Bugging Out – Why Bother? PART 1

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Why would I ever bug out? That's just for cooky preppers right? Wrong! Whatever term you use, at the end of the day it's evacuation and relocation! Prepper or not, your survival may depend on it.

Reasons to bug out will include events, such as:

Flood | Fire | Tsunami | Toxic Contamination | Sink-Hole | Hurricane | Volcanic Eruption

The scenario may even include long-term events such as impending civil war. Either way, they may all render your house destroyed, un-liveable or too hazardous to stay in. Is it worth staying if your life is in danger or there is no future prospects? Those who will struggle to get out may have limited options - Examples include those who are less mobile (hospitalised), those with disabilities, who have multiple or large pets or people who cannot even drive a vehicle.


Have A Plan - At the basic level, your plan may involve just going to a family or friends house until you organise yourself some alternative accommodation, wait until the situation improves or the storm has passed. At least you are safe! Without a plan you will panic and make rash decisions.


When To Go - The big question! You should evaluate your situation and monitor the likely or foreseeable threats to your location. The decision to Bug Out will not be taken lightly, after all, your entire life achievements and investments may well have been put into your location. Sentimentality will be a key factor, but when it's no longer viable to stay, you may ultimately have two choices - GO or DIE. The decision to stay and 'Brass-It-Out' may not be such a good idea, particularly during a War related situation unless you are FULLY competent in many aspects of combat / self preservation. This will include Medical treatment / Food procurement / Water processing and Defence! I would suggest that even a trained military unit may struggle to defend itself without mutual support and a good logistical re-supply chain. You may even be thrust into a medieval castle – starve-out situation where movement beyond your residence will not be feasible.


Where To Go - You start to think about formulating your plan, but where do you go?

Friends house | Family/Relations house | Rented Accommodation | Hotel/Motel/B&B
FEMA Camp | Hostel | Abroad | Bunker | Boat | Woods | Community Centre | Church

Each will have its advantages and disadvantages and will offer differing durations of stay. The ideal Bug Out location, will be fully stocked, with enough supplies and contingencies to enable you and your group to live and thrive until the scenario was over. You may even want to break down your extraction plan into two locations – An Immediate Emergency Muster Point, followed by transition onto your longer term location.
A fully stocked location will be an intensive, time-consuming task and may incur a significant financial burden. As always, it's a balance and will depend on the scenario and expected duration!


Methods Of Travel – Wether it be Private jet, Helicopter, Boat, Car, Motorcycle, donkey or foot, does it really matter? Not really, so long as it achieves your aim, gets you out of the threat zone and on to your alternate location! Whatever your method of travel, always try to incorporate back-ups.


My Bug Out Location (BOL) is NOT where I currently live and never will be, it is always somewhere else!
In fact I always have at least two BOLs. One in the immediate vicinity, that I can immediately get to should the situation be drastic to life. = Within a short distance (Emergency Rendezvous Point (ERV)) just like a Muster station on a ship or an emergency Fire rally point.
Second, I have an alternate location which I can get to and temporarily live until I gather myself, take stock of what has happened and organise myself for re-habitation etc.
Should the event be area-wide, maybe even on a global scale (MASS pandemic/SHTF), the first option would always be to stay / Bug-In... Again, until my residence is no longer viable or liveable. If I have to leave then my i'll grab My bug out bag and go to INCH mode and extract to a secure or alternate location.
INCH – I'm Not Coming Home

Most people have the vision of packing up your gear quickly and heading out into the woods.... Not this call-sign...I'm gonna grab my two bags, jump in the car and drive to the parents house....

So what's my point? In the military, we used to always have the contingency to Bug-Out... From where? Our current location! Carrying only essential survival / ammo / food / water / rescue gear for a self sustained minimal time-frame of at least 72hrs.
The key issue is to have a plan and know when to get out! Staying for just a fraction too long will result in misery, pain and even death. I'm not saying 'run to your Bug Out location at every sign of danger. What I am saying is, if you only intend to stay (Bug-In) you are severely minimising your survivability options.

