Facebook Is Throttling My Articles, So It's Time To Diversify Platforms. Hi Steemit!

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I'm suddenly having a much harder time getting my articles in front of people due to a drastic plummet in the amount of views I'm getting from Facebook. According to my Medium account's statistics, I've gone from receiving many thousands of views from Facebook to just a few hundred over the last week or so, and the reach of my FB page has been slashed to a quarter of what it was in the same amount of time. 

This likely has something to do with changes that Facebook has announced it is making in its News Feed algorithm, but it's hard to know exactly to what extent or whether anything else is going on. All I know is far fewer people are seeing me on that site now.

It's impacting everyone in alternative media, though.

The overwhelming majority of my Medium views have always come from Facebook, but now that that's slashed the majority of them are coming from the Medium email list, which was until now a very distant second. What that tells me is that I'm now getting most of my views from my blogging platform itself, which means I need to start publishing on more blogging platforms.

Which means hi, Steemit! 

I'm here at the recommendation of @Suzi3D, and I'm excited to try this platform out and see how it goes. For those of you unfamiliar with my work, I'm an Australian who writes about America, a hardline leftist who is loathed by leftists, and an unabashed feminist who hates Hillary Clinton. I have a very diverse following from far-left to far-right to conspiracy-minded nonpartisans to high-profile political commentators who read me in secret but will never admit it publicly. I often say controversial things and I never apologize for anything.

The Plutocrats Are Pursuing Internet Censorship And They’re Barely Even Hiding It#Censorship #FreeSpeech #Facebook #Twitter #Google #NetNeutrality https://t.co/c5yHUu7kB6

I'm going to start sharing my work on a variety of diverse platforms in order to get around the censorship network, which I think all of us alt-media types are going to have to get comfortable with. Any online publications who wish to re-publish my writings are as always welcome to do so without asking, just please credit me and include the hyperlinks I place at the bottom of every article showing readers how to follow and support me. I'll still share my work on Medium and my website as well.

Online censorship has been an agenda of the elites who rule over us for some time now, and their having lost control of the narrative in the 2016 election has made that agenda all the more urgent. We're going to have to stay agile, diverse and creative in order to get around the obstructions they try to throw in our attempts to network and share information with each other, but we can definitely still do it. The old machinations of manipulation and control are no match for the speed and agility of online guerrilla media warfare.

Keep fighting.


Thanks for reading! My work here is entirely reader-funded so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking me on Facebook, following me on Twitter, bookmarking my website, checking out my podcast, throwing some money into my hat on Patreon or Paypal, or buying my new book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers.

Bitcoin donations:1Ac7PCQXoQoLA9Sh8fhAgiU3PHA2EX5Zm2


Welcome to steemit @caitlinjohnstone, or maybe I should say welcome BACK! Hope this time around provides you with more success. It's good to have someone of your caliber and stature here on the blockchain :)

Yeah, it's my second time around but I didn't have a guide last time. Suzie has been an amazing help.


You are off to an amazing start @caitlinjohnstone, Steemit is really hot right now, fantastic opportunity for us. With your talents and experience I am sure you'll do and share amazing things here. Stay encouraged, this is an awesome place. I wish you all the best. Steem on!

HI @caitlinjohnstone welcome to Steemit. I am a long time friend of @Suzi3d we even worked together at www.wearechange.org. I am also a researcher and journalist everyone knows me as AK. In my spare time I am helping the great minds of Christopher Kramer and Adrian Rosenbusch to create onG.Social. We are fixing this problem that Facebook has caused. What is onG.Social? onG is a cross-posting social media hub with a social network built in which rewards users in cryptocurrency. When the project is on the blockchain it will help fund real journalists and organizations by allowing them to post simutaneously to multiple social networks at once including onG. We are preparing for a beta in February - March you can sign up here. http://ongsocial.com/optin18275742 Although, the alpha website is already up at onG.Social. Cheers, AK.

Pleased to make your acquaintance!

Very nice to finally meet you! Just holler on Twitter if u need any help over here my Twitter is @An0nkn0wledge.

You might like my privacy workshop, if you are leaving facebrak, as I did a few months ago, you might find these things helpful.


I am immediately suspect of any websites that are still using facebook tracking.

Caitlin you're the first person I have followed on Steemit.

Isn't she fabulous? :)


yes you are yes you are yes you are! don't make me troll you now!

