Witnesses Take Note! Half a Whale Vote for Witness That Gets STEEM or SBD Listed on a Major Exchange.

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Do you want to get STEEM and SBD on more exchanges? You can support our effort without any experience whatsoever and no cost to you.


All we do is convince a Witness to do the work for us. The witnesses need witness votes to elect them in the top positions which cost you nothing. Just promise to use a witness vote for the witness that gets the job done.

Just promise in the comments below and I will take care of alerting you if a witness competes the challenge.

Witness Votes:

Everyone has 30 witness votes to use that doesn't affect their daily voting power or earnings.


Hey @socky, will using my witness vote reduce my voting power?

Answer: NO. The witness vote is different form the normal voting system. You have 30 witness votes to use at any time and it doesn't affect your voting power, daily vote allotment, the number of Creator/Curator votes, or Steemit rewards


Hey @socky, how long does it take to regenerate the witness votes.

Answer: There is no regeneration time. Everyone always has 30 witness votes. Example. You use one of your 30 witness votes on a witness for the first time. Now you have 29 unused witness votes and 1 used witness votes. One minute later you change your mind and unvote that witness. Now you have 30 unused witness votes.

Come join us to get our voting leverage past One Billion Vest!

We hit a major milestone today. Our collective votes are now worth half a whale vote.

Congrats Dance.gif

Combined we have 500,653,269 VESTS to vote on a Witness!


7,134,910 Vests since yesterday

Total Vests 500,653,269


To get our vote for witness, here is what the witness needs to do:

1) Get SBD or STEEM listed on a major exchange

2) Provide proof that you were instrumental in the exchange listing of STEEM or SBD

I will periodically blog the status and the total list of people that will be willing to vote the Witness that gets STEEM or SBD on a major