Is getting a degree A MUST?

That night, we discussed about the sumptuous dishes when we were coming back from Shunde cuisine restaurant. (Shunde is actually a traditional Chinese cuisine in Shunde district, in Foshan in Guangdong province.) We came out with the one of the million questions: Why should we waste about 20 years in our life in school if we can just earn money with skills? Yes that is very true. Isn't it an old school thinking? o.O

Ever since we were young, we have been told to study hard and get a degree cert to have a better life. But we were too young to underdeveloped critical thinking skills.

We can just pick up any useful skills through on job training such as car repairing, cooking, barista, hair cutting, make up and many others, whichever your heart wants. Not only these, grab car driving, blogging, freelance writing, private tutoring, property marketing and a lot more which will never starve yourself and do not need a degree cert as entry. Obviously, the chance is there if you are a flexible and creative person!

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Why should we go for the ordinary path, university to complete the lengthy and pricey degree course?

Is it because we are timid so we choose to go for the most conservative side? Or is it because of the pressure or dreams of parents? This is a deep question. Why should we go to university? The common answer is because degree cert makes you a level higher than others after graduation, and people said you will earn more money with your degree cert. But I doubt the latter part. And, most of the successful people do not finish their tertiary education but they are the most influential people in the world.

You are not necessary earn more than non-degree person, on top of it you might need to pay back the huge study loan, and you work for others because you come out as fresh and inexperienced! And the worst is, some of them do not have passion on the course, they will most probably end up in working in another field or still searching for their passion after graduation!

"Because mama asked me to go for the course. Nehh, I just study for the sake of parents!"

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So, will you let your kids to pursue their passion? Let say esports which is a very hot issue in this technology savvy generation. It is a form of competition using video games. Most of the players are from age below 26 according to demographic, and a few of professional players actually use it to earn for living by winning the prize alone. With the remarkable rise of esports, industries such as financial, education and sports grab the chances to outgrow their business by investing into it. For examples dota school, skill certification and esports class in highschool. Dota degree course is on the rise especially in Asean countries, scholarship is provided just like the mainstream degree course. By noticing the potential talent and uprising trend in this gaming industry, the first esports academy was out in Malaysia since 2017. Indeed, I have a different look on gaming after reading the above views from the world.

Now, let's come back to the question, how should we respond to kid's passion on esports (or any other skills that able to earn for living)?

"I can be a millionaire in esports by doing what I am good at and what I like, so why do you want me to study in university to earn a professional degree?"

"Dear my lovely child, you know your parents love you so much. We surely wish you could do what you love. But you need to know the consequences on the decision and path you choose, and you are the one who is going to bear the responsibilities later on. We, as parents, only guide and advise you, but we could not walk your life. Well, you need not to go to university to earn a degree like others but take some time to explore different things in life, enrich your life experiences and perspectives to look at things, those are valuable and irreplaceable. You might think we oppose and disrespect your decision, and you know we do not mean that, we just want you to take a deeper look. And remember always have a backup plan."

Yea, be flexible and creative in choosing your life career. Find your passion and do what you love!

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Hope you enjoy reading my post! Have a great weekend ahead:)

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I am a perfect example I went to college and graduated with a BS in Geology, worked as a geologist for less than two years then went to work for my father in construction, twenty years later I own my father's company with my sister and am quite successful. So I tell my kids collage should be used as a tool to be used to gain a certification if it is required for the job you want.


Awesome :) Thank you for sharing. Yea skills can be earned through experiences as well, for example those bangladesh worker on construction site they are more skillful than the boss in hands on. If you are referring to the management skills, plenty of short courses out there that add values to yourself.

I am not a product of university
I just never liked studying and I was clear about it from after STPM and I am blessed to have parents, even though they encouraged me to, because back in the day that worked, they actually sent me to KL to become a DJ... crazy right? Bless them
As for my kids, it all depends on what they want to do... if what they want to do requires the traditional Uni plus plus, then yes
And not all have decided the path of typical white collar and they are still young
But I do expect them to study, I expect them to do their best because that really boils down to attitude
And the Key Factor to success is the right attitude


Yea agree with you. If they want to be a professional then degree is needed. Study and reading helps in cultivating the attitude that's very true.

We always joke on things like these...

"What to do after graduating?"
"Sell Char Kuey Tiao at the roadside while holding a computer science degree certificate"

It's quite interesting to think of it when some people went for jobs that were not even related to their field of study. I even have a friend that once said that she wants to open a café after she got her masters in Biology (or something like that)... Not sure if she's joking, but that's totally possible.

For me, getting a degree is just something that can help you with finding a job, and the field of study may not need to be related to the job you are applying, it's just a qualification that "you have a degree certificate" and most of the times it's just like that. Attitude and passion plays a larger role in the long term, and it's the real key to success, however you define it.

Nice post, looking forward to more :)

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Yea indeed getting a degree is just a prove that you can excel in study, that's all. Thank you for expressing your thoughts! Sure. I'm squeezing my brain to write post connected to our life.

I waited a long time before I went back to school (while working full-time in the military). Why? Simply for the challenge and the learning.

And that's probably why I enjoyed it much better at a much older age.

Nice post.

Namaste, Jaichai


Yea indeed, we need time to find out what do we like before we pursue it straight away to uni.

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A question that should be discuss not only among parents but also with the kids. Having to go to school, is a privilege and it should be celebrated. Not only the kids can gain systematically structured knowledge as a basic but most importantly to be able to social with other kids.


Yes, going to school is a blessing to earn knowledge and the biggest bonus is to build soft skills with their friends. But the focus here is about the tertiary education.


Yup, even in tertiary it still applies when we talk about softskill. Yet, our edu system does not train us to think critically and enable us to ask ourselves what we really wanna do with our lives.

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