Next time I hear someone say "oh I don't have a bug out plan, that's for the urbanites" my response = Well then - GO or DIE!


Questions Comments or Thoughts?


Hello! My mom and I found your post and mentioned you in the #payitforward contest.

We wrote how this is really helpful to everyone. Few days ago we watched the videos about the volcano in Guatemala erupting and maybe if more people are ready like you, there wouldn't be so many people they need to rescue.

Thank you.
Yes, simple measures and pre-planning can go a long way. We don't all have to be Gun hoarding preppers to survive disaster. Whatever the threats in your area, think about them. Have a simple plan and contingency as to 'what to do' - Just in case.
At the end of the day its all about community and clubbing together.

Thank you for mentioning me in the #payitforward contest. I am flattered you found my post informative and great...

Thanks for the comment - If you have any requests about future videos or articles, no matter how trivial, then comment and i will consider it.

You're welcome! My mom @lovenfreedom and I liked your posts. We're in YT too.

What do you do for bugs that's not DEET?

I try and keep covered - lightweight gloves in Summer, full length sleeves and a mosquito / midge net if it is that bad....
I avoid chemicals as much as possible.... although citronella does work well...

We do have citronella so that should be good then.

Yeah, my mom makes us wear long sleeves even when it's hot outside. We just have ticks and mosquitoes and she doesn't like us to get bit. We can have some cool bandanas for the heat.

This is some fantastic advice! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @futurefarmers. Congratulations.

Thanks Energyaddict22.... appreciate you took the time to come over.

Absolutely wonderful post. The thoughts of 'this won't happen to me' are so common these days. More and more this is something we all should be taking part in. Thank you on such a good checklist to follow.

This is just a small sliver of considerations. Getting Out into safety has got to be a mindset. As i indicated, the decision 'when to go' is one of the biggest factors too. No point extracting to a friends house if you are gonna be caught up in hours n hours of traffic, only to be consumed by the threat....
Anyway. . . . . . Stay safe @Tryskele and take care of yourself..

It sounds crazy I live in a 'bowl' there are really only 3 ways in and out of the valley. We're about halfway in between Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT Kind of rural, but there are still 100k people in the valley. So, I have thought about the where to go, everyone tells me I'm the goto spot LOL.

I am one of those. I would rather err on the side of caution. Not going at the very first sign but it things were taking a turn or the warnings were there. I would leave. Waiting to the last minute being in chaos is not an option for me. I think those that put property and things before life are a bit silly and only asking for more problems.

And likewise. :)

Very true....
Always remember - Your bug out location is never where you currently are.

Thanks Richard...

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Having a plan; whether to bug in or bug out is so important and what's even more important is to ACT it out. Play out the scenario then actually do the bug out/in plan.

Being able to successfully implement the plan is so key.

Absolutely right, never a true word spoken.... a point i will raise in following parts.
Thanks for reading/watching GD

GO or DIE! That's a bitch-slap of truth right there.

Also, can consider the duration. For example in Ukraine, when war started, they evacuated to west Ukraine. Had 3 months vacation, money ended. Summer was almost gone. So, people were forced Back to the war zone. Because they had no other choice. Something to think about.

Great valid point man... Thanks for the input. Yeah it's a tenuous situation, but the lesser of two evils.

Great post. Hope many take it to heart. "whether it's evacuation or relocation" is so true! Be prepared people.

@futurefarmers featured you in the Pay it forward curation contest for week 10 . That is what brought me to your post

Some sound advice .

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Many thanks Pennsif...

You are welcome.


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Many thanks Goldendawne.... Appreciate it.

Great post @preppervetuk - gotta be prepared for the unplanned disasters - things usually do work out much better when thought out ahead of time. You're really not a big fan of camping in the woods it seems.. maybe a cabin in the woods ? :)

Aaah NO.... I am a fan of camping in the woods, but i would NEVER bug out to the woods... Yeah a cabin full of goodies, a little plot of land and some fishing by the sea, that would do me.

Good advice for everyone! Things can and do change quickly. Being prepared can save your life and your loved ones.

Absolutely right...
Wonder how long people think they can survive in the Woods after their food has run out...