How To Write 5 Or More Quality Articles A Week Without Having A Steemit Burn-Out

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Since Steemit has kicked off a couple months ago a lot of people got obsessed with writing. In the beginning you’re very probably very excited and writing felt easy but then you get to a certain point where you don’t seam to enjoy it anymore. This phenomenon is called writer’s block and happens to a lot of writers at some stage. So how can you get passed that empty feeling?

Here are my top tips:

1. Create a deadline for yourself

The first tip sounds pretty obvious but if you’re like me then you will push things out if you don’t have a set deadline. If you have enough will power then you probably don’t need a timeline but I think this will work well for a lot of people. Don’t give yourself too much time to create a post and commit to a schedule for every week. How often do you want to publish? 3 or 4 times? Then you need to block out time in your schedule to fulfill that goal.

2. Get rid of any distractions

Writing takes time and needs concentration. You won’t be able to create content while being on Facebook at the same time. Give your brain some room for creativity and follow the following tips:

• Shut the door.
• Turn off your phone.
• Close down your email.
• Block out your schedule.
• Tell people not to interrupt you.

Avoiding distractions will enhance your writing and allow you to achieve your goal.

If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all. - Anne Tyler

3. Write at the same time every day

Have you ever heard that we as humans are very easy to train to get into a certain routine? Our brain actually loves routine! It just means that we don’t need to work extra hard to get to the same outcome. If you start training your brain to write at the same time every day you will get faster in producing content. This all comes back to our muscle memory which is a mental trick a lot of people use to become more productive. It can be used for various of different activities but works particularly well for writers.

Start writing at the same time every day and you will realize that your inspiration will arrive at the same time too.

4. Write down thoughts and inspirations at any time

It’s actually proven that a lot of busy people have the best ideas while being in the shower or in the car. I can totally agree with that because I oftentimes record ideas while in the car. If you force your brain to come up with ideas at that very moment it won’t happen. You’re probably to focused on the outcome and therefore can’t think freely.
I know of a lot of bloggers who carry around a notebook or use their phone to write down ideas once they magically arrive. Try to do the same. You may be surprised how often you have really good ideas.

5. Write only about topics that interest you

Don’t try to write about boring topics because you won’t get far. You will bang your head against the wall and won’t have any good ideas if you have no interest in what you’re writing about. Try to find the topics that interest you. For instance, I have written them down in sections to also make sure that I brainstorm on ideas for them. You will see me writing mostly about:

• Marketing
• Blogging
• Life Hacks and Stories
• Tech

These are the areas where I feel most comfortable writing about.

6. Are you a morning or evening person?

If you want to accomplish more in less time then it’s you should know when you’re most productive. For me that can be the morning or afternoon but in the evening I tend to slow down and find it harder to focus.

7. Don’t eat and start writing

Neuroscientists from Yale have found out that the brain works better when you feel slightly hungry. That sounds funny, right? Well, the hunger hormone can activate sections of your brain that will make you work more effectively. I know that we all like to snack while doing some work in front of the PC but keep in mind that you’re probably most efficient on an empty stomach.

You might not write well every day but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page. Jodi Picoult

8. Create a writing ritual

This goes back to my point about creating a routine for your writing habit. If you want your brain to associate a positive situation while writing you should treat yourself in a certain way. Maybe prepare something that you will eat or do as a reward afterwards. You can be very creative by inventing your own little ritual and create a playlist or something else you like. Doing the same thing all over again and again will make sure your brain remembers the ritual and reward you with productivity.

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. - Richard Bach

9. Set a timer

Have you every tried to set yourself a timer and start working on something? I am telling you this little trick has worked magic for me. I set the timer to 45mins exactly and try to get as much done as possible. I use this time to write, nothing else. It’s 45 mins of focus and I was really surprised how much I was able to produce in that timeframe just because I had the focus. 45 mins also doesn’t feel that long and when the timer goes off you can decide if you want to go for a 15 mins break or continue. In this other post of mine you’ll find more helpful tools for bloggers.

10. Ask your friends or partner for help

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to work alone. It’s just not really fulfilling. That makes working from home or a freelancer especially difficult. The trick is to ask friends or your partner for help. They don’t need to help you on the whole project but can do small tasks for you. Here is a list with small tasks you can get help with:

• Copyediting/Proofreading
• Formatting
• Finding images
• Adding images
• Designing images
• Fact checking
• Researching
• Outlining
• Creating titles

I love to brainstorm ideas and I always ask my friends which title they would prefer.

11. Play the right music to get you going

Some people can focus better while listening to music. When you set your timer to 45mins, grab your headphone (get some good ones) and listen to some nice and stimulating tunes. There are plenty of playlists on Spotify already designed for creativity and focus.

You can check out a nice playlist on Spotifiy here

12. Write your outline first

Creating an outline will make writing a lot easier. It helps structure your thoughts and the flow of your content. Try creating an outline before jumping into the writing part. Once you know the outline your brain will know the flow for the content and work faster.