She's also the first person I have followed on Steemit. I joined the platform after a talk at a Bitcoin meetup, but hadn't done anything with it until Caitlin mentioned it as an alternative to Facebook, on Facebook. I tried Minds and Gab, but found they were mostly platforms for rather bizarre ideas. I like Steemit. Thanks.

Welcome to Steemit! Took you long enough, lol! Glad you got the message! The blockchain is the answer to corporate censorship.

Steem will have its breakout any day...
Smart media tokens
Millions of users incoming
Strong word to mouth community
More ways to burn steem
what about the theme, whether one day one theme such as colorchallenge, thanks.

Well, Steem has not quite cracked the million account number yet as far as I can tell. Steem sits at around 670K accounts presently. But, yes GROWING quickly!!!

Welcome to steemit.... ur art is amazing..

Facebook does that heh ^^ They are doing it to my facebook page too, i only have 282 followers on it but they throttled the articles to reach less and less people over time, now when it reaches 11 people out of 70 to 110 usually, and members telling me they don't even receive notifications or messages in their feed, i'm like, "oh well time to move on then" !

So, welcome to you, welcome on the Steemit Platform ! Have a nice stay.

Thank you! Yeah, it's pretty bad. Time to MySpace Facebook, methinks.

Love you lots, Caity! ~ a patron

Love you too.

Welcome, steemit is a cool platform and I think you will do well with it. Glad to have you here! FB blows

Thanks for great insights into what is obviously a "conspiracy" against truth and freedom, no matter how much gaslighting is floating around. Keep it up, Caity!!

Hi @caitlinjohnstone, have been following you on medium for many months, but could never comment, probably because I'm not a paying member. Great to see you here. I love your way of thinking and writing.

Welcome to steemit. I hope it is going to work out for you this time and will help you to replace Facebook completely at some point in time!

Admittedly, facebook got the numbers. But it when comes to more control and private, steemit takes the crown.

if your works or writings are not profit inclined, then leave facebook it sucks anyway. Steemit is coming up in terms of numbers and has greater percentage of sensible and matured audience and not full of juveniles like facebook and others.

I am 100 precent reader-funded via Patreon etc so it's never been about clicks for profit for me, but I do want my stuff to be seen by as many people as possible. I particularly want to be seen on Facebook because my stuff runs counter to the mainstream CNN/CIA narrative that is pushed so heavily there. We need as many disruptions to the hypnosis as we can.

Having said that, when the creatives leave Facebook then the energy will drop and their mass audience will lose interest. It'll be a tipping point kind of situation.

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

I'm @edosweet. I'm here to welcome you specially to this platform. I'm really glad you are here and hope to see you become a great steemian. Good luck to you!

Welcome to the most amazing community in the world.You finally made it.I wish you all the success.

Welcom to the Steemit Family, i have subscribed to your blog, greatings from HOLLAND!☝🏻🔥😘

Welcome. I think more and more artists, influencers and those with heart are going to be showing up here each day!

I strongly agree!!

Hey Caity.. It's me Birgit.. Also here because of Suzi 3d

Hi Birgit! It's me, Crystal! Yay! Glad to see you here!!!

Hi guys! Isn't this fun? Nine cents for Birgit! Two cents for Crystal!

YOU get a cent, YOU get a cent, YOU get a cent!!

The fun part is that the more you do it, the more cents you get to allocate :)

Eventually everyone will be able to assign dollars, or dozens of dollars, with a single clicks.

The well established accounts can give someone $50 in one click!!

Hello, welcome to Steemit! I actually joined recently for the same reason. The censorship on other social media sites has made them unusable, in my opinion. I look forward to reading your content :)

Welcome Welcome!!! I am so excited to have your articles in my feed! My name is @lostinthewoods and I have the utmost respect for what you and your colleagues do and the risks that you take to keep us all informed. Thank you.

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Facebook is a joke. All that’s going to be on that platform in the near future is Feminazis and Social Justice Warriors. I’m glad you made your way to steemit and from the look of your rep you are doing well on here. Have fun and express yourself fully.

Welcome to Steemit! It's got a steep learning curve, but it's worth it in the long run if you keep putting in the time! Just know that it will take quite a while before you start getting attention and followers. The secret to success? Keep posting high quality content regularly, and make sure to search out other people's posts, read them, and give relevant comments.

Tagging is extremely important. Always make sure to use all five possible tags, and to keep them relevant. You can always just tag something "blog" or "photography" or something else really general (so long as it's still relevant) to fill the quota if you need to- most of your tags should be established ones, though one or two less used ones are fine.

