What if We Held our Own Steemit Version of the Emmys?

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They say that courage isn’t the absence of fear but knowing that you might die and jump on your horse anyways.

It’s no secret that I have developed a certain weakness for steemit, our love affair is pretty much open-source at this stage. But what you might not know is that I tried a few times to organize some community games to help promote our platform by creating some sort of a social effort… Needless to say, I failed miserably.

I believed that those types of activities could help us connect with one another, develop bonds, and bring a dash of social in social media. That was my intention anyways.

In my head, the plans worked perfectly. The reality however, was the total opposite, I sucked! So why the hell am I doing it again?

I don’t know, maybe I'm an idiot, maybe I want to embarrass myself again. Or maybe I just have no shame.

I may crash and burn? Absolutely! But to hell with it, why not at least test the reception? It's easier to learn from my mistakes than to try again, but I think I'll just jump on that horse and face this fear.

Personally I think that it’s great idea to have some “Emmys” type awards by category, for several reasons in fact.

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For one, it will show the world both the variety of topics and the quality of content that we have here.

For us it will be a great opportunity to connect and participate in such and activity. And if you guys like this idea, I would even purchase statues and engrave them with the winners names (steemit handles) and send it to them if they wanted to.

Maybe there's a reason why people in the film industry have the Oscars, the Caesars, the Emmys, the Berlinale…Maybe there's a reason why musicians have the Grammys..etc. Maybe It has to do with the social aspect of things.

Here on steemit, there is no shortage of quality content creators, maybe we too can do the same.

So let me know, If you guys think it’s a good idea or not. I hope that there is a sufficient reception so we can make this happen. And since we’re at it, let’s use this very post as our beta test.

For those of you who think that this is a good idea , I'll be happy to know who you are voting for, or who else should be nominated in your opinion.

Steemit Award for Best Inspirational Story

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The Nominees are:

@infovore for How Steemit Has Changed My Life: From living on $1/day and 3 hours of electricity to Having over $41,319

@anwenbaumeister for Stories from Communist China – Why My Father Name Me a Small Celebration Rather Than a Big Celebration

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@brookdemar for I’m Homless But Not forgotten

While the Last one generated over $8000 in votes and shows just how life-changing steemit is, one cannot help but stand in awe to the inspiring story of Mahmood @infovore and how simple votes of me and you, can change the lives of other people on the other side of the planet, in this case Africa. @infovore now runs the steemit newsletter and is one of the most respected steemians around.

Steemit Award for Best Marketing Effort

The Nominees are:


Alt Text


Alt Text

Steemit Award for Best Self Help

@kaylinart for Hack Your Self-confidence,steemit Original

@piedpipder for How To Finally Meet Your Perfect Match. The Kucinich Approach

@donkeypong for Unleashing The Inner Kid

@inboundinken for How to Write 5 or More Quality Articles a Week Without Having a Burn-out

Good luck picking a winner there! Personally, I want to write five quality steemit articles a week, while unleashing my inner child and meeting the girl of my dreams.

Steemit Award for Best Food-themed Post

The Nominees are:

@ jenelyn for Bbq Mango Pulled Pork with Slaw

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@kennyskitchen for How to Feed the Masses for Free

@allasyummyfood for How To Make steemit Cake My First Tutorial Video on steemit

With a following of of 155,000 fans on her Facebook page and 45,000 on her Youtube channel, I guess everybody agrees that the girl can cook.

Although her strawberries may look like a hybrid between a heart and a smile (inside joke) it's worth noting that she made a beautiful steemit cake for her Youtube Channel.

By the way, heart, smile and strawberries, what else could you ask for?

Steemit Award for Best @stellabelle

The nominee is:


If we're ever going to host steemit awards every year, then I have no doubt that @stellabelle is going to be the Meryl Streep of steemit, always on the top, she’s a true force of nature. The only steemian alive with a (9) in reputation. A round of applause to our beloved dolphin queen and soon to be OrcaL @stellebelle. Your energy, inspires us all.

I thought that maybe we should give her own category as an honorary Oscar for past achievements.

Steemit Award for Best For best Introduction Post

This was with no doubts the hardest nomination process of all.

Where do I even begin? Due to the high number of incredible introduction posts here, I know full well that I can't possibly give it justice.

