How Steemit Has Changed My Life: From living on $1/day and 3 hours of electricity to Having over $41,319

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I'm probably a poster boy for Steemit's potential success in Africa and its viral growth overall.

(Lol. I'm an introvert and I'm still 'picture shy'...and hmmn..privacy)

Today marks exactly 4 weeks I joined Steemit and I thought it would be fitting to make a proper introduction. And/or a testimonial.

I'm probably the only person from my country here on Steemit.( N.B I'm making a post on that soon). 1 in a million ;)

Growing Up

Here is a sample pic of where I grew up as a kid. Funnily, I grew up in a middle-class family. At least, according to the living standards here.

The standard of living is generally low and housing facilities are substandard......

What was even much worse was the power supply. We would be very lucky to get 3 hours of electricity daily. And oftentimes, we would go for weeks without having any power supply.

This, in turn, had an adverse effect on the economy of the country.
The youths are unemployed and the crime rate is sickening.

Things are getting a bit better though......a good government is in place and the economy is giving signals of a better time to come. As the largest economy in Africa, things can only get better.

My Love For Technology

My fascination with technology started when I gained admission to the university.
Here is my favorite spot at college. It was a perfect place to reflect and think about life.

I got admitted for a business degree on a scholarship and for a while, I was content going to boring classes. Until something happened.

My precious phone got stolen.

And after several weeks trying to raise funds for another one, I decided to turn to the internet for help.

I tried several ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing, Ads clicking, micro-jobs etc. I've tried them all. I learned HTML, CSS and I'm currently learning JS.

But after several months still without any luck, I decided to settle for freelance writing.

I was having a bit of success here and there. Not enough to survive, though. But still worth working on.
Then, the stars aligned.

The Steemit Dream

Exactly 4 weeks ago, I stumbled on @stellabelle's Medium post about Steemit taking over the social media….

At first, I was skeptical on the authenticity of the promise as I had been scammed many times….

I decided to give it a shot. After all, there's no harm in trying…..

And I'm glad I did.

After over 40 posts, it's been an amazing experience on Steemit. Though none has gotten over the thousand mark, mine has been the case of 'little drops of water make an ocean'.

I've made awesome partnerships with top writers like @donkeypong and @stellabelle and had chats with some really awesome people on Slack.

To: @crytoctopus; @anwenbaumeister @benjojo @gavvet and a host of others. You guys rock.

Steemit has helped launched my dreams. I've published my first book on Steemit and I recently launched SteemMag - Steemit's Weekend Digest. The theater of dreams as I call it

I've never been this fascinated over an online community before. And the rewards are just a nice welcome bonus…….

From living on less than $2/day to having enough at my disposal. I'm deeply grateful to all those who work day and night to make Steemit successful.

To all those whose efforts have been unappreciated, you're changing lives.

Now I can get a better smartphone, power bank, live a comfortable life and develop myself as a writer.

Steemit is a fantasy coming true.

Giving Back

Tomorrow, after a lot of planning, I will be making a detailed post outlining how I'm bringing Steemit to millions of people in my country. My own way of adding value to the community.

The journey has just begun guys….….despite the complaints and issues...we look forward to having even a better and balanced Steemit…..

It can only get better! Steem on…

And here's a toast to more success…..yours and mine...

Thanks y'all.


You are a wonderful person, sensitive, intelligent, hard-working, and putting others ahead of your own needs. I am privileged to call you a friend. There is no one who deserves this more than you.

Wow, Tom. You know this means so much to me. This wasn't possible without your help. I remember the times I ran to you for help. About my posts not getting much love. You took your time to partner with me and gave me so many tips. You, truly, fit this description : putting others ahead of your own needs

Wow. Coming from you! Thats the nicest compliment I've heard. I'm so glad you can relate. You rock man.

I'm fighting it a little too (the tears). This is my second night looking at Steemit, this is amazing.

:) Its heartening to see my story having an effect on others. You guys truly rock.

It's very exciting seeing a compatriot achieve huge success on this platform. Owning to the situation of the country.. Am happy for you bro.
I also stumble upon a post of @stellabelle on medium in the very beginning of this year which introduced me to steemit, though i immediately registered, I have found working on the platform very difficult as I currently lack a real home and working in the production dept of a popular eatery "De Tastee Fried Chicken" is very stressful and depressing, I decide to call it "Hell". I really lack the time of my own. My story is a long and twisted one, I was able to concisely brief it in an 'aid me campaign post' I wrote over a month ago Though I received many encouraging words and advice and despite promoting it on different crypto group, I was able to raise $12 only, many pointed out inserting my ether and bitcoin wallet addresses while i choosed to promote it right on steemit, this was a mistake I made from directly copying the format of the Medium copy plus the current problems facing for the crypto space is not encouraging.
Surviving in this country has been very unpleasant for me and I know you could understand the struggle.
I crave deeply to break-free from this stagnancy and pursue my Ultimate Dream "blogging" as i found something unusual during the course of a short period I blogged.
If ever you could find this message.. I plead from a desperate and genuine heart to assist me and be the hand that will pull me out from the sea of this uncertain future.
I will try as much as possible to provide any proof or document you request for.

