The Agenda To Destabilize Europe - How The USA Engineered The Migrant Crisis by Suzie Dawson

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Recently, I discovered an NSA strategy document in the Snowden files that listed the EU as the number one threat to US power: it was ranked above both China and terrorism.


If you have been following our DecipherYou series analysing the Snowden documents, you will be aware that the NSA secretly prioritised "an expanding EU" as the biggest strategic threat facing US economic and political power.

This is an incredible discovery that provides incontrovertible evidence in support of the theory I had advanced in an epic 2016 article I wrote called The Agenda To Destabilise Europe.

In that article, which was based off my analysis of CIA talking points, WikiLeaks documents, and countless other source materials, I stated that I believed the USA knew that their destruction of Libya would result in a migrant crisis (they had been warned of that in advance at the UN, as per public record) and that they intentionally went ahead with it anyway, as part of a campaign to deliberately destabilise the European Union, their supposed allies in the War on Terror.

The information in the article completely obliterates the public perceptions - seeded by mainstream media - and the conventional history of the US-Europe relationship. They are not in fact allies but competitors.

The below is a major piece in the puzzle to understanding the agenda that lies beneath recent events in Europe.

Without further adieu, here is the article. I look forward to your feedback!


The Agenda To Destabilize Europe

There is always a manufactured enemy - a scapegoat - behind which geopolitical puppeteers hide.

An ever-increasing concentration of anti-Muslim propaganda has been circulating in social media, more broadly since 9/11 but particularly over the last two years - gradually seeping into the common verbiage of citizens in 'First World' societies.

Tolerance hard won over multiple generations, has been lost within one.

Diversity is again being made a dirty word, rather than an integral, structural pillar of any ethical society.

Those who take fixed positions either pro or anti refugee - pro or anti Muslim - are being divided and conquered. Rather than be pitched against each other, we must examine what lies beneath the propaganda.

For the true bi-polar, diametric positions are that of pro or anti Western intelligence agencies and their interests. Interests that seldom align with that of the general public they are supposed to serve, but more often align with the wishes of the comptrollers in economics and industry and the insatiable governmental aspirations of empirical power.

Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist from Bristol in the UK, was interviewed by RT in 2013 and talked about this acceleration and the origins of the mentality, laying the blame squarely at the feet of intelligence agencies like Britain's MI5:

"Western intelligence services have been involved in criminal acts in the past which have actually fueled this kind of sectarian violence which seems to be beginning again here in Britain. There's some serious questions that MI5 have got to answer... we've got other extremists here in Britain, that is to say, anti-Islamic extremists. Two weeks ago a pensioner coming home from his mosque in Birmingham, in the Midlands of Britain, was murdered, and this got almost no coverage whatsoever and we need to make sure the security services are taking exactly the same sort of measures against the anti-Muslims like the English Defense League and these kinds of organisations, as they are against the Islamic organisations... what they're actually trying to do is demonise Muslims in a similar way to the Nazis demonising Jews back in the 1930s and its ridiculous. We've got to stop that, and we don't want that from MI5 thank you very much!"

Gosling makes great points, but MI5 is just one of countless agencies hiding behind the anti-immigrant curtain.

American Hostility Towards The EU

The root of American contempt for the European Union is likely not just political, but also economic. The total gross domestic product (GDP) of the European Union is slightly larger than that of the United States, although the per capita GDP is approximately one-third less.

This means the two super-powers are not simply allies, or trading partners, but are also competitors.

The European Union has, to date, proven resistant to many of the ills of American economic convention; largely remaining GE/GMO-free, and acting to regulate lobbying by interest groups.

Such constraints are abrasive to the corporate power of the United States.

While the United States has brought many of the world's countries to heel through military adventure or economic coercion, the European Union has, in some ways, remained legislatively impervious to those pressures.

The contempt of US diplomats towards the European Union was never more blatant than that revealed by the leak of the now-infamous "Fuck The EU" tape.

Revealing the culpability and craftiness of US diplomats in converting the Maidan protests into an opportunity for a pro-US regime change and then micro-managing the formation of the new Ukrainian government, the tape more broadly illustrates their general contempt for the European Union.

While it is difficult to verify the efficacy of the associated Twitter accounts, a quick search makes it clear that the 'Fuck The EU' sentiment is becoming increasingly widespread.