The Nominees are:

@budgetbucketlist for New On Steemit, Girl Travelling the World Solo, Hi All

Alt Text

The flying Dutch girl, Stéphanie Van Der… Something. I'm guessing. Ok, how can I describe this beautiful story without spoiling too much? You know all those movies that you watch where people leave everything behind to embark on a mysterious adventure and follow their dreams?

Well, this is more or less the same, only written in a fun way that even the reality of the struggle and the sacrifices are described in a way that makes you smile.

Wait, I think I’ve just butchered the story. Sorry for that! Don't mind me, read it for yourself, I promise you, it’s a very enjoyable read.

@zaebars for Ahoy steemit I’m Maya Just One of a Bunch of People Living and Travelling on a Sailing Boat

Can you imagine yourself living in a boat, with a renewable energy sources: Solar panels, wind generators and kinetic panels, all while trying to register your boat on the Blockchain? Anyways, I’ve already spolied one post for the day, so I let you discover for yourself.

Alt Text

And last but not least:

@neilstrauss for Hate Mail From Phil Collins

So there you have it, two kick-ass girls and a best-seller author making his entry as a Rock-star, with hate mail included from Phil Collins.

In case you had any doubts about the awesomeness of steemit.

Ladies, gentlemen let me know what you think, who else am I missing? Who do you're thinking about voting for? And if this works, then I'll bring you part deux with the rest of sections including: Fiction, comedy, travel..etc.

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Let's have some fun!

#steemit #awards #insipirationalstories #community #marketing #self-help #food #socialnetwork

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Thanks for this post! Again I can't make it through one without giggling a little. I actually think it would be awesome to at least have some sort of regional gathering and get together for all the steemit members to meet in person. We could all wear our @usernames and put a name and voice to the users we appreciate so much.


It would be worth paying to hear your acceptance speech along with @stellabelle and @fyrstikken - It would be a hilarious night along with some touching moments from others


Haha love the tag!

I haven't nominated myself obviously, so I can't accept it, but I would love to see those guys doing the acceptance speech :)


Well obviously someone has to host and there will be guest hosts as well so I'm sure you could sneak in a bit of your unique humor in there.


Hahah I was secretly planning to do so... I guess the secret is blown :)

I like it. It is good to have heros and the motivation of positive recognition for steemit post.


Haha, heroes, I haven't thought about it that way!


I hope to take home one of these coveted gold steemit tridents next year. I'm already brainstorming my acceptance speech.



That's some great artwork!


Haha I meant to make it smaller so as to not take up the whole feed, but it wound up larger than I attempted. Not a great one, but I enjoyed making it


Can I give these awards to the winners ?...


Hahaha, you can of course! I just hope people vote :)

Jeez, thanks. I am not sure that I deserve a special category but that is nice of you for thinking so.


Come on! Don't be so shy! :-)


Of course you do! Plus we gotta have some honorary prize for past achievements right? So I think you deserve it more than anyone, and everyone knows it :) You're the top content creator here you know :)


Thank you!!


ur welcome.. ^^

I think you are on to something here. Name tags are required, though, thanks to @bendjmiller


I hope this turns out well :)

Oh, thats unexpected to see my face in this list:)
Same was with this first big post which was on trending page for some moment.
In the end, it's not about who's the winner - Steemit is for fun (besides it's bigger mission) so I'm glad you enjoyed surfing through the sea of content!


I agree a 100% you have to enjoy the process, I much rather gave fun with people and grow together than spending any sort of energy doing the opposite..

I hope you have more posts on the trending page! :)

I think the initiative is great but what you did here is just chose the post that trended and made bank and repost them here. It's basically a popularity contest now.
Where are the gems? the 100$ posts that were good but didn't see the light of the trending page? Where are the underdogs?

I think this needs a submission option and submission commetee and the "nominess" to be revealed in proper time after everything has been evaluated. That's how Steemit will grow, how Steemys will become something important.

Just reposting old content - good as it is, i read and upvoted and loved a lot of the posts you selected, note that this is not the problem here - will acerbate the isolation felt by minnow, by lesser known content creators and make steemit look like an exclusive club.
Which, in my opinion, shouldn't be...


First of all, I love that you are so sure of yourself "you did here is just chose the post that trended and made bank and repost them here. It's basically a popularity contest now" You repeated it twice.

Maybe you are right, or maybe I've spend hours going through every category by trending, hot, pay out , replies...etc. One after one.. Maybe It was terribly hard for me to choose.

