Ahoy, Steemit! I’m Maya, just one of a bunch of people living and travelling on a sailing boat named Rocinante.

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Hi there!

Started as a simple student and a fashion-industry worker in Russia (that’s how I apologize for my English), soon I’ve realised that the university system was simply producing a «so-called specialists" and I quit it - no regrets for that.

Luckily, after that I’ve occasionally joined a crew of open-minded people, who was making different kids of art, such as theather, music and a nice fat custom bicycles.

We were having a great time in our workshop called «Bicycle trust», which is located in an old soviet military bunker in a center of the city of Saint-Petersburg.

Altoghether we went on a festivals, such as FBI Amsterdam, where we’ve met a ton of a freakingly creative people from a different parts of the globe.

This tendency to unite a different personalities/minds on one flow I can see right now in a blockchain community, and it makes me so excitied!

I’m still deeply in love with a custom culture (our sailboat is also custom-build by the way), it gaves me the right kind of vibration, and was a leading line to my further experimenting.

Since we’re all come together in that time, the main idea of our little community start to form.

From very first russian custom culture festival called «White Nights Kustom Awards» to expirements with a soundsystems in a deep forest - It was all about craving for all possible freedom to create what you want without letting down other people around you, but colaborating with them.

But russian reality not always gives you a possibilities to do so. From one side it’s stimulating, but from another it makes you feel tired after a while. And a climat is sucks!

A change is as good as a rest, so we’e got a boat.

It may sound not so logical, but actually sailing vehicle it’s a perfect example of autonomy.
First of all, 71% of planet surface is water - and it’s eventually becoming more since the temperature is rising. So you can get to so much places with much less regulations on your way - thanks to maritime laws and big «boooooo!» to borders and burocracy machines.

Secondly, boat can have a renewable energy source on it - such as solar panels, wind generators and kinetic panels - which is also a field for an endless experiments, since this kid of tech is on rise nowadays.

And the wind is free, so you can enjoy your journey much longer than in other cases and having more comfort at the same time.

So that’s how Dolce far Niente project happens in our lives.

It’s a seafaring community experiencing custom adventures, beach parties, and sort of a gonzo-experiments, searching for more of a soulmates.

We spent around 5 years doing so, made our way from Sweden to Canary islands, spreading the preciousness of new ideas and getting it from others.

And we’re not going to stop here - some concepts may evolve in bigger things.

That’s happening with MARCO now - it’s an idea of autonom self-regulating decentralised maritime platform, which includes some important points:
generating and sharing an information - about navigation or sertain locations - because we think it should be free
having a possibility to register a boat using blockchain technology - to make it as easy and yet trustworthy as possible
popularization of living on a water - in a lot of places it can change things for the better drasticly, especially in a future.

If you have a questions about it - don’t hesitate to ask it in comments!

We’re looking forward to start one more curious and quiet ambitious project this autumn: it’s The Essence of Green Project - a scientific and practical facility focused on developing, promoting, and connecting sustainable and renewable ideas to solve the urgent problems with a joint efforts.

It’s services could range from renewable energies, recycling, eco-friendly building and construction materials to ecological gardening and healthy living.

Also it’s specialized in planning, consulting and assisting projects in all aspects of their growth in part or total.
There is some more - a possibility of working with the leading companies and universities to improve what already exists now.

The Essence of Green Project is going to be placed on La Gomera island, Spain.
All sort of suggestions is welcome, so you can tell us what you want and we will help you to develop it and install in a whole system if possible.

What I want to do besides being a part of all this goodness, is to picture it all step by step from the beginning, creating sort of a visual log. (for now it's on russian, but i have english sub in it)

Probably, cause I’m from this last generation of dinosaurus, who was so happy when the VHF-camera first gets in my hands, and then cross all the way to the camera of my smartphone. And it still gets me all the time!
Guess I can call myself a researcher of all sorts of freedom which I can get with it.
Where is a perfect place to post all this?

And now we have Steemit - and I get this tangling feeling - like seeng a starry sky at the open ocean - feeling of a big, but not yet-so-discovered potential of such a concept.
Is it truly the place where we don’t need gurus? Well, it’s all about community,
like it says in an old indian proverb -
those who tell stories, rules the world.

What a time to be alive!

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Living on a boat sounds like an interesting change up in lifestyle, would you suggest this experience for everyone? You mention some positives i.e the nomadic lifestyle, not having to worry about rising ocean levels also the ease of navigating under international maritime laws, how does this positively effect your day to day cuisine, social life, work and ultimately lifestyle in general?