Signs Of Schengen Fracturing (Again)

According to The Economist: "various studies over the years have argued that the Schengen agreement led members to form closer trading partnerships, boosted both imports and exports, and drew tourists."

This opinion has been ratified by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German Economy Minister at the Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, this week.

Their comments were made in the wake of Austria having recently "temporarily" suspended Schengen.

As Reuters reports:

The cracks were apparent at least as far back as August, 2015, but were not the first existential pressure on the Schengen pact, as explained by The Economist:
This is not the first time that the Schengen agreement has appeared to be in danger of fraying. In 2011, fearing an influx of North African refugees, Italy and France pushed for a review of the agreement. Earlier this year the Dutch prime minister threatened Greece with expulsion if it allowed migrants free passage to the rest of Europe. Neither eventuality came to pass.
So why did those countries expect "an influx" of migrants from North Africa, as far back as 2011? What caused this original threat to Schengen?

The destruction of Libya.

The True Roots Of The Migrant Crisis

NATO's official story about the bombing of Libya is, of course, that it was a humanitarian intervention. However, there is ample evidence that it was actually a war fought for economic reasons and the control of resources.

Regardless of the 'why', the end result was foreordained by none other than Muammar Gaddafi himself.

In Part 4 of the new documentary "World Order", hosted by LiveLeak, Gaddafi is shown saying:

"Negligence of the stability in Libya will result in collapse due to instability in the Mediterranean. In case our power in Libya were to stop, millions of Africans will illegally flow to Italy, to France. Europe would become 'black' within the shortest possible period. We prevent migration by resisting Al-Qaeda. If the stability in Libya is disrupted, it will immediately cause bad consequences for Europe and Mediterranean countries. Everyone will be in danger."
This suggests that it was known well in advance of the destabilization of Libya, that failure to secure that country would result in a human tidal wave of economic migrants from the North of Africa that, compounded by the Iraqi, Syrian and other refugees that have resulted from the many military misadventures of Western interventions in the Middle East, might ultimately overwhelm Europe.

At 05:00 in the same segment of the documentary, Russian President Vladimir Putin sub-textually ratifies the theory that the United States sees a unified European Union as an economic foe.

"The united Europe is more than 300 million people, the biggest economy. The Euro keeps its position stable... It recovers the space for itself as a world reserve currency. It is good, because when there is only one reserve currency, the USD, it restricts the space for maneuver for the whole world economy."
EU Introduction Of Biometric Databases Threatens The CIA

Wikileaks' 2014 releases of 'The CIA Travel Documents' shed light on further benefits to the United States intelligence agencies, were Schengen to be collectively abandoned by European states.

CIA concerned about ability to maintain cover after intro of biometrics in 2015 in Schengen | #CIAtravel

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) December 21, 2014

As stated in the accompanying press release:

"The documents show that the CIA has developed an extreme concern over how biometric databases will put CIA clandestine operations at risk – databases other parts of the US government made prevalent post-9/11."
From within the leaked documents themselves (specifically, the 'Infiltrating Schengen' document):
The European Commission is considering requiring travelers who do not require visas to provide biometric data at their first place of entry into the Schengen area, which would increase the identity threat level for all US travelers.
So it seems that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. While the US pushes the advances of biometrics for security purposes, the adoption of those same technologies by other states, in this case the European Union as a whole, threatens the cover of its intelligence agents.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Agitating for the termination of the border-less zone isn't just about prioritizing American economic interests, or protecting US intelligence assets. It is also about pressuring the EU into sharing more of its citizen's data with intelligence agencies.

There are some very high-profile talking heads that have been predicting that the end of Schengen is nigh, and who have fascinating input on the subject.

On November 22nd, 2015, in the wake of the Paris attacks, and just as Belgium was being locked down due to alleged terror threats, CNN hosted two such guests on a panel with anchor Fareed Zakaria.

Namely, Richard Haass - the President of the Council on Foreign Relations and Philip Mudd; CNN Counter-terrorism analyst, former deputy director of the CIA's Counter Terrorist Center and the ex FBI deputy director of the National Security Branch.

Haass directly declared the end of the Schengen Zone, stating "those days are over".