Maybe I even mentionned it (but let's assume you chose to not read that) maybe I mentioned TWICE that please, if you have any other nominations let me know in the comment (but let's assume you chose to not read that) maybe that I asked in the end to let me know all the great posts that I've missed (but let's assume you chose to not read that)

The reason of course that you chose not to read that is because it's easier to believe that people don't work hard.

Personally, I don't know, and I don't care. I only focus on own efforts and to bring value to the readers.

"All I did is to choose a few posts and made bank?" Maybe you're right, or maybe I worked my ass off to promote steemit in several different ways. But most of those efforts didn't take off, I even mentioned it here:

That I failed miserably.

But maybe again, you chose not to read that.

Believe what you want. I do my effort and you do yours. If you think that I'm a lazy-ass who got lucky by all means, I don't even judge you for that.

It's more, I send you a sincere hug.

Just keep in mind, twice in the text, I was asking you to submit nominations for people that I may have missed, you were always free to suggest whom you wanted, even your own post.

You are also free to write anything you want. Let's make this a platform where people empower each other, for those interested.


Thank you for your long reply.

I have no for a second suggested that you didn't work hard! Forgive me if you feel this way. I only wanted to point out that we need a way to bring to the light the underdogs and underappreciated!

I did not for a second wanted to suggest that your efforts are not recognized, nor did I sy that you are a lazy-ass?!

I am sorry you took it as offensive or attacking. I certainly am not, nor did I intend to be like that. But in writing...it happens :(
That sentence was poorly worded indeed, wasn't a personal attack, I do not condone nor it is my nature to do something like that.

I did notice you asked for that, I just wanted to point out a different view.
I fear a steemit where doing this is taken as attack.

Again, forgive me and i am aghast that this is what you took from it, it was...far far away from my intention.


No there is absolutely nothing to forgive :) We had a miss-understanding and even then I said that I send you a sincere hug.

Everyone is free to believe what they want, but I hear you it's not fair sometimes, I was nervous about missing great posts that's why I asked the readers twice to mention people they thought I missed.

Because all I could do, is go by category: Hot, trending, popular.. I can't possibly check every single post since the beginning of steemit. So that's why I asked for suggestion.

Don't worry about the miss-understanding. It's all good :)

I wish you the best of luck, and may steemit be good to you :)


Actually i've been thinking about this a bit and I agree that my wording was a bit too much. I was tired after a long day, i had a headache from the heat and all that. Not an excuse but it's easy, as you said, to jump the gun and assume things. I might be guilty of that at times.

I do hope that as steemit grows and we get more familiar with each-other we'll start to "know" each other's personality and get a better read on tone and attitude of that person.
Thank you for the best wishes and please, accept them in tenfold return from me.



Word UP !

You should win all the curation awards for today, just for finding all of these posts.

Solid. Solid work.


Thank you for the nice words! I'm happy just to be of service. I'm glad you liked it!

"and the Steemy Award for crudest front page illustrations goes toooooo"

That is a wonderful idea, I can only imagine how much fun that would be for an ordinary everyday person to have to do an acceptance speech!!


Haha I was thinking the exact same thing, if there is a reception which I hope, I will send them the status with steemit logo engraved and beg them to do an acceptance speech :)

Haha the STEEMY's!


That's a great name!! The STEEMY's!

I'm new to Steemit. I have a goal to make it on this one day.


I wish you all the luck in the world! Just it's good to keep in mind that steemit is like everything in life, you need to have a little patience sometimes :)

stunningly beautiful work ...and a delicious cake)


Thank you!

I wish I could try the cake though, it's looked delicious!

Sick dude.

"Maybe there's a reason why people in the film industry have the Oscars, the Caesars, the Emmys, the Berlinale…Maybe there's a reason why musicians have the Grammys..etc. Maybe It has to do with the social aspect of things."

Definatley @the-alien, I believe that such a widely celebrated event like the Oscars motivates everybody in the film industry to be better, it is also creates a fun connection and inter-mingling with more people. I would love Steemit to hold an official awards ceremony. It would be magical if enough effort was put into it :) But how would we do it, like make a new category or something? I think it would be beneficial to have it be more than a one or two post thing....maybe we could have an official steemit awards week or something?


Well I'm looking for some transparent voting system where people can vote and choose who they believe should win, so the crowd decides :)

So I guess being an influential writer is the only thing that counts. Some one else had this exact idea already, and "the-alien" just reposted it a week later: https://steemit.com/steemit/@thnkr/introducing-the-2017-steemies-an-private-event-for-the-top-authors-of-steemit