Compact Survival Fishing Kit 🎣 [Survival Article]

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This is my second attempt in writing this article, I wrote the article and realised I am writing about how to fish and not the Compact Survival Fishing Kit, like I set out to do. Then I though for a moment, my audience is highly skilled people, most of them are skilled in this area as much as me, if not more. If you do want to see that article about how to fish, let me know in comments.


As for this article, I presume you know how to use modern equipment and have used it sucessfuly.

At this point, it's not magic. It's just scaling down. We remove rod and the reel. Take bare minimum of hooks, line and sinkers. Add a bobber and screw loop. And we have Compact survival fishing kit.


You could go without the screw loop, just to tie the line to end of the large stick. But screw loop allows you to throw the bober with hook further from shore. That has been necessary in most of my fishing experience.
It's not perfect. But it works. You can make it work!


Screw loop can be easily screwed into wood by hand and if needed unscrewed once your done. (just make sure the loop is properly closed so the line does not escape.


Few hooks, smaller ones prefarably. Maybe one bigger one if you feel confident that there is such fish at the place you're fishing. Small hook will catch big fish aswell.


How long the line should be? Let's say 4 times the lenght of the stick. Has to be enough to reach the place of fishing. Can have 2 sets of line. Just in case you snag it behind a root or some tough vegetation and brake the line while trying to pull it out.


Any bobber you like. Simple plastic ones are light and bright colored. Easy to see.
And as much weights as it needs to hold the bobber standing in water.

Thats pretty much it.


  • You screw the screw loop at the end of the stick (make sure it's studry stick and won't brake easily) run your line through it.

  • Can tie the end of the line to your stick, so it does not fly off with the bobber once you swing it to throw.

  • On the other end, slide the bobber on, or tie it, depends on the bobber.

  • Tie the hook.

  • Add the weights and you're good to go.

Hold the line with your hand and let go as you swing. Easy. :)

Also, don't forget the bait!


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