly Edition 15 post today as bonus post!

Wow thank you @pennsif!!! Just notices the honorable mension. It's been a tough week, we want to build so many things, but we have to keep up with not having running water or a proper electrical system.

Awesome, thanks again 😁