Posting more than four times a day can reduce your potential rewards, as well as turning off potential users. (I aim for one post per day most of the time.) Consistency is important, though, so you should try to post often.

Always make sure to attach a photo to your posts! You should also have a finished profile: Write a description, add a profile picture and a banner- neither needs to be of you, necessarily, but you should have something- and set a website.

There are a lot of really good resources out there for minnows (new users). You should check out the following groups and services, they offer a lot of valuable resources to new users:

@thesteemengine (Check this one out first- they're an extremely supportive group.)
@qurator (These guys offer an excellent liftime upvote to accounts that post consistent quality content.)
@originalworks (Whenever you write an original post, tag this account- they'll verify it's original and upvote you.)
@steembasicincome (Another lifetime upvote option.)
@steemstem (The biggest and best STEM curation group in the game. If you're interested in writing or reading about science, check these guys out!)
@geopolis (A fairly new science curation group, this one's dedicated to the study of the Earth.)
@ocd (A curation group that seeks out undervalued new writers.)

And, again, the biggest thing is just patience. Breakout successes are incredibly rare on Steemit- you've got to find your way there through perseverance and hard work. It takes time, but you'll eventually succeed if you put in the work.

If my post is helpfull for you then pls Upvote,resteem and don't forget to follow me .

Thank you ..

Great info, thanks!

Welcome to the decentralized future. I would also like to point out a project that will allow content creators like yourself to directly earn money and build an audience. The project is still deep in beta, but you should keep this on your radar https://novusphere.io/

Hi Caitlin, welcome to Steemit! I love your work. I joined in August and want to eventually transition here completely away from FB, but since there's only so much time in a day I'm still learning the ropes. Good luck and I hope it works out for you here on Steemit!

I migrated from FB when I saw how invisible I had become. Welcome.

Welcome to Steemit Caitlin. You'll love it here. The community is growing on a daily basis and your following will grow quickly. Looking forward to your wonderful articles. Keep fighting

Welcome! Hopefully STEEMIT works out for you!

Welcome to Steemit! After 2 weeks on this platform, I would say the important thing to do if you want to keep your readers, is to diversify and you're doing it! I have been analyzing the use of Facebook vs. Medium vs. Twitter vs. Steemit and what I can say is that they group different types of public. Some may follow you on all platforms or not, depending of the reason they actually follow you. On Facebook, I think the main idea will be grabbing our friends and family attention only, maybe a bit more public, but less with the latest news. Medium on the other hand, is a place where people go to for quality content under the topics of their interest, so you'll see, here on Steemit unfortunately quality content is not always well rewarded but it is still the long-term intention. Twitter is THE news feed of the people you choose to follow, so I believe it goes hand in hand with Medium and Steemit profiles that have a Twitter account, no competition there I would say. So anyways, I am glad to see authors like you join Steemit, may it help improve quality content!!!

Yeah. That's a good wrap of the various strengths of each platform. Just to be clear, I'm not leaving any of them, I'm just adding Steemit.

This is really good advice! Thank you.

Your very welcome! :)

Facebook groups with 249 or less members notify every member of that group everytime soneone posts unless they manually turn off notifications. I share my posts in those groups the most. My main priority on facebook is to get people on steemit. Posts with links to or even mentioning competeting sites they don't like aren't shown in many or any newsfeeds. That includes Steemit.

The only thing keeping people on Facebook these days is the fact that their friends and families are there and it's the only place where you can keep up with the mall as a social media site it's the only one that has everybody on it but not for long

Thanks for what you do and welcome! following you

Glad to have you here.
I saw your post in twitter and thought I would come on over and see your work.
I have been shadowbanned on twitter and my post on FascistBook get buried in timelines so far down they look like they are weeks old right after posting. That pushed me to steemit as well.
Don't forget to vote for the STEEM witnesses.

Hi Caity! Fancy meeting you here on Steemit. --Jonathan B.

Good move choosing Steemit. Welcome! I look forward to seeing more of your work. I'm into crypto and the liberty movement as well. I wrote an introduction you may want to check out.

Hola @ caitlinjohnstone
La libertad de expresión es una de nuestras primeras garantías.
Conozco un red donde ese derecho priva sobre cualquier otro.
¿Conoces la red


welcome aboard caitlin! :)

Welcome on Steemit comunirty, we a rapid growing social media embrassing blockchain tech. We will never again being moneytized as before...this is tremendous breakthrough

I love to see you here. I iam looking forwqrd to work with you

Hi! Welcome to steemit! Wishing you a lot of luck with this platform

you are welcome here in steemit it a amazing community you will enjoy here in steemit

Great to see you on here, Caitlin! I just joined, too. I love your writing. Good luck as we expand into more diverse platforms.