You will be helping a life in a way you can't imagine Sir.

Thank you for the upvote.. Never thought you could ever read my message.

So I stumbled upon this post mistakenly and for some reason it align with me, recall when I did all the above you mentioned, clixsense, mcent and many others even a typing work online where I could get 1$ for typing a thousand words, was trying my best to earn online and I was so determined on looking for a paying webpage that I could earn a substantial amount from, after I was introduced by a friend of mine @destinysaid way back from secondary school, just like you, I thought it was too good to be true, like seriously which platform pays you like what he described.

All thanks to God, am able to afford some of the things I long for now and help friends and family as well, till now am still grateful to the steemit community as a whole and also to my friend for showing me this amazing community.

awesome story. Keep writing!

Thanks so much @blakemiles84 . Your posts are inspiring too.

Shut up and take my upvote!!

I like what you did there so I made this for you.

@nephilim - you just Steem copyrighted that image by posting it haha

Make a normal post for that and I'll definitely upvote it! Maybe add a Steem logo in the up arrow ?

@blakemiles84 - Thanks

Hahaha. Thanks for the effort. :|

hahaha. You remind me of tuck-fheman. where's that guy?

Even though you're the reason I had to eat vegetables as a child, I upvoted.

Stay safe, keep your mouth shut about this money.

Not everyone is your friend.


I will take that to heart. Thanks for the candid advice. I'm interested in your story.

dreams come true

the dedication to a cause always repay. I'm happy to see success story and that motivate me to keep POWER UP.

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Just keep pushing. Here's my favorite quote.

You brought sunshine to my day. Glad for you my friend. You deserve the best.

Wow. This means a lot to me. Thanks mate. And you too. We all deserve to be happy.

I love stories like this. It really brings back the value of how much we can do for each other as community. It really motivates me to immerse myself more in my own local community. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks @annie-kho. I'm glad you learned something from my post. Truly my improvements so far as been due to working with others. And you will find lots of awesome people here on Steemit.

Wow, brought me to tears. ...!

You rock bro. I think you are a great example for many people out there that have lost hope in our society. Even thou time are rough you have found a way to overcome it all because you never gave up and must have some lucky guidance from a higher source. I can tell however that you are the type of person that wants to share your success with others because you understand and that is the best type of person. Good luck with all that you do.

Thanks for taking the time to write this mate.

Beautiful infovore. The more I learn about you, the more I like you! ;))

Wow.....Ben.....where are have you been? I've missed you...Get on slack, man......I like you too.

Congrats man! you deserve it!
To all those who are still suffering in life, I want to say that:

  1. "If it was night this long, can dawn be far away?"
  2. "When you are down, the only way forward, is up"
  3. Even an arrow has to be pulled back all the way before being launced free!

I hope everyone gets to fulfil their dreams here at Steemit! :)

I hope so too. We, early adopters, really deserve awesome stuffs.

Yeah! We do, don't we! I just hope I do well too. If I am able to make 10 good friends here and some dollars to keep me going, I will consider myself the luckiest man alive. :)

I'm so happy for you! I'm going to check out the rest of your blog! You are inspiring! I'm also in a similar range as you are and I've never been so thankful hehe :)

Thanks @kaylinart. I joined steemit the same time period you joined. And I've always been a fan of your words. Plus @stellabelle is your friend also.

Your success is well deserved @infovore. I was truly humbled when you asked for my advice on slack.

Your hardwork and perseverance is paying off. Here's to many more successful posts for you!

See who is here? Thanks @nanzo-scoop.... Glad to have you here......Thanks for the compliment....It's been quite a while...

Indeed, I don't have the time go into slack much. Good to see you top trending. Keep it up!

lol high rolling @infovore

How apt! This sounds like a fairy tale. But its REAL. Thanks. You're kind.

Its definitely out of this world - keep the posts coming and soon we'll be dancing to Drake @infovore #goodluck and thanks for the story

Goodluck to you too. Watching out for you.

