Preppers' Curation Day- Weekly Edition 15

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Prepping Curation

There are many posts and curation pages displaying a wide array of topics, but yet have I discovered one solely dedicated to prepping, preppers and survival; and if there was one before I have not seen an update in months. So, in my endeavors to curate more topics under the main umbrella of homesteading, self-reliance, off-grid living and more, I will be doing a weekly post every Monday dedicated to preppers.

Topics I will be searching for include (but not restricted to):

  • Prepping
  • Survival
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-sustainability
  • Bushcrafting
  • Food prepping
  • Protection (of home, family and possessions)
  • DIY Health
  • 2nd Amendment concerns
  • Gear and supplies
  • Skills & DIY Instructions

Now keeping in mind these posts will be written by other steemians, considered good quality and not plagiarized.

When I find new posts in the above mentioned topics that meet criteria I desire the posts to have, I will post in upcoming Preppers Curation Day Weekly Editions and let the author know of the sharing and curation.

I will be looking through the Preppers Discord group and channels and taking recommendations from fellow preppers in the same group and community.


Bugging Out – Why Bother? PART 1 by @preppervetuk

Why would I ever bug out? That's just for cooky preppers right? Wrong! Whatever term you use, at the end of the day it's evacuation and relocation! Prepper or not, your survival may depend on it... The scenario may even include long-term events such as impending civil war. Either way, they may all render your house destroyed, un-liveable or too hazardous to stay in. Is it worth staying if your life is in danger or there is no future prospects?

Don't Know If the Flu Vaccines Work? That's OK, Neither Do the Manufacturers! by @ura-soul

Funny how so many are convinced that vaccines are essential for health - when in reality there have never been ANY properly controlled trials for major vaccines... Disgustingly, the justification given for the lack of proper SCIENCE regarding vaccines is that it would be unethical to do proper studies where some were not vaccinated.. because.. wait for it... some people would get sick due to not having the vaccines! Amazing! So they have decided that the vaccines work without scientifically sound testing and then use this imagined outcome as justification for not doing the testing!

Off-Grid: Berkey Water Filter and a Full 1000 Gallon Cistern of Drinking Water by @jackdub

The drinking and cooking water at our off-grid cabin is filtered through the gravity fed Berkey water filter. Many homesteaders and preppers know Berkey water filters for their high quality and ease of use. Our bulk drinking and cooking water is stored in an underground 1000 gallon cistern at the top of the valley where we will be building our house over the next two summers

ALL earnings from this post will be divided up among the authors. Curating is for the people featured and it is my privilege to share some new steemians, their work and creativity with my following. The earnings will be divided up equally at the time/day of payout. Thank you for being a part of my curation post(s).


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Nice selections! That Vaccine article is gold just for the insert picture alone.