Zakaria: Richard, you've dealt with the Europeans for many years. This is a case where, you know, you need more Europe in a sense. You need the Europeans to share more, to deepen the ties, but the politics is less Europe.
Haass: Absolutely right. You need much more sharing. You're not seeing it. We're also going to see a whole change, I think, to what's called the Schengen area, the idea that once you get into Europe you're essentially free to move around. Those days are over. So rather than European - the European project moving forward in some ways, Fareed, I think we're actually more likely to see it move backwards where the balance between nationalism and Europeanism is about to move more in the direction of nationalism.
Zakaria: Fascinating. When we come back I'm going to ask Richard about Hillary Clinton who gave a big speech about ISIS hosted by him. Stay with us.

So the President of the Council on Foreign Relations - an entity whose membership, according to Wikipedia, "has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures" not only predicts that Schengen is already done and dusted, but that Europe as a whole is moving backwards and heading in the direction of nationalism - a phenomena not seen since pre World War II.

But wait, there's more.

Haass: Well, I actually think not just in Europe but here in the United States we're on the cusp of what will be a second great debate about the balance between individual privacy and collective security. And the sorts of questions you just raised are going to come to the fore. And the answer is I think the pendulum is going to have to swing. Not dramatically. We're not talking going to the other end but somewhat in the direction of greater collective security. So we are going to have to gather more data, more information about societies and about our populations.

So the country whose intelligence mantra has been 'Collect It All' wants yet more data - but rather than collect it, it wants Europe to hand it over on a silver platter, on the premise that this will somehow improve their security situation.

And to what end?

Zakaria: Do you think that this will extend to being able to kill a French citizen on a battlefield if, you know, again, they haven't committed a crime. You know, we've crossed that bridge with Anwar al-Awlaki. The British just did. Are the French now facing this issue?
Mudd: I do. I think this is one of the great untold stories of this war. People debated, it's not widely known. Presidents of countries having the authority to authorize the killing of a citizen on foreign soil when that citizen can't be brought in for the judicial process. We've had, as you said, with an American, with the British citizen. If you're the French president and you find with the Americans because the Americans are likely to develop intelligence on this, that you can locate the perpetrators, you then have the choice, do you allow that plot or plotters to continue because you can't bring them home to justice immediately or do you authorize a targeted killing? And I think given what the French president said after this event you're going to have a third country say, it is appropriate for the leader of a country to authorize the killing of a citizen on foreign soil without a judicial process.

The implications are enormous. Mudd's suggestion is that the Americans will supply intelligence to European countries (in this case, France) which will lead to them authorising targeted killings of their own citizens on foreign soil, without judicial process.

Just how does one go from being Deputy Director of the CIA, to a CNN analyst?

While Mudd doesn't appear to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, he does appear in several references. Including the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture.


The use of the term 'get out and sell' is puzzling, until you dig a little deeper. In a video of a presentation by Mudd to his alma mater, Villanova University, he constantly refers to the CIA as 'the business', and repeatedly references himself as having decades of experience 'in the business'.

Bringing us full circle to the real agenda behind the attrition of European unity and the increase in intelligence sharing - solidifying and expanding America's financial and economic power.

Sure enough - according to Mudd he does "a week a month at a boutique wealth management firm" - which appears to map to his CNN biography which states "Mudd is the Director of Enterprise Risk at SouthernSun Asset Management in Memphis, Tennessee."

The last 10 minutes of his Villanova speech gets really interesting. When asked what was his biggest mistake, Mudd sheds light on the impetus for his transition from the public to private sectors.

"I quit government, I didn't retire. I quit in 2010 because I was nominated by the President to take over Homeland Security Intelligence. Which is a low budget Presidential nomination - although when you join government as an entry level guy - the President doesn't have that many nominees...
...that Presidential nomination requires Senate confirmation. You've got to sit in front of the Senate on C-SPAN and get your ass handed to you. I quit because the Senate at the end of the confirmation process, which is about a six-month process, said 'this guy knows about CIA and what they did to CIA prisoners, and we're going to hammer him'...
...professionally, I'm like, this is going to be front page news, I'm not doing it. That's an embarrassment to the President. I allowed the Congressional Affairs Office to handle the six months with the Congress, and they let it get out of hand. I'm happy I quit, I have a great life, I don't work very hard and I make a lot of money. And I drink a lot of wine... [laughter] I pulled my nomination. It was front page news for one day, which is the right thing. I don't have very many regrets but I probably should not have trusted the Congressional Affairs Office, so I lost the career...
...Can you turn the camera off?" [Cameraman stops tape]
Wikipedia is less kind: "CIA Deputy Director Philip Mudd deliberately lied to Congress about the [torture] program..."


