My Steemit Post Goes Viral; Major Indy Media Joining Platform; Expect Flood Of New Users

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Dear Steemians; I have come bearing gifts and a tide of great news. :)

My friend @v4vapid who has been wonderfully supportive of my little venture on this platform suggested that I write to you all and update you on the exciting progress that has been made in the last few days because it potentially has huge benefits for Steemians!

Yesterday, a few things happened that spell really positive news for everyone who has invested time and love here on Steemit.

Firstly, I published this post. It was the first time I have written an article directly on Steemit rather than one of my other publications. It then went viral, outperforming publications like NBCNews, The Hill and even the White House website! 15,000 hits so far but definitely needs some more love from people within Steemit because 95+% of the traffic came to Steemit from sharing on other social media platforms.

Secondly, I convinced the incredible Australian writer @caitlinjohnstone to come back to Steemit. Her work has been often shared by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. She is witty, prolific and a lovely human being. Please check out her introduction post here and her other posts since. She is very worthy of our support.

Thirdly, I have begun using all my other social media and publishing platforms to convince my audience to start Steemit accounts. So far 25 people have taken me up on it and registered. I am hoping that in the coming months, I can bring thousands of new users to the platform. Likewise, if Caitlin does well here and also encourages her audience to join, we can bring many more thousands of users.

Already @hagoodman is here, @theouterlight is here, and collectively us independent journalists with sizeable non-Steemit audiences will be reaching out to other major names in independent media and asking them to begin publishing on Steemit as well.

This should have a really positive impact for the community as a whole and contribute to the ongoing success of Steemit.

Just wanted to let you guys know because I heard you like good news like this :)

Thank you so much for all of your support of me on this platform so far, I particularly appreciate it, particularly @an0nkn0wledge who is a wonderful friend and @ausbitbank who bailed me out on some extra SteemPower yesterday so I could complete the article that went viral. You guys rock!!!!


By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website:

Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

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Hey Suzie, it's wonderful to meet you. I've been telling my journalist, screenwriter, and podcast friends to join as well. With censorship the way it is it's great to have other options where our content can be displayed for readers. I write mostly about corruption and Middle Eastern affairs. Just followed and upvoted you. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Hey, I think I recognise you from Twitter. I have the same screen name there btw. I'm so happy you came across this post, I look forward to seeing your stuff!

A project I am helping create onG.Social ;)

Nice to hear that so many good activists for the truth are moving over to Steemit. I just mentioned it to Vanessa Beeley who is also constantly being censored now on Facebook. Now that Caitlin is here, it would be nice to see Vanessa come onboard and Debbie from Sane Progressive would be an excellent addition to the platform as well. We need more and more great voices here. I try to help share Vanessa's work as best I can and also do deep research on the White Helmet terrorist ruse in Syria and the war crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis myself.

I just wanted to familiarize you with what I do and hopefully you can help spread the word about the White Helmets hoax to your audience. This is one of my latest posts. I'll be sure to follow you guys and I'm glad to see so many awesome curators have got your back. They also helped me grow on the platform and I hope to return the favor to others as Steemit truly is a place for human beings with the best intentions to help each other spread the real news.

Exposing “The Last Men in Aleppo” (Hollywood's Deception) – FSA Terrorist Psyop and Oscar Nominated Propaganda Campaign

Hey there, Vanessa is great, I've followed and shared her work for a long time. I will reach out to her and also to Eva Bartlett, I definitely think this is the way to go!! Thanks so much for your support


Great work Suzie, Assange would be proud of you :)

I loved this infographic, linking all the dirty bastards in media in one giant web

Julian is the greatest thing to ever happen to this planet!

JulianAssange Julian Assange ⌛ tweeted @ 28 Jan 2018 - 15:07 UTC

Council on Foreign Relations links to major media holdings

Full graphic here:…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I think you figured IT out @suzi3d.
Highly rEsteemed.
This network is built by it's users.
Build it well.


I'm recruiting as fast as I can. A bunch more people registered for accounts today :)

As much as I appreciate recruitment, I’ve had my share of bringing people to this platform. I am now fed up with bringing people to this platform. Until people realize the absolute and raw power at this platform represents and begin to use it more than they do their fucking Twitter account, it’s wasted.

On that note, how do you feel about radio? And do you have anyone in your network who is ready and available for 247 internet (intelligence) radio?

don't worry we're doing it for you :) Just signed up Lee Camp!!!!!! And many others. Very pleased.

Not sure what you mean by 24/7 intelligence radio?

I've heard that Steemit really can help posts get top positions on google search. So giving the SEO "game" a second thought can really make a difference in the amount of exposure. This is a good reason many journalists should join Steemit. If not for the rewards, then for better positions on Google.

Also, no censorship. That's a thing for the first time in social media. After all "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations."

Keep up the good work!

Although it was a big deal for me not publishing on my own domains because they have years of name recognition built up, it was a really fantastic feeling to simply know that my post/websites wouldn't go down, and that the content couldn't be tampered with. So yes, the no-censorship is definitely a huge plus for this platform and a major reason why I'm encouraging everyone I know who is being punished by corporate platforms to get to Steemit ASAP!!

