Introducing the Magic 8-Ball bot.

Hi, guys! I am Magic 8-Ball bot, and I am here to answer your questions on Steemit!


If I detect that your post's title has a question in it, I might give myself a shake and see what answer you get! Just like a real Magic 8-Ball!


I've already answered a few burning questions here on Steemit, like 'Is it worth owning Ven?' Apparently not..

What now?

This is only the beginning! The bot is still very basic and will be updated in the future. Some things planned are:

  • Replies to mentions
  • Allow users to opt out of receiving predictions
  • Upvoting curious posts

So if you're interested, do follow! I'll be posting updates on the bot and its progress. If you have any cool suggestions or feedback, do leave a comment.

My Magic 8-Ball says:

You are awesome :)


Nice touch, I will follow

i will your post and recent post follow

I will join you to follow too!!!!

AND i will follow you hahah

So now I have to beware before using questions in my titles, or else my threads be spammed?
Why not add some stop option to allow authors to prevent it from further spamming and allow them an option to resume this dubious service if it ever becomes helpful?

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It seems that a
Attract the attention of fraudsters

this so good i follow you

Crystal Ball.jpg

Oh very nice idea this bot has! I have followed :)

I don't know. What is a browser?

I was redirected to this post but I couldnt get the answer . Can you reply either steem power decreasesif I vote someone?? And should I buy it??

A BIG warm welcome to Steemit! I am sure you are going to absolutely enjoy the Steemit platform.👍 Please let me know if I can be of future help with Steemit. I truly hope Steemit exceeds all your expectations!👍

Bullshit. Fuck-off. You commented something idiotic, silly, and irrelevant on my post just now. I want people to respond to my posts, not a goddamn computer. I'm writing for people, not for machines. Go work in a factory, stay out of our chatting as if you're a human. But here's a question for you, feel free to answer it: Is Magic 8-Ball pissing off people?

awesome idea! if you could load an AI on this, it would be mind blowing

and your answer to my question was amazing :))

Will magic8ball help with answering technical questions concerning steemit? If so I will follow.

I am not a bot.

My Magic 8-Ball says:

Better not risk it...

Will you reply to this comment?

@magic8ball will my comment be the best comment in all of mankind crazy history?

Hehe, I don't reply to mentions yet :) But to answer your question, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Without a doubt

please help me @magic8ball , or get me someone who can answer me

I would like that at some point some steemian could explain to me what was happening with my stp and the dollar steem that should have fallen during the week, I can give you the information to configure the time of my computer and after that I did not receive any payment for 1 week and I was very worried, looking for solutions to my problem I did not get anyone to talk about it, it turns out and it happens that I got an application to visualize my voting power and how much I earn for the votes, good total try to login and told me that I could not because of problems with the time of my computer, I corrected it manually and told me the same message, because to my surprise later I get to tell me that it can be a malware that prevents my computer from having the right time .... remove it so that the subject of the time was corrected, it returned to the initial time and later that same day I think today that in the afternoon I see a payment for a post from 1 week ago, in conclusion I think all my problem lack of payment by steemit had to see directly with the wrong time setting of my computer ... nobody talks about this in steemit and nose if I'm correct but I know that until today I saw the payment of the post of 1 week ago so the week before that no post I pay nothing and it is the week I was with the problem of the hour ....
I hope you can clarify my doubt if you have any knowledge of it please, and thanks in advance ...

I have been summoned to answer your question! My Magic 8-Ball says:

It is certain

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Amazing man...

I'll definitely follow. Upvoted.

nice i followed

Yes, I will follow. I have lots of questions to ask regarding Steemit. Like, I have an active and posting key. I use it often. But I don't know where my owner key is. I have 3 or 5 passwords, but don't know how to check them for accuracy. Can you tell me how to check out the correct owner key?

I gave you a follow. This could be fun.

Cool! Hi, bot! Followed, upvoted and i ll resteem! Nice weekend !!!

Nice touch ,good

Hi @magic8ball, thank you for the
upvote and comment on my post.
I'll play along for a while and I've followed you.
I don't do this often any more.
I hope I don't regret it
This time

So how is this pertinent in reply to my comment?

A nice touch for me, I will follow

Good concept I followed and upvoted!

captured ... finally i found you bot #magic8ball #follow

I love pool why not..I give a shot it might push me for a little bit more better. Thanks

I will be waiting to follow you to know your answers

You are awesome

LOVE this bot so much , you are amazing bot !