Multiple Government Agencies Hiring 'Cyber-Warriors' By The Thousands

According to Ms Victoria 'Fuck The EU' Nuland in her "first Twitter briefing of 2012" (seriously) - she says of the State Department:

"...we’re also developing and distributing new technologies – more than 20 of them – to empower activists around the globe to access uncensored content on the internet and to communicate with each other and to tell their stories. And to date, we’ve funded the training of more than 7,500 activists around the world in these programs."
Wired appears to reference the same State Department program, but is less kind about its purposes - the article is titled "Newest U.S. CounterTerrorism Strategy: Trolling."

The Pentagon and FBI are looking for 6,000 cyber-warriors between the two agencies, but having trouble finding them.

The "Warrior-To-Cyber-Warrior" program looks to convert existing military personnel and veterans into 'cyber-warriors', and states that "cyber security experience is not required..."

The US Navy wants 1,000 more cyber warriors.

The private sector is in the same business. Wired reported that Raytheon had advertised for 250 cyber-warriors including "media sanitation specialists."

Even the banks are in on it - with JP Morgan building a cyber-security staff of over 1,000 people "more than twice the size of Google's security group". As Bloomberg writes: "To make it easier to woo military talent, the bank built a security services facility in Maryland near Fort Meade, home of the National Security Agency."

George Monbiot for Alternet wrote: "..about the daily attempts to control and influence content in the interests of the state and corporations.."

"This is not a police state - it is a thought police state"wrote Rona Kuperboim in YNetNews, of the Israeli government's legion of online propagandists:

"Imposters on behalf of the government are threatening free discourse even if they only wander through the virtual space. The Internet was meant to serve as an open platform for dialogue between people, rather than as a propaganda means"...
..."Any attempt to plant talkbacks online must fail. Especially if the State is behind it. Not only because it’s easy to identify responses made on behalf of someone, but also because it’s anti-democratic. When the Israel Electric Company or other companies do it, it’s annoying. Yet when the State does it, it’s dangerous."
Michael Snyder for Washington's Blog says that "Government Trolls Are Using 'Psychology-based Influence Techniques On YouTube, Facebook and Twitter."

Wikipedia calls these troll armies 'Web Brigades' yet despite the reams of information available regarding other state and non-state actors, somehow only references Russian examples of them.

This truly is a global phenomenon of epic proportions: if the statistics Business Insider reports are factual, then China has hired some 300,000 trolls to defend the Chinese government and its political stances online.

Are The Troll Armies Behind The Anti-EU Propaganda?

Especially given the prevalence of factually incorrect posts and astro-turf media circulating on the topics, it stands to reason that at least a portion of the myriad social media accounts posting anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-migrant and anti-refugee content may be the work of the troll armies.

The remainder are likely those regular internet users who they have influenced, or who were already inclined towards similar biases or opinions.

Likewise with the anti-Schengen and anti-EU content that now abounds, leading one to wonder whether we will ever again be able to re-establish trust in the efficacy of the internet, or to have online debates that genuinely reflect the opinions of legitimate users, rather than promoting the political agendas of paymasters.

As for whether the Schengen Agreement will indeed become a relic of the past and whether the European Union will somehow be able to reestablish a unified front and keep itself together despite the monolithic and powerful interests hell bent on tearing them apart - that remains to be seen.

Written by Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website:

Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

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Wow. I was the kind of person who hedged away from "foreign" issues. Not proud of it -but such topics always came across as so complicated to me. Well, that myth's over. This is the kind of lucid writing I wished I had bumped into years ago. Suzie, your dedication to justice & wanting to see what's actually there is truly a thing of beauty.. It's the glue that ties the facts together so clearly. THANK YOU!!!

what incredible praise, thank you so much!! I am so happy to hear that I presented the information in a cohesive enough way to be understood, these topics are so complex and that's not always easy to do, thank you so much for your comment!

You earned every word and so much more. May people worldwide come to understand what's really running the show -- ASAP! (btw, not sure if my comments are accessible to your readers. Will work on that next.) #TRUTH

Great read thanks. The elites in the US do not want any competition. The euro is especially threatening now with other countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and Syria stating in public that they are working on dropping the USD in trades and using their own currency. Their ideas on creating a euro style currency amongst themselves which is part of what made Libya need some "freedom and democracy" when Gaddafi was attempting to do the same with a African currency backed by gold. The kicker is that all this would probably help most workers in the USA minus highly paid financiers, managers, and technocrats.