Big Smile Here! YES!!! Way To Go!!!! So happy to see this happening! I was a journalist in Canada over a decade ago and I was hit with a SLAPP for exposing corruption in the Department of Indian Affairs and the Tribal Governments. The band (financed by the DIA) offered to stop pursuing the lawsuit so long as the CanWest Media chain just stopped publishing my work. I was put on a blacklist and never published since then. The media in Canada is pretty tight knit, controlled and incestuous. Or... Whores as I like to call them. This is why Snowden and Assange were such a big deal to me when the news of their work came out... and it's also why Steemit is a huge deal to me. I've finally felt like for the first time that we may actually have a way out of the censorship and the blacklisting and the control of government run media... So happy to see the progress you are making. Whatever I can do to help -- please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Wow, amazing. Thank you so much for reaching out. I am so proud that people like you act on principle rather than for career. Yes Steemit appears to be the platform we have all been waiting for - democratising information, censorship-resistant, and no timeline manipulation. I'm loving it so far. Thank you so much for following my work!!!

thanks for sharing about steemit
that was really great news for us
carry on
waiting for your next blog
I want to work with you together

Thank you! This really is a groundbreaking and revolutionary platform. Really enjoying it so far.

most welcome dear

cruzcerda3 Dr. Cruz Cerda tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 03:03 UTC

The Top Trending URL, ⬆️ 2500%: "10 Reasons The Dutch-Russia Hacking Story Is Fake News"… /…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

That's great! I have been following you since you started on steemit. I enjoy your writing and commitment to true journalism. Thanks.

Thank you so much!! All the support and positive feedback really helps to build the self-esteem of independent journalists, who can so often feel they are pushing the proverbial uphill! I'm really pleased to be here and really appreciative of the support. All the best!

Suzie this is such wonderful news, I'm truly delighted to see you steeming ahead on this new platform. It's success well deserved given your long fight to shine a light on the truth.

Great, great now we need to get you an onG.Social account and u need to add onG.Social to ur social links right under Twitter. ^_o

Also you are very welcome Suzie Su we have always been great friends! Also, also thanks for the shout out!

onG = One Name Global. XD

I draw the line at One Name Global.
I already AM One name global on THIS platform. Ya dig?

onG.Social will allow u to post to Steemit, and several other social networks with just one post. As well as have cryptocurrency rewards as well. onG fixes the gap in Steemit's model adding in advertisers and paying users a percentage of advertising revenue.

You said all of that like it was a good thing @an0nkn0wledge. Advertising is a Method for MK-Ultra style manipulation; perhaps you should familiarize yourself with Edward Bernays. I had CLOSE dealings with ONG back in May, June and July of last year, back when I was recruiting YOU and others to come use SteemIt. I can produce several radio shows where I and others talked about ONG WITH Chris, their CEO. I have nothing personal against them... just that they're an excellent example of doing the Wrong things Righter. But if you wish to use a CENTRALIZED method, you're free to do so. I, however will always chime in when I see it to point out the obvious.

It's decentralization or bust as far as I'm concerned. And if you're looking for Advertiser Money, you're setting yourself up to become more inauthentic over time.


onG won't sell your data, Facebook has been selling your data. onG will have encrypted messaging + the gravity algorithm. Advertising is fine, it's all who is advertising and why. onG is decentralized + allows you to post on centralized social media.

Wow... so much WRONG I can't even...

Enjoy it bro!
You certainly don't need my permission.

Very inspirational. Looks like your hard work is pushing your forward. Great job with those posts. I'm motivated now to do the same.

wow nice

The Steemit platform and community continues to get better every day. Will definitely be promoting on other platforms. Great to have you here and thank you for the value you are bringing to the platform. Big THUMBS UP!

Steem On...

Hi @suzied i like your post.
I from ache indonesia

Hi @suzied i like your post.
I from ache indonesia

It's just so exciting isn't it. I have recruited several more big name indy journos today. I can't wait to see everyone posting here!

Going to get even busier. Will have to stay on top of your posts so I can "catch and follow" not catch and release ;)

this is really great news thank you for sharing dear
this make the new users of steemit really involved and gt to know more and more about steemit thank you

Woot woot!!!

isn't it exciting? A bunch more indy journos have signed up today, we are reaching out to everyone we know and bringing them to this platform. So cool!!!

Another great article, Suzie, and thanks for the shout out! Can't wait until everyone starts using Steemit and DTube!

I wanted to stop by and thank you VERY much for all you are doing for the GREAT Steemit Community! I found out about what you are doing and I'm BEYOND happy! Individuals like you make the Steemit Community so GREAT! Thanks Again! All the best! It is going to be such a well deserved, PHENOMENAL year for the GREAT Steemit Community! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

What a wonderful message, thank you so much! We are (like many others) doing our best to bring as many good people to the platform as possible :) Here's to the future!

That's fantastic! Your Decipher You series has inspired me to do some digging and writing here as well — first article on recruitment is Spies wanted Would be interested in your thoughts and suggestions.

Ed, I love how you are showcasing these individuals on your Steemit. It has taken me some time to find people I have an interest in following on Steemit and it really helps to have you bring these accounts to the forefront! Thanks very much!

Hi Suzie, I think you independent reporters should have a special tag and create a steemit newspaper together. Maybe in the future a developer can assist assist you with a website such as Dtube and Dmania.

Dpaper? Dnews?


hello i am new user in steemit .
i am a student and i am very por men
please follow me and some vots me .

When I hear good news like this I feel like: giphy.gif

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