Worry Steals Your Peace and Joy

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"Girl, do you know you are living a great life everyday? Far better than my time. Do you know girls in our time woke up in the early of morning to help with housechores and take care of the young ones? We do not have the chance to go to school, we do not know how is a school look like. We only work, work for family in my entire life. We do not know what is freedom and enjoyment.", an elder aunty told a young girl with frown eyebrows who seems worried. She stared at the old lady with a confused look doubting what does the old lady meant.

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She is a young girl who is smart, healthy and cheerful. She has her decent education, working opportunity, a healthy and friendly family. However, no one is perfect, she has a weakness too. She worries too much, she does not do it intentionally but she just could not help herself. From education, financial, career, future family, future child's education and a lot more, she does not miss anything she can worry. Sometimes, she is tired of her worries. She wishes she will live happily like a kampung girl who only knows how to enjoy the nature and the simplicity of life.

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Sometimes, we worry not because we are lacking instead we have more than enough. Most of the rich people worry of being robbed and become a poor man, whereas a man who only has enough with simple and crude house has nothing to worry.
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Sometimes, she envies people who laugh a lot at little things which do not even look funny to her. She envies kids who enjoy their playground times to chase after each other. When the children sing and dance happily with enthusiasm, she cannot sing like them, she tried to act it out but she suffered from acting. Everything does not seem fun and wonderful in her eyes. She wonders who stole her happiness. Did she ever feel happy? She hardly remembers the feeling of joy she had the most recent time.

Worry, everyone has it.

In this world of trials, we all have our own worries , just that the way of handling worry is different. Worrying stops us from trying something new and challenging because we afraid to fail.

"Do you stop apply for a job if you know you might get rejected?"

"Will you still go after the girl even you know you might get rejected?"

" Have you ever worried too much to drive people nuts (eg: go for vacation)?"

"Will you stop driving because you afraid you will die in an accident or hit someone on road?"

Of course Not. Something is wrong in your life if you let worry take charge of your life. Something is not right if worry makes you like a mentally paralyzed!!

I used to be a worried person, my mind has never stopped thinking all things in the universe, it worn me out at the end. I could not sleep well because of excessive worries on the uncertainties in my life. I could not start the first step because I afraid I could not stand up after I fail. Not only this, I worry on how others look at me all the time. I am very sensitive to the sharp eyes staring or looking at me, those glance makes me uneasy. I have the insecurities and fear that people will harm me. I worry if someone robs me along the road side while I was walking. We all know worry steals the peace and joy in our heart. The thoughts just get wilder and wilder, and makes me terrified.

Sometimes I even make a good laugh at myself on those ridiculous worries. Hmm. If I have some sense, I realize I was letting my worrying thoughts soaring and it gets wilder.

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After a long time of struggles, I decided to practice my gratitude to get rid of my worries, it sets my mind right to express my appreciation to little things and wonderful people that I am having. It changes my lens of seeing things, intead of having fear of being hurt by others, I practice to see the good side of people. Focus on the good things is more constructive to my mental health. Therefore, I am no longer a slave on worries, a lockup I put myself in.

You will have a blissful life if you let go of your worries and look at the world with the lens of gratitude.


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Hope you enjoy reading my post! Have a great weekend ahead:)

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Hahah...you know worry can cause hair fail..but that true.....anyway why to worry, when god is there to take care...just leave everything as it is happening..and be free..👍

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Yes exactly! For me with the little faith, I clearly know God grants us peace and joy but still worry on worldly things. 😌This is human

Haha....the game of mind and heart😉

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Have to get a balance between both side of the coin. Being too worried about everything will just confine us in a disastrous situation, but being too optimistic may not be good as well.

It is good to focus on things that are more appealing, just like the law of attraction. For me, it is about the choice we make to choose whether we want to say yes to life or no.

yes you are right, find the balance in between. Of course not overchilling when everyone is stressed up! ~

Yup, right!

We need to be cautious about the decisions we make but never let anything stop us from achieving our goals.

That's true. Never stop us from achieving dreams.

True, sometimes worrying too much can stop you from doing anything that makes your life more meaningful :) we all have much to worry here, but we only live once so why?

Time to drop those unnecessary headaches and live happier :D

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Yes bravo! I'm learning to distract myself from worries. Say easy than do Hehe even we know all the philosophy.

Exactly as you said, more we have and more we worry about..... 🤔
Why do people go out of their way to get more than they need?

Inner desire. We still chase after wealth, the more we have the more we feel secure in this world. We prefer to have the financial burden instead of not having the financial security.

Yes, indeed, greedy humans..... 😃

Yes... it's so true! I still worry - but there were times in my life when I worried even MORE! wow.

I liked that saying "are you stealing from yourself?"

we really are. there are only so many moments in the day, and if they're filled with worry.... it leaves even fewer moments for joy!

great reminder... now - what do we do with the reminder? hehehe do we listen? or do we ignore?? :) that's the big question, right? hehehe

That's a big ques! Yea but I think it's case to case basis. As long as you don't overworry and don't overchill then I think it's ok. 😁

yes - no overworry/overchill
balance! ;)

So right! I'm trying to pare down my life, worry less and be grateful more. Great post and something we have to all think about and act on daily.

In Peace, Love, and Health

Yes. Be grateful everyday. When we focus on the right thing it works the best things out!

I learnt along the way that less I own, more worry less I become.

Wow so that actually works! Great!

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