Ep 5: Finding hidden gems in the Snowden files #DecipherYou

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Now things really get awesome: in this episode Elizabeth Lea Vos, Editor in Chief of Disobedient Media joins Decipher You as co-host. Below is a timestamped version of Episode 5 of Decipher You! Enjoy!

Hey there!

If you've been following this series, episode 5 is where things take a turn for the better as Elizabeth Lea Vos gets involved in the project and the end results are fabulous. Every episode going forward has major findings unique to our series - among other things in this one, the NSA admits that the USA was in fact engaging in "nation-building" in Iraq/Afghanistan, which is the total opposite of what they were claiming to the world.

As I mentioned before, DecipherYou is a budding OSINT research community that has been forming around the two of us as we've embarked upon an amazing journey to analyse all of the publicly available Snowden files. The files are periodically released in bulk by The Intercept and we have made dozens of unique findings from our study of them, that is of astonishing historical significance.

I will put a viewing guide below for the Episode, so that you can see what documents/topics are discussed in it, and jump back and forward to the relevant timestamps if you wish.

I really love feedback from you guys so please let me know what you think. I also massively appreciate any help you can give me in letting people know that this work exists, and is here for them, especially within the Steemit community.

Thanks so, so much for your interest to date.



0:00 Introducing Elizabeth, and explaining why it is so important to study the Snowden documents ourselves.

16:22 Advanced Analysis Seminar: Computational Neurobiology

20:30 Defense Threat Reduction Agency

21:59 NSA spies overworked

27:34 Doing SIGINT Against Public Broadcasts

40:00 Revisited document on Computational Biology (above) in light of info found in chat about FICO (Fair Isaac Co) which is a credit rating agency. Who is Robert Hecht Neilsen? We discover that credit rating companies use similar AI technologies to what the NSA use

54:35 Building Our House of Stone

1:00:05 MGQ, Where are you?

1:06:00 Keeping Congress (un)Informed

1:12:50 What Does A Leader Do?

1:23:49 Gateway's Customer Service - A Concept Whose Time Has Come!

1:26:31 NSA admits that the US is in fact engaging in 'Nation-Building'

1:38:08 Live tweeting and interesting general discussion about the stream.

2:08:32 Working in the Pirate Pad

2:15:24 Gateway's Customer Service - A Concept Whose Time Has Come!

2:18:00 Interaction with live chat and wind-up of the episode.

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