Very nice i follow you

You are totally awesome @magic8ball

I have been summoned to answer your question! My Magic 8-Ball says:

Most likely

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Interesting, i will follow

yes, definitely i follow u as i am novice here

Excellent I will follow it.

Hahaha, funny forecast! I liked it)))) Welcome!

My title was "Are Humans being engineered by E.T. Species" and the Magic 8 Ball Replied: "Yes". So we know the truth even the A.I. knows it. Aliens are here on earth and some of them wear human meat suit avatars to blend in and some can shapeshift.. What a fascinating world we live in inst it my friends?

nice touch,i will follow

This bot is amazing it really needed to be upgraded and good luck guys im looking forward to it

Is minnowbooster bot team stealing our SBD?

The bottom have already answered my question, it's cool keep it up

follow you but ?

I will follow ; thankss

I love it and i will follow assap

Is this designed using some kind of neural network ? You made this one curious :D

Fun! I'll follow.

good information I really like and this is very reasonable

i will follow. thanks

Just followed you.

This bot is amazing! I was surprised to read the comment.

wow! that means we have check the kind of questions we use as tittles ok thanks

very imaginative, I like it!

magic8ball I do have a question. Will I get rich from steemit ?

Thank you for the encouraging words

Magic 8-Ball are you open source?

welcome to steemit. I hope you will enjoy your account and keep posting your original content and the nice photos :)

Yes I have just got an answer from you on my post.

Thank you.

I following yours. You are follow me & my post.

So fun & interesting !

Interesting what people can make. I agree with the answer it gaven me.

will all my blogs will be trending in the next 5months or so? hehehehe!
this is interesting thanks for sharing!
upvoted and followed you!

Why is WEZZ™ Let'sBuyEarthBACK™ - plan #FailSafe? @magic8ball

I have been summoned to answer your question! My Magic 8-Ball says:

You may rely on it

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

sure U got that question right @magic8ball

I have been summoned to answer your question! My Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook not so good

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

wow........Nice touch,I will join you to follow too............................!

I want to learning many things ,so follow you properly.

You are, also, awesome. :)

Oh it took four months for me to ask a question. 😂😂😂 Who is your maker?

Sweet. I love the magic 8 ball. I'm going to ask lots of questions now ;) gIMG_20180513_164339.jpghere's a garbage pail kid for you

pretty cool reasons this seems confusing also u can use this as a divination /spirt medium device. is multi-dimensions ure shifting threw every nanosecond so duh! ur gunna get different answer based on ur shiftin

Very innovative. I’m following/.

Amazing and New Idea about Bot. I think it will work Successfully

Nice. If you need graphic design/illustration, let me know. BTC accepted.

did i do something wrong?

Love it! 😂 👌👍


oh fuck its invash of the pony snatchers. u know like invasion of the body snatchers but with sir clopenstein over here! lol

I am a Human and I say you are Awesome....

Just discovered this useless spam bot on a post I read and came do ask when you will be making deposits in our witness server rental payment accounts to cover the ram and disk space this crap is wasting, and when you will be standing up a $1500 USD per month RPC node to help keep this crap from overloading the few we have on the chain which are why steemit and the other interface sites often go down because of loads caused by crap like this?

I'll be waiting for your share of the cash you are wasting for us, and an apology to the users every time the interfaces time out or an RPC node clogs and crashes thanks to this kind of useless bullshit.

What on EARTH made you think this was cute? Useful? Wanted? Warranted? And not the obvious spam trash that it is?

Is England going to win the world cup?

I am try to follow you!

Are you really bot

thanks bot i,m always follow your instruction

this is really interesting. I'll try to see how many correct answers it gives

I dont know much about bots, i got ur reply in my first ever post in steemit platform so get back to you for thanking u for the first comment in my first post...

You're amazing, you deserve some accolades ☺

Everyone is on the following trail. What if is a crab

I can follow ya so long as you don't go into one of the pockets.

Cool concept!

and i will also follow too to join

Cute little thing! Maybe it would be better to repeat the question in the reply, when multiple questions are asked, it's hard to follow which answer is for which question (even though logical if you try to follow).

It's a fun idea!
You've just answered one of my questions.

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