Marketing Campaign on CoinMarketCap Extended and Boosted by 500% - Stats and analytics inside

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Back by popular demand; I am Happy to announce a Bigger and Better Steemit advertising campaign on CoinMarketCap

Due to the success of the initial campaign and community support I am launching another 1 week of marketing on with 5x the impact.

Original Campaign Terms

  • Coin Market Cap - contracted for 7 days with 5000 impressions per day and was very successful! - stats below.
  • DashPayMagazine - contracted for 30 days with a permanent presence on their page - 3 week remaining!



Statistics from the combined advertising campaign so far

I have been tracking the advertising campaign with a link redirection service the stats for which are below; The image below depicts the combined effort to date has brought in ** 384 visitors from 73 countries in the last 8-9 days**.

The highest clickers come from the following countries

  • United States - 21.8% / 84 clicks
  • India - 6.2% / 24 clicks
  • Korea - 4.6% / 18 clicks
  • Other countries - 67.1 % / 258 clicks

Statistics from CMC

During this time period the CMC advertisement was active from 13th of July - 20th of July and achieved a CTR of .87% and driving 306 visitors to!

Direct statistics from Coin Market Cap

This is also supported by the statistics from which show CoinMarketCap as sending 4.1% of users to; this is a 33% increase from 1 weeks ago! - Today's Stats: - Last Week's Stats:

New Campaign with Coin Market Cap

I am happy to announce that the campaign with Coin Market Cap has been extended for 1 more week with 5x the amount of impressions; that is 25,000 impressions per day for the next 7 days!! With the last campaign resulting in 300 more eyeballs on the site it will be great to see how many more visitors we can derive from 5x the effort; if we can bring in another 300 users in the next week i think that is money well spent ;)

Now go forward and find these new users and make them feel welcome :)

if you would like to run your own stats similar to what i have displayed check out this post for more information on gauging your cross posting efforts or using your banners to track its impact

Thanks to @cass for providing such awesome banner's and advertising material, without which this whole campaign would not be possible - Cheers Cass your a champion!!


Definitely an attention grabber "Blogging is the new mining." With marketing like this plus the amazing word of mouth (or word of keyboard) that Steemit gets, it's going to expand like crazy.

Agreed; Check out the updated stats on the campaign - over 600 clicks in total; 200 of those in the last 24 hours!

People are starting to see that decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies can have benefits that serve both the consumer and merchant/content creator. Uber, Open Bazaar and Now STEEMIT are great examples of the changes taking place.

Well and we all have a voice that we often want to share so its a perfect way to mine!

We need to have a steem Symbol!

The campaign has been live for less than 9 hours and already see a massive uptick in the click rate!! please see updated stats below:

Is there a way to add this banner to your own pages and be able to track how many you have referred? That would be fun for other users to track!

Good question i should have mentioned where i am getting these stats; i have made a post explaining the options yesterday, you can view it here:

Let's welcome the hoard of newcomers! Wohoo!

nice article, i am agree with you
coinmarketcap is 2nd top reffering site for steemit

data source
read more
The Correlation Between Website Traffic and Steem Value

Keep up the good work Jim! :) This is very good man!

Bitcointalk is also selling advertising. There is an auction for upcoming slot space ongoing right now. Stats about past rounds here. Bitcointalk has become a very tolerant community toward "altcoins" lately, I anticipate that the conversion rate would be pretty high.

Good looking banner @steempower!

You should also consider advertising on Reddit and especially on Facebook. Make a banner with something like: Get paid for blogging (or get paid to share your favorite links/content). Something like that could get you a 5% CTR on FB and if you target it well it could mean thousands of new users for very cheap.

For Reddit target the crypto community with this same banner and if nothing else it will get a great CTR just due to the intriguing headline in my opinion ;)

That great looking banner is the work of @cass - Steemit's resident graphical genius!

Good idea with the Facebook and Reddit advertisement; i'm sure they would charge use a massive premium to place that banner on their site :)

Good one ;) Make sure to take advantage of those two while you are still less known, because when this really blows up, they might really not allow your ads :)

Also a tip of the hat to you @cass! Are you a SteemIt employee or a freelancer?

hey @steempower , i love the idea of bringing more people to this platform
i am a professional designer and did a few things for the community that you can see on my blog ( ). i would love to create and send you some more banners that you could split test in order to see which perform better... if you are interested let me know and i will start on it! :)

I must say the banners look very professional @cass !

Wonderful idea! Glad you pulled the trigger on this. Should make for some nice new content streams asap!

I was actually thinking about doing the same. Does anyone know if there is any sort of tracking or ref links available. Due to my job I have a lot of traffic that could be sent to the platform and get new users onboard. I think that this should also not solely target people using coinmarketcap. I think this platform should be for the average joes (and girls) that are now using blogspot, wordpress and tumblr to share their stories. Those people dont usually hang around on coinmarketcap. I wouldn't mind starting a campaign for steemit pro bono but it would be nice to get a callback for conversions/sign-ups in order to see which traffic/banner works and which doesn't.

I had no idea there was active** marketing of this sort. Thanks for the update and statistics.

** being #3 in coinmarketcap is something like steem's "passive" marketing - it makes heads turn and say "hey, what's here?"

I'm really bullish on Steemit now, even though I got in a bit late. Will there be marketing campaigns for Facebook? Also what about marketing in other languages such as Chinese? Japanese?

Excellent clickbait.

But Steem is also mined, doesn't this risk newbie-economic confusion?

Paying people to join the platform is such a great guerrilla marketing tactic... the PayPal Mafia even used it to launch themselves back in the day. I guess Steemit could claim some lineage back to those guys too, since their vision was actually to create a totally new currency, though they failed... and just created the biggest internet payment system instead haha.

Who isn't paying to purchase leads and new users nowadays?

Paying to purchase leads is different to paying people money to create an account with you though.

@steempower, I'm looking to prolong the coinmarketcap ad campaign with the revenue from my post And I was wondering if you think that would be the best option, and when your campaign ends.

Great metric display! Keep up the good work

great for the community, thanks for share the results @steempower 8]

Very nice content, thank you and keep going! Best regards from Berlin. Jonas Ahrens

Hold on a sec, judging from the post i understand you have placed banner on is that corret?

correct; we have 25000 impressions per day and CMC tell me that the have 175,000 impressions made each day so on average we should appear 1 in every 7 page views. although they seem to run ad's in blocks

let me ask you do you pay from your own pocket or do you work for steemit? If you do that by yourself, and why just to promote steemit? if so you are my hero

Campain is paid by profits made on posts about the campain. These profits wouldn't have been made without the posts, and the posts would have been pointless without the campain, so it's a self-feeding initiative. Be sure to upvote and spread the word if you want to encourage this initiative.

I enjoyed reading this. Very impressive. Keep up the awesome work!

good job!

Sweet initiative, hopefully this will bring even more attention to Steemit! At this rate the advertisement campaigns will grow almost exponentially if you recycle profits made from the posts back into campaigns. I will be waiting eagerly to see the results of this one though.

Powerful stuff here, I wish I could that it has the potential to leave the galaxy but it doesn't. Steemit goes to Area 51.

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"Blogging is the new mining" - awesome high concept pitch! Congratulations!

The banner looks awesome!

great insight, great info. keep the awerness popping

Is it via google ads?

Great work!

I posted a similar article with some slightly different metrics on my blog @streetstyle.
A 20%- 30% increase in users in a few days is fanatastic!

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Thanks for the information.

Excellent! This will definitely increase more traffic.