A currency like the Euro implemented by the countries of Asia like China, Russia, Iran, etc. would really damage US elites stranglehold on the world. It would remove their ability to "sanction" with any large effect as well. I don't believe they will let it happen without military action attempting to stop it. If I had to guess on what would start WW3, this would be at the top of the list.

The BRICS Currency could be another big player that could divide us all in yet another weird way.
I find the crypto currencies interesting but non of them can replace 'real' coins. I don't want money to depend on any computer. So i kinda hope for yet another solution.
The Euro currency screwed us big time. It made life twice as expensive at the flip of a switch. So I hope the people in the BRICS countries are aware of that, since BRICS would probably do the very same. And from that respect the USA will get double as 'rich' (they burned all their money, but they played the law and money game in a far more sneaky way)

As @suzi3d said WWIII is aready happening.

It's WAR, but not as we know it. Now war is being played out in the corporate landscape. Weapons are a big industry in itself. And the USA had a huge overstock going bad in the warehouses. They (With the help of Hillary) managed to sell the oldest crap to the Saudi's Who in their turn gave it to the ISIS if i understood it all correct.

But since 9/11 the economy went crazy. And here in Europe all small companies went out of business. And many are still going to follow. That is the other part of the war that is pulling the legs away of our economy. The USA is robbing us blind, and they only seem to invest in hate. First they impact the economy, with the aftermath of 9/11 and then they flood the EU with refugees. That gave yet another negative impact.

However they never seem to have counted on Europe's more humane reaction. (Not of crap European politics, but of the European citizens who reacted far more humane to the refugees then the average brainwashed Americans who still seem to fear any other skin-color then white somehow) Now i know this sounds a bit harsh, and I also have to say that i know several Americans who are very aware of the situation. But to me it seems the majority is very scared of anything that's not Christian and even more scared of diffrent skin colors. But i guess this needs a scientific study to prove me right or wrong. And then again how trust worthy are scientific studies in a world where everyone can be bought to have a different opinion. :-)

So please take this reaction with a grain of salt. I try to say how it appears to me, but i don't have the means to verify my claims.

I have to leave that to the specialists.

I'm not offended one bit by someone pointing out the racism in america. The only thing I would point out is that its been created and fueled by elites and their media apparatus. Most regular working guys end up working with all different types of people at work and get along just fine. Its when immigration and employment politics get thrown into the mix where things go wrong. American white supremacy has been used very effectively by the ruling class to keep us poor divided in america. It's the same way they keep the middle class in line.. carrot on a stick. Give some people just enough rewards so they either are happy where they are or fear losing these rewards to ones below them. Combined with indoctrination in schools and churches starting as children and the massive propaganda machine/media in the USA it makes it hard for the average dead tired worker to investigate the truth. The media also pushes this narrative so as you say it seems everyone is like this. The truth is the majority of americans have become completely "apolitical" and could care less about other peoples business, skin color, or where they are from. They have to work so hard and such long hours being racist is a luxury many cannot even afford anymore. Only 30-40% take part in voting and even less take part in any political action outside the electoral system. One party says your a stupid guilty racist SOB and the other says brown people and refugees are here to rape your children and steal your job. To the average person working 12 hour days both these groups sound like shit so they just tune out and concentrate on work, family, etc.

I'm far from an expert on economics but I think because the way things are now with cheap wages always available somewhere this is the main cause of low wages compared to cost of living everywhere. If there was a lot of competition with the USD and places like BRIC, Asia, and Africa pooled their resources (one way of doing this would be creating a common currency) and managed to get on a more even playing field it would drive all wages up. The U.S. is using sanctions to ensure some areas stay poor and easily exploited. For example a ton of the cheap clothing sold in the USA called "Fast Fashion" is marked as made in China, but it actually gets made in North Korea. China profits because North Korea has no other options due to sanctions so China acts as the middle man and elites in USA profit from selling the stuff with huge profit margins.

I don't hear too many Europeans who say the U.S. is robbing them blind. Most go with the propaganda and say we are best friends/close allies. What country are you from?


Fantastic insight from a European, thank you so much for commenting!

It's nothing compared to what you are doing for all of us Suzi

bingo! you are spot on. And of course, where there is oil, the military goes - according to the NSA! In another Snowden doc we analysed, the NSA outright stated they they use "military strength to ensure that the flow of oil to the United States and its allies is unimpeded."

You didn't hear this on CNN!!!

Been reading your curation of the Snowden leaks I love this kind of stuff. Rare to get a peek into their actual thought processes and actions not filtered through media spin. I've spent entire nights staying up till dawn reading some of Manning's Wikileaks releases about Iraq. You are doing great work here. I read one you linked to where the General Berlin states "The planning cycle for dropping a bomb has compressed from a day to minutes and the criterion for aiming point has less and less review." This is an astonishing horrible admission coming in the same document where he is discussing civilian casualties. This should be on every media network being criticized and/or discussed. They are dropping bombs using intelligence someone looked at for a minute or two. INSANE.

Thank you so much! That is such great feedback to hear!!

Starting from tonight I will begin posting 1 episode of DecipherYou on Steemit & dTube per day (the series where we study the Snowden files) along with a synopsis and links to each doc studied. Would be awesome if you'd follow along and let people know it's here. Thank you!!!

i'll do short replies as it will take me 3 days to take in this article.

the fuck the EU approach will only lead to a fuck the US answer.

The US leadership doesn't seem to realise that there are more 'foreigners' then there are Americans. And that Chinese goodies are 90% cheaper then rebranded 'American Apples' that ship from Shenzen

CIA / torture

this shows how deep rooted the idea of torture is in the US.

Slave drivers do torture... Humans don't.

The US migrant fear:
The US indeed caused the migrant crisis.
A strategic 'Clintonian' war game to spread hate in Europe to pressure Europe into buying 'obolete' US weapons overstock. After first selling the oldest overstock to Saudi Arabia. Who in their turn gave it to the ISIS?
That caused all the bullshit.

The US now spreads more muslim hate across the world with stuff like Trumps muslim fear travel ban madness.

Trump would have done better to help the refugees instead of making it even harder for them. After all the refugees fled for violence that was caused by Hillary and the weapons deal that brought millions of Saudi money to their crooked foundation.

If Trum does forget that then THE WORLD should hold the US accountable for this.
Europe Asia Africa and South America (And Canada as well)
The whole world was put in danger by corrupt America.
It's up to the US gov to fix that. The sad part is that US citizens would end up paying for the Clintons.

Then you see who the actual slaves are in the USA....

birds in a huge guilded cage.

Blinded by political lies

What a shame... I have many friends in the US but we cannot fix this for them. It's all up to them and 'Mr. T' And his 'A-team'

I hope Trump's A-team is not corrupt...

Unfortunately it seems to be a bunch of Generals and those guys are there whether it's Dems or Repubs in power and have a vested interest in keeping the wars rolling

My position on refugees is the same as yours - if you don't like them don't create them!!!!!

This again proves that the refugees are created.
And that strengthens the article you wrore about WWIII

The USA is just trying to force the world to buy their crappy weapons

However Chinese weapons are also 90% cheaper... And Clinton approved electronics deals to China for US weapons. So why not skip the 90% 'NOT Made in the USA' overhead.and buy direct from China. (maybe they even include free shipping?)

Hey, isn't that the guy Hillary Clinton sold 40% of US uranium to?

Th advertising agencies involved in the HRC campaign improved upon the 'Yes We Can' strategy BIGLY. Creating such blind devotion to anyone or anything is usually reserved for religious entities and faith based ideology. I would guess these strategies are going to be the new normal going forward. Strictly avoid any policy views or statements. Emotional calls to join 'the good people' by voting.

Obama advertisers did what only Apple and perhaps a few other luxury brands manage to accomplish to a lesser extent: create demand for a new product that does exactly what the old one you had does but is new and stylish and all the 'influencers' say you should get it. Create the emotional environment where the damage to those who worked to create it and society as a whole are ignored or necessary evils.

At least this guy is proud of his people, where Hillary 'Rotten' Clinton only robs of 'her Americans'.
But now her slaves said screw you

Wow, a lot of information here, well done.

I believe that operation gladio continues, in the united states and europe both.

I believe it ultimately has to do with israel, that a 'strategy of tension' must be maintained to prevent actual peace and harmony, so that israel's atrocities never really stand out, and so that western civilization is kept constantly divided over immigration issues.

in the long term, china is not putting up with israeli expansion, and their control in the united states is now unmasked for what it really is, treason on a vast scale, far beyond what any russians are doing, which are still annoying but not nearly as severe as controlling the entire congress and censoring every israeli issue on american tv.