Oh wow, one of my favorite authors is here now! Yeah. Happy Dance.


I'm really not at all surprised that Facebook censored you, but NB visibility is not necessarily something you'll get on here easily... people upvoting their own posts/ bot users dominate the trending pages, and yr unlikely to get massive votes from the whales, who are, for the most part, not left!

Also, if you're writing quality content the amount of shit-posts getting massive rewards on here will probably be a cause of considerable irritation!

You can blinker yourself to this by wise use of yr feed, avoid the trending pages at all costs.

And watch out for @cheetah if you're cross posting.

Anyway, welcome, it's an odd platform, but there are plenty of sound people on here!

Haha! You made a lot of noises that I barely understood but I'm sure will become obvious soon. Sounds pretty fascinating anyway.

Welcome and look forward to reading your work.
I’ve also noticed my cross-posting from Medium has disappeared.

Facebook is fast on the decline.

Welcome. It's great to have you here. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. Remember to write your password down somewhere and keep it safe. :)

Hi, @caitlinjohnstone, you may join teamaustralia on steemit. They are a bunch of helpful folks willing to help fellow Aussies when it comes to reading and upvoting your posts.

Read this and see how to join.

Good day, mate.

Welcome, Caitlin! Love your work!

Caitlin, very glad to see you posting over here on Steemit. I first caught sight of you excellent articles on Jackpine Radicals (before I was banned there for revealing too much information on the White Helmets terrorists in Syria). I hope to see more of your posts here and wishing you well and that your following grows massive, as you truly deserve it. Facebook has also been censoring the material I post up. Just this morning I tried to post links to my posts at Free Thought Project and AlterNet on Facebook. Both comments were marked as spam as soon as I posted them.

Here's a link to the latest Deep State propaganda ruse being orchestrated in relation to Syria. Once again Hollywood is playing a major role in producing psyop's, war and regime change propaganda.

Exposing “The Last Men in Aleppo” (Hollywood's Deception) – FSA Terrorist Psyop and Oscar Nominated Propaganda Campaign


I also wanted to recommend you follow Patrick Lancaster who is carrying out excellent first person reporting and humanitarian fundraising for war affected families from the breakaway regions of east Ukraine.

Press conference on Ukrainian war crimes against Donbass people


Welcome @caitlinjohnstone, its great to see great minds joining the platform too.
Looking forward to your amazing articles!

helo... welcome to steemit, i enjoyed your post...follow/join me lets do something unique here

Welcome I loved your introduction ... I've already followed you, visit my blog!


The forces of censorship, bigotry, fundamentalism and trashing the US Constitution guarantee of freedom of expression are alive and thriving on Steemit. And they will cause you material damage

Welcome aboard! You're going to love this censor-free zone!

Hello Caitlin. Forget about Facebook, I know that you are going to love being here on Steemit, so hearty welcome!

Welcome to steemit caitlin!

Welcome to the community caitlin!

@caitlinjohnstone nice having you on steemit......i follow your article on medium and you do make a lot of sense but then i wonder. If both the republican and democratic parties are one of the same coin where then is the best path for the good people of the US and the world at large??

Don't forget the people are the government and are the failure of government is the failure of the people to rally around the truth ...........real power lies with the people

Welcome to steemit Caitlin! Look forward to reading your content. Wishing you much better luck with steemit, than Facebook. Such a shame to see the way Facebook has gone! Yasmine

When one door closes, another one opens! Good luck with Steemit!

Welcome to steemit @caitlinjohnstone, looking forward to your work!

Welcome to the platform, It's nice having you here ! :)

Welcome @caitlinjohnstone. I'm definitely going follow you here. Good luck.

Welcome to steemit! Nice introduction. I invite you to read my post too.

Self promotion could make your reputation a whale snack!

Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

Thank You! ⚜

Thanks for your comment! It was really helpful :)

Hi @caitlinjohnstone ... I just started using @steemit today and stumbled on your post! Have checked out and bookmarked your website! Great reporting...thanks for being a voice crying 'bullshit' in a sea of partisan, politicized lunacy!


find and choose a convenient place for us any form and its name is the inevitability, and here is the right place for it in steemit obviously, bravo steemit @caitlinjohnstone

Welcome to Steemit, Caitlin! Good to finally see you here!! You will love it here!

