SteemKitchen Contest #1 - Venezuelan Creole pavilion.

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¡Hello, hello my beautiful people!

The recipe that I show you today, I prepared for a contest that SteemKitchen is doing on some local dishes and in this way to make known the customs of your region or country.

Where is it from?

The pabellón criollo is a typical dish of our Venezuelan gastronomy, and it is recognized as one of the national dishes. The pavilion has shredded meat, white rice, fried plantain and fried black beans.

Where did you get the recipe?

I learned this recipe to prepare it from my mom, but it comes from generation to generation because it is one of the typical dishes of our country, and in all the Venezuelan states they prepare it.


The general cost of this dish is 8 steem for a total of 6 food rations.

  • Level of Difficulty: Medium
  • Time of Preparation: 1 hour
  • Rice Cook Time: 15 Minutes
  • Cooking time of the roasted meat: 35 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Performance: 6 servings

In the time of preparation we slice the meat and cook the black beans.


½ kilo of cooked black beans

½ kilo of beef skirt

½ onion

½ paprika

1 tomato

2 tablespoons garlic sauce

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 tablespoon of dressing

2 tablespoons of marinade

2 bananas

2 cups of rice


The Creole pavilion needs 4 separate preparations, by joining them form a rich and delicious dish full of different flavors. We parboil the meat, it shreds and we cook the black beans. Reserve.
Chop all the vegetables in squares and fry them to prepare the meat, add the soy sauce, the dressing, the garlic sauce, the marinade and move very well until all the ingredients are integrated.

Add the shredded meat, move to join it to the vegetables, place 2 cups of water, rectify the seasoning, cover and let it cook until dry. We reserve

Now we cook the rice, put in a pot the two cups of rice with four cups of water, we put a piece of paprika, onion and salt to taste, let cook for 15 minutes.

Touch fry the black beans, if you want you can add a touch of sugar, move from time to time so they do not stick, when they are dry we turn them off.

Finally fry the bananas and ready we can serve our pavilion, a delight for the palate of Venezuelans. Enjoy your meal!

I thank all the people who dedicate a bit of their time to read my post and leave those messages of encouragement, that every day make it improve and grow on this platform.
I love preparing this dish and I enjoy it very much, it brings me very nice memories of my childhood, my mom always prepared it, besides being one of the typical dishes of our Venezuelan gastronomy, it is DELICIOUS...

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked it. Greetings and until the next one.

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How rich the Venezuelan pavilion. regards


It's a delight, thanks, regards.

Thank you for your entry to The contest... Looking forward to see the winner tomorow


Thanks, good luck to everyone.