Amazing story!! This is wonderful, I can't wait to hear about more stories like this :)

More stories like yours. I cant wait also ;)

I was getting frustrated too early before even contributing significantly here on Steemit. Your story just calmed me down. Will try a little harder now. Thanks for sharing the story and presenting it so interestingly. Will have to learn from your writing style.

I can relate. Its frustrating when you put a lot of efforts and you get next to nothing. I've been there before. And I can tell you, its gonna get better. Just keep calm and churn out great posts.

Ooh... And connect!

Sure, thanks for your reply and motivation


What an inspiration to all of us! This i the first post that I can comment in since I came back and ironically, I don't have words!

Best of luck to you Mahmood! Wish you prosper more man!

Thanks so much. Welcome back. I always enjoyed your posts. Looking out for more. Welcome back!

Same here! This one was one of the best I've ever read on steemit :) Keep up the good work!

@infovore Absolutely beautiful story !!! I just spoke to my Nigerian friend the other day about steemit . He created a platform called and he was not convinced to get started here . Its a shame because he is very passionate about helping his homeland and his contribution would be so valuable . What do you suggest I should tell him .

Thanks @mammasitta. Wow. Do tell my countryman to keep calm, evaluate his options and continue striving. A number of people have really carved a niche for themselves in the NGO sector.
It was difficult at first, like every awesome stuff...But the dividends would be worth it. It would be awesome to have a chat with him though.

I am new to steem and i was going through the articles and stumbled upon your story. It made me remember my difficult childhood . I also come from a middle class family and situations here in my country is also same as yours. I am from Nepal and we also have hardly 3 4 hours of electricity per day and lack of which have hindered the development of my country since decades. I am already 34 and due to lack of good financial background I had to drop out from college and start working to support my family. But some day I hope to earn enough money to be able to go to college and complete my education. Well I have not much to say now. I will be looking forward to read more of your articles.

Hi! I`m from Germany but I got to knew a few Nepalese guys working at a restaurant and they are all very nice! So all the best to Nepal!

Posts like this are the reason I love crypto currency so much. It has the potential to change everyone's lives for the better! I'm so happy to hear our success story and good luck in life!

Thanks so much. If and when Steemit lives up to its potential, a lot of lives will be changed.

Indeed, infovore. We will all pay it forward. :)

I agree. Nice to see you drop by. @jlwkolb. You're a great writer.

Thank you - can't wait to read more of your posts. What a life you have lead!

This is nothing short of amazing. Congrats to you. I hope your success continues.

Hi @infovore, nice article, I have just wrote a funny article about this, a minute ago:

Hi, @infovore I am glad about your success story, keep up the good work man, you will be able to help more people in your place.

BTW, is it still possible to join the Steem Slack? I have some possibly good ideas for the site, maybe its good if we can all talk there? -east

I also can't find slack :( Did you find it?

Congrats man! You earned it! Now go spread Steemit to everyone else in your nice little chunk of earth! It's only fair!

Thanks for the compliment.:|

Good for you! Hoping you continued success. I feel anyone that is here now, even those that just joined, will be surprised in a year on how well they are doing.

I agree. Its a theater of dreams. And dreams do come true.


good lad, congradulations

This looks great, I'm glad to see it, cheers

Amazing story. This is what Steemit should be known for. Helping others voices to be heard and given some compensation when credit is due. You got my upvote!

Thanks. I'm glad you can relate. It was hard at first. But it worth it at the end. I guess.

I love to see how blockchain technology is penetrating to these remote areas to bring opportunities to those who need it. A level playing field for anyone with access to the internet. This is a feel good post for me

great inspiration ...


Incredible! The power of his platform to change someone's life is amazing!

Truly incredible. I sometimes blink my eyes to be sure this is really happening.

It's truly amazing how crypto currency has changed the world.

My friend, congratulations! If anybody here deserves the success it is you. Keep up the great work friend! :0)

Congratulations, is a great post!

Do you like it?:

Yes, your picture make me laught

A person with around $50k can wield some pretty signficant influence in sub-Saharan Africa. At least in my experience in Congo. I don't think people realise most people earn $50-300 a month! This is like giving a Westerner $300k!

Ooh. Well..thats in Congo. There's really a huge economic growth happening where I stay.....People do earn $150k and above yearly. So its not so poor. Things have just been down for a while.

Nice man, happy someone who can really use the money is getting rewarded!

It is people like you that are creating a great community for everyone on steemit. Thank you!

Thanks......we all make this happen.

Steemits' impact around the world is being felt. Get ready for big changes.

You're very correct. It's changing lives and so much more.