Good question!
Well, life on a boat it's not for everybody - practice shows that some people are just getting tired of it very fast.
For example, if you love comfort, there is some borders for that, of course you can get bigger boat and make it fully equiped - it just requier some money investement.
Also some personalities doesn't fit to other crew members, which ruin the whole atmosphere sometimes (there is some class of marine people I call "lonely captains", which can live on a boat but only alone)

About cuisine - it's totally worth it if you love fresh seafood obviously, and from place to place you discover more of a true local food - it's one of a social activities - to invite locals to see how you live (usually people are curious to see the boat inside and hear your story), and to share their culture a bit.
We made a lot of good friends on the way like that, it's cool to show a young people that this lifestyle is not only for rich elder white people:)

We're working remotely, which is not always easy, sometimes we do some job in a place we're staying (from picking fruits to motor repairs). In general we choose freedom not the money - we still payd less than office workers, but it's a very personal choice, depending on your comfort zone.

So you have to really love this lifestyle and also to have some idea behind it - it may seems a bit pathetic, but actually I see that it's true.
As for me, all this expirience gave me a lot, I'm different person compared to beginning.
Nomadic sea life tunes you to stay open, but persistent, tolerant and philosophical in some way, but still hungry for the new - the more you see, the more you want to see - this world is really huge, or may be it's just me being a nomad, not a settler:)


Another positive is you get to play this song

When I read you had custom built the boat I was hooked! Welcome to steemit and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful pics about your adventures!

I saw this photo it seems need to struggle lol
but cool :)


Haha, we build this floating stage and a pier for it in a forest in one music festival back in 2012. However, the platform is placed on a big empty plastic barrels, so it's glide on a lake surface more of less easy:)

Here is a photoreport of this event, if interesting: https://www.facebook.com/thedreamersunited/photos/?tab=album&album_id=381717551874881

Great post, I hope to see a lot more

Welcome on steemit zaebars,good post :))

Hello and Welcome! This is a very interesting and unique post.
The Essence of Green Project also looks interesting. Is it some kind of NGO supported by government or something completely different?


Government is not supporting it, but not making a difficulties either, they are pretty open for a dialog.
There is a several private companies supporting the project, but they participate more for a sake of experiment.
Yet, there is a crew of people who's really interested to make it work, eventually with a consultation of good specialists from several universities, so - search and upgrade:)

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet another steemit user from my city =)

to me it's the best idea if you have the money plus time for traveling all around the world and open new perspective for your self grate...


Yep, that's what I'm trying to achieve, it's not always easy - sometimes it's a survival, but it definitely worth it!

kinda funny

but totally i like you story

Hi Maya and welcome on steemit :)
You have really nice passion;)

oops i caught a whale
keep on steeming


Yep, I'm 26 :)
Statistic is always curious to see


Thanks a lot!


One more thing - I wrote you are from Russia but I see you haven't been there recently. Are you thinking about yourself as citizen of another country?


Last 5 years I constantly live on a boat and move from one country to another.
Recently we've been sailing around Canaries, and currently moored on tiny island of la Gomera.
Probably you need to add a sailors in your list, because most of us don't tied to the ground or country.
We created MARCO (Maritime Confederation), because our own boat according to the maritime laws it's our own country, in the international waters of course.
So I'm world citizen tho')

That's my dream to sail the world - looks like you are having too much fun!


There is no such a thing as too much fun ;)

You don't look that old to be in the "dinosaur generation" of the VHF-cameras, but hey, who cares... Welcome aboard...


Well, probably I'm older than I look, plus technology spreading in Russia was really slow, so my family got the first vhf camera in 1995.

Very beautiful, marry me:D)

welcome to steemit maya it's nice to have in this community

I wonder if you are going to recycle all waste on board , in what way are you going to produce fresh water , by recycling urine , or desalinating seawater ? I also recommend you to have a breadfruit plant on the ship.


Well, we're not a space station to recycle our urine, yet it's possible to have a portable desalinating machine onboard (or just use condensation process it some extreme situations).
Plastic waste possible to transform in a fuel or repairing material for the boats (for this you'll need more space, tho)
And if you got an old cargo ship you cat have not only a breadfruit plant , but many others, but we don't have one yet:)

hypnotizing eyes ))

Hello ツ


welcome <3

truly an exciting era to be alive

I will try to find the Bicycle trust next time I am in St Petersburg


If you go there, write me a message - I'll give you all the contacts:)

Love first world realities, so nice so free