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Share Your Favorite Local Cheap & Cheerful Dishes

SteemKitchen is a global community with members from all over this wonderful planet, focussing on food and local dishes.

The Contest

We want to hear about your favourite cheap and cheerful dish. The one you make from pantry staples and just blow your family and friends away with.

Tell Us About Your Dish:

๐ŸŒŸ Where is it from? Is it a local dish, or were you inspired to make it on your most recent trip?
๐ŸŒŸ Where did you get the recipe? Is it something you invented, or was it passed down through generations of your family?
๐ŸŒŸ Cost: Also, please tell us the cost to make the dish in steem dollars.

A Few Tips :

  • Start your post with a picture of the final product.
  • Add a detailed description.
  • Add the prep time, cooking time and serving size.
  • Add a bullet list of ingredients and quantities.
  • Add a numbered list of instructions and include photos if possible.
  • Add a closing paragraph to thank your readers and maybe include why you love this recipe.

Rules :

โœ… The deadline for entries is next Tuesday at 10am UTC.

โœ… Resteem this post.

โœ… Upvote this post

โœ… NB!!! PHOTO PROOF OF ORIGINALITY: Ensure that at least one of the photos of your dish has a card with the date and your username, like this:


โœ… Your first tag must be #steemkitchen.

โœ… Leave us a comment below with the link to your post into the comments of this post.

โœ… Your post title must start with the words "SteemKitchen Contest #1", ie; SteemKitchen Contest #1 - Cheap and Cheerful - Toasted Cheese Sandwich

The Prize :

As this is our first contest post, the prize for this week's contest will be ALL the liquid rewards from this post's payout. Yes! 100% liquid rewards. That means that if this post goes to the moon, you could win the liquid rewards of that!

PLUS! In addition to the liquid rewards there is a whopping 10 Steem to our weekly winner.

๐Ÿ˜Ž Sponsors ๐Ÿ˜Ž :

We are proud and very thankful for our contest sponsors

@adsactly-witness has come on board to give the contest post a good start for the liquid rewards.

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Witness proposal is here:

Witness Proposal

If you like what we are doing here in SteemKitchen and would like to support our curation efforts, please consider delegating to our community account. Any amount would be very much appreciated.

Here are simple links to delegate using steemconnect if you are able to. Every cent counts, and we appreciate every little bit!

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For tips and help with this challenge, pop into our Discord server here

Hope you have lotsa fun!!!!



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The standards have been set. Another great post !!

This looks great @avizor, good luck!

Hi everyone, here is my Cheap & Cheerful Sausage Pot
Good luck with your entries :)

After so many mishaps, here I am with my participation in this delicious contest

What a awesome Comp, good luck to everyone who enters.

and here is my entry! late as usual (don't fire me!)

CLICK HERE to read.

@heelsandmuffins i think you should enter this one ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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I have a question: I post via WordPress which means that by default, the first tag is #steempress Please advise? Thanks

All is good. Just use the tag anywhere girl๐Ÿ˜œ

I definitely believe that I will encourage you to compete, this looks very good!

from already I encourage myself to participate

@steemkitchen esta es una excelente idea para enseรฑarles a todo el mundo nuestras costumbres y compartirlas con ustedes un apoyo @100%

Nice to see you're back @steemkitchen, look forward to seeing the entries:)

Wooot! Exciting!
Looking forward to see the entries

Let the games and eating begin!