I am so happy to hear stories like this and how Steemit is changing people's lives. You're an inspiration to the community and minnows to come. Namaste~!

Thanks so much. I'm glad you like my story. We can only get better. Together.

fantastis post, up to $17,641 .. cool men

Lost for words. Never considered it could actually truly solve world poverty. No more state caused wage discrepancies. True global redistribution of wealth.

I wouldn't say I was in poverty. I just finished college so I have a degree. But there are lots of people who certainly will be taken out of poverty with their activities on steemit

Love seeing a story that shows the TRUE promise of technology. People joke that Silicon Valley promised flying cars but delivered 140 characters, but those are the stepping stones required for building the kind of platforms where ANYONE's voice can be heard. Best of luck to you in spreading STEEM to your fellow countrymen!

Silicon Valley produced tech products that radically changed the world. It can only get better.

It looks like you're going to be doing a lot better than you even mentioned. Good for you! I'm pretty happy to see people being uplifted by steemit.

Thanks. I wish so much for you too....

Believe it. I've worked with him. The man is real.

What if this a scam blog.... jsut saying. Then we are suckers who paid 10k for this!

Вы молодец ! Рад за вас !

Man, you completely deserve it. You went a long way toward this goal and did a great job. Keep posting on this!
I'll be very thankful if you could check my last story
story. I put a lot of effort in it. Feedback is appreciated too

I did a few hours ago. Nice analogy. Thanks for the compliment.

This amazing how this blogging platform is able to change lives and ordinary people can help make some extra money even if you are not an expert writer like myself ... cheers to success my friend!! Steemit!!!

WOW What an inspiring story! Good on you!

Its so heartening you got inspired by my story. It means a lot to me.

your stories so inspiring me, grew up in middles-class family that no hope and changing to lucky one with hard work, I hope you will be a success writer make a lot of money from your articles good luck

Thanks so much for the good wish @magdelena . It was really a surreal experience growing up with lot of siblings...Best of luck in your endeavors too.

You are very LUCKY man,, ya this right choose . Joining Steemit it make dream come true

Nice and inspiring story. I think steem project is a good one. I hope to enjoy the steemit network

I'm glad you can relate. You WILL enjoy the experience. It might be frustrating at first, but it should be worth it.

Thanks. You sound like a cool guy. I'm always up for a chat.

I am very happy to read it, and is an inspiration to me, and I'm sure I'll get to be victorious with steemit. success for all !!!

You will. Just keep trying. thanks for the nice comment.

WTF more then 1200 dollar in 6 minutes. well done!

Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. A lot of people are putting a lot of efforts to make this work.;)

np, people like you are the heros here!

We all are. For joining steemit way before others. I remind myself this is all happening in Beta state.

Change your imagination into reality!

STEEM is going to make a huge difference for developing countries. I know a lot of people in Africa, and India, etc. and, for example, in India you can Rent an Apartment in a City Center for around 10,000 Rupees a month, which translate to around $100 USD. If someone from India were earning say $500 a week they would be able to afford that and then some.

Have friends in Congo who live like kings with $1k a month! 40k would go very far indeed

LOL @ live like kings...You're very right though.

I completely agree with you. You're very correct.

Steemit has changed you life, it is very good, now, this is your time of change the life of another persons.

My dream and the dream of my girlfriend is help persons and pets.

Next to my home is the home of past where i adopted my beautiful cat, your name is Maik, it has many brothers, i can´t help, when i have money, i give food for pets, all time, i search newspapers for gift, i dont have money for more.

In the neighborhood of my girl life many childrens in one fundation, all time, i go for help, i am study psychology, and, i work free, my girl friend also.

We dont have money only give what we can, but really is frustrating know they need more and they dont have help.

Please change your life, they need you, give upvote if you want help.

Sorry for my bad english, i dont write good, but i use my heart.

It is Maik when it is small, now it is big and happy.

Tomorrow show you how it now, i dont have cel with cam

Remember, you have the power of changes lifes, only you need one click

Meanwhile while im waiting for my post to earn

Be patient and keep reiterating. It will happen. Eventually.

This is the most wonderful story of Steemit making a positive difference in someone's life that I have encountered thus far. I am so happy for you!

I hope to see many more stories like this one from all around the world.

Wow. I never imagined people will be touched by my story......I wish you nothing but the best.

Your story encourages me a lot...I am going through the same motions and phases that you once did...glad to read you post...thanks.

What an inspiration you are; Taking a leap of faith, education, listening to and interacting with mentors and plain hard work have brought you the sucess you truly deserve.

Congrats! I am happy for you! I have started my journey on Steemit few days back. You are an inspiration. Thank you!