Welcome to this beautiful community ..
I invite you to visit my blog.

Caitlin I will love to see more of your articles on Steemit platform
U are utmost welcome to steemit
Free free to follow me @tholluwacoded and upvote me .

Welcome to Steemit!

This website is great. You can have real uncensored conversations about real things and you don't have to worry about people reporting you because the truth makes them need a safe space.

facebook completely blocked me from being able to enter my account. They suddenly asked me for my drivers license and birth certificate. After I didn't comply to their bullshit, they gave me this message.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.21.38 AM.png

I guess Facebook doesn't like conservatives.

welcome to steemit

Facebook is a two-faced b...... On one hand their algorithm works in a way that if you like, comment, and interact with other posts often, you get more exposure yourself. Most don't have time to sit all day to do these functions just to boost their own content, let alone when they actually have subscribers. But when you take censorship and elite influence, it's a whole new ballgame. Diversifying your platforms was a great choice. Here it pays to interact with others. Can't beat that.

Great to have you here! I was amazed to read what @suzi3d has to offer. Looking forward to more great content and joining the winning team. I just wonder if infowars.com is controlled oposition or not...

I'm an "anti-feminist", because male people are humans too, but OTOH any body who is against Clinton can't be all bad... so Imma gunna follow and see what U have 2 say. 😘

welcome to steemit @caitlinjohnstone
looking forward to reading your posts

hello welcome, good thing you like it, every day we have many good and new things we want to learn

Time to deactivate fb account! Welcome=)

Welcome! Glad you are bringing articles to me here. I am so over facebook and its limiting algorithms. The more you know........

Canadian here following you now. 😊

Hah welcome..you will luv it here. Here's another one who hates killary!! Cheers!!

You sound like passionate person and I cant wait to see more of your content. Welcome to Steemit! liked and following.

Hey! I'm a music producer can't seem to get any exposure on Steemit! 😂😂
So, I'm inspired by how well your "introduceyourself" post is going down... Do let me know if you have any good tips!!! Anyway, welcome to the Steemit community, keep up the good work and Happy blogging!

About time you got here... The new model is contribute data get paid in crypto ☺️ it's wonderful to see the migration of truly terrific people coming here to the steemit platform welcome from one of your readers from Facebook ☘️

hi @caitlinjohnstone welcome to steemit and enjoy it.. 😊

Welcome to steemit.. I am so excited to have your articles in my feed!

Welcome to Steemit. You are now amongst the ranks of brilliant minds. Just a couple quick tips that will start you off right. Follow individuals who share similar interests as yourself, stay away from spammy posters who post meme after meme, and consistency is your friend! It's not always easy to post everyday, this is understandable, but I recommend at least 5 days out of the week if your goal is to earn well for your content. Readers like consistency, and quality. Give them both, and they will bless you with their up votes. Pay close attention to your steem power, and manage it accordingly. There are sites from the steemit community that will ease this process, such as https://www.steemnow.com. If you can put these fundamentals into this platform, you should be able to do just fine. Best wishes @futuremind

amazing interest

Welcome to steemit caitlinjohnstone! Have a great time here!

Welcome to Steemit, sounds like this is the right place for you and we're happy to have ya.

"It's impacting everyone in alternative media, though"
^ I don't think that this is an accident due to changes to algos, like they will probably say it is. Places like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are old news. They are censoring themselves out of the market. Good riddance.

Blockchain platforms like this are the future though. Welcome to Steemit.

Welcome @caitlinjohnstone
I too just joined steemit recently, I hope to get along with you.
I totally understand you, I mean the reason why you diversified. I hope to get more of you here, I followed you by the way.

Welcome to Steemit! Please follow me back if you like @quote-of-the-day

Yes, you are right, one of the biggest problems of the Internet today is censorship. We have already a world gouvernment, the ICANN. See my post about it.

I am so pleased to see you posting on Steemit! I have been following your work closely over the past few years and your relentless espousing of truth to power is inspiring and much needed in our current times. I hope you can continue to win minds and debunk propaganda on this platform. I'm excited to see your views on our upcoming US midterms and the continued implosion of the DNC and RNC.

WOW ! Very good article. Welcome in steemit @caitlinjohnstone. I invite you to browse my profile. Have a nice day and good luck!!

I agree. Let's give steemit a go! :)

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