I usually write down the main points for my post first and then write the rest of the content. All you have to do then is to add verbal substance to your plan.
This tactic will keep you from burning out.

13. Watch funny videos

Ok, I know what you’re thinking now. How can funny videos help me with writing better? Let me tell you that according to a study, researchers found out that people have improved moods and more energy after watching funny videos. So please start to look for some great videos to get you in a good writing mood.


Trust me. We all can become better in writing and produce great content. It is normal to be really slow in the beginning but when you keep practicing you will get faster and it will feel natural to you.

The desire to write grows with writing. - Octavia Butler

Especially on Steemit there is something energizing in writing content because you’re rated immediately. If they content isn’t great it won’t perform. That keeps me going.

I would really like to know how much other people on Steemit are writing per week/day! Leave your comments below.


Some more excellent advice! Steemians take note, I have followed @inboundinken's previous tips and benefited :-)

Number 1 is a great tip and I have done that this week, the trick is sticking to it!

Number 4 is also a habit I'm into, I use Evernote on my phone and computer, the trick with this one, is to write down absolutely EVERY idea you get. Otherwise it's easy to fall out of the habit.

Number 7, makes so much sense, my problem is, that I'm writing all day, so there comes a time when I have to eat, and then I just slow right down.

Though the effects are less if I eat a high protein, low carb, lunch, like steak and salad.

Number 9. I would go even further, I use a time management app for my phone called Caymex and you can set time slots, say 45 minutes and break slots. I find giving yourself at least a 15 minute break every hour to be very beneficial.

It's funny what you say about the funny videos, because, often while I'm writing, I have urges to watch a stand up, or a Family Guy clip or something, Perhaps that explains it? :-)


Thanks for sharing your insights. Glad the tips work well for you :) it's really important to find the right structure for yourself. I always get the best ideas while driving home from work. Changing environment has also helped me to be more productive, even if it just means moving from the kitchen into another room. ;) thanks for following @cryptogee

👍great tips, thanks for sharing @inboundinken

I would rather say that making yourself a deadline, isn't something smart.
If you have no idea about steemit article, then there is no need to do this.
It is better thing to wait some time to invent something great , than doing a weak post.

This is exactly what myself and other new contributors needed to help keep us on the right track. +1 upvoted

All this is way to "technical" for me . I write when I feel it . That simple ....

#5 seems like a very important one too!

Does writing all day tire you out? That sounds kind of exhausting. I go through various stages of thinking what I wrote is complete shit, and then thinking "actually, this is OK," and changing my mind about it repeatedly and overthinking it. Lol.

I have you all covered with a piece that goes in-depth on the content creation side of things.

Might be a bit of a heavy read for some.

Sometimes I think I've got a super idea for a post but after I get into it, I realize it wasn't that great to begin with.

Those are the best ones I didn't write.

Like most writers will tell you, keep writing. You can edit a full page but you can't edit an empty one :) Thanks for the comment!

you also forgot the tip about hooking a whale, i did it myself so i know it to be the case. without whales it is almost impossible unfortunately. I made a post about the issue. It needs discussing.

if little fish catch a big whale, you are on your way!

Enjoy the moment of writing and time of Steemit movement.

Thanks for share, It's Very Useful

nice advices @inboundinken ! keep it up! 8]

I lost 2 kg in one week :) not eating enough , Yeah ! I just wrote about this issue yesterday but from a soul level . I cannot follow such tips because I am not a person who functions with routine . anyways nice post and advices

Amazing post! And completely true to every end. I find that every step you posted was applicable to any given situation I've been in. Trying to write can be hard when you're distracted or have a lot going on, so this guide will help a LOT of people that are new here and need some motivation or a method to their new found madness. ;) I'd heard about the hunger/brain activity correlation before, but never was sure if it was true. I suppose others have done their research though and it is true. Music and let's just say, outside remedies, have also helped me to write quality work and to write efficiently or come up with ideas more fluidly, so I definitely promote being comfortable while you write!

Again, great guide/post and keep up the great content! :)

Thanks for the nice feedback!

I have a 14th : Do not focus on your post's earning. Just enjoy writing :)

All seem like good tips. It's staring at a blank page/screen that stumps me

Thanks for the confidence and advice!

I was never a great writer..
I was actually more of a 10 second video kind of guy, but since I've been blogging on here it seems like I am getting better at it.

Honestly though I was surprised how people were actually saying that my posts were good.. but who knows could've just been bots :/

Thanks for the honest comment. A lot of people are not sure if they're great writers but as longs as you write about the things that you know about, you can create value for other people. :) keep going

That's some inspiring stuff right there!
Thanks and I definitely will ;D

If you have a chance check some out and please let me know what you think.. I would love some insight :D

Hey, just took a look. Your ideas are evolving but you still need to tweak your titles. Some of them are rally short so the reader can't really know what to expect. Keep going!

Awesome thank you for taking the time to do that I appreciate the feedback!

Uvoted, bookmarked and followed. Doesn't happen that often, so I really appreciate this as I was starting to feel that my ideas were not really gaining anything even when I wrote from the heart.

Wohoo! One more follower :) thanks for the feedback

Haha! While still an "invisible" follower, hopefully that desperately needed feature will be included in the next fork

This is beneficial for steemit posts as well as in other instances like academia. Good point about the time schedule and writing around the same time each time. This post also has a lot of interactive qualities as well. Nice!

Thank you for the lovely comment. Glad you enjoyed my post :)

Some great tips for sure. With so many to chose from it is easy to take what works and leave the rest. For me too much structure blocks my creativity, not only in writing, but in all creative expressions, just part of my personality.

That being said, I do know people who have a sort of "on/off switch" and if they are in a certain location at a set time, they are ready to create. So I personally would suggest to everyone who feels stuck to jump in and try all the tips, because they just may be surprised at what works best for them :-)

Great advice, I follow a few of them myself for writing and work. The biggest thing to do is love what you do and it will all come easier.

I really agreed with all your points. Its need to be a passion to writing.

Thank you for the tips! I have never written anything like this before but have always wanted to give it a try

Please everybody that reads this, join this site and we all make steemit bigger together :

Well I usually write / curate one post per day, since my last post took way much time to make I didn't post for two days so I ended up posting 2 today instead. Anyway it's a nice post "tempo" I think, 1 per day keeps the stress away.

Not posting every day isn't a bad thing. I take breaks from publishing all the time. It's just about getting a routine for writing :)

Thank you for this really needed to hear this :)

What a great and thorough article. When I first joined the community, I was like hey post whatever you have and my starting posts are the evidence. When I didn't got votes on my craps, I felt like hey, steem is dying. As time passed, I learnt lots of new things. It is not that I'm not matured enough. But it is just the trending page which made me greedy. Sometimes I notice silly posts on trending page but it all depends on what whales actually like themselves, so I have nothing to complain. You included all the great tips. One of my favorite: "Write what interests you". It is something on which I was caught. I didn't write my favorite topics. But when I started writing my favorite topics, i started to see improvements in my post votes. See two of my posts below:

and this one:

I am improving day by day on SteemIt and that's a good thing. Keep your further posts coming because seems like you know all the tricks and follow your own advises too, and this post is the evidence.

Great insights. Glad to see that you found the best topics for you to write about. That makes it so much easier. I wouldn't even think about touching any of your technical topics. Hehe.... I guess I see you around!

lol. Yeah, its technical but I keep them super simple. My charts are simplest if you look at them and will exactly tell you the correct picture.

Thanks for your words of encouragement and have a splendid day!

Setting a deadline is very helpful, at least for me. I can say that it makes you more focused and therefore more productive!

Amazing Write up, great read!!!!!!

Thanks for this, I like writing but no clue how to prepare myself and get in the right mood. Really appreciate this a lot!

as someone said: i am not good writer,i am good rewriter.

I hope this will get me on the right track

Number 4 is crucial ... inspiration strikes at the oddest times, and it's great to jot down a quick note or snap a quick pic to keep the content at the ready when I finally have some time to write.

I have to agree that i started to do a lot of things from your list from last week.. when i started to use steemit.. it's very addicted and if you don't do the things right there cam appear some kind of depression when i write article after article and the results ends to appear :)

But in the end we should improve our self to make better content.. is a never ending learning machine

I really enjoyed this, knowing what to write from another person's perspective. I believe I may have been exhausting myself too.

This post gets my Jimmy award lol

Haha! Had to smile at this one :)) love the GIF comments! Thank you

A very informative and useful advice! I love it! This will definitely be saved in my Favorites! ;-)

Great Job @inboundinken! Really deserved an upvote!

Thanks a lot!

Great article @inboundinken thank you for sharing these information with us

nice article

To write on-schedule for me does not turn out. If there is a desire of post I can write for 5 minutes. If there is not a desire - nothing good turns out :(((

Good job... thanks for sharing @inboundinken

You know what would be interesting ? How to deal with your frustration if you earn 3 cents for an article it took you 8 hours to write XD

extremely constructive councils

well you think you need all this for writing well i dont think its soo evolved into the best punch intellegent wrinting but some and i mean just some are good advises but the eating i mean as no much influence

Better one, then many mediocre articles. Writing many articles also will make you tired, maybe not a burn-out, but it will decrease your creativity.

This is how I personally fight against art/writing block
But more often, the right music turns your brain on(yes that's my creation when I had no more ideas)

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 5.2 and reading ease of 83%. This puts the writing level on par with Jane Austen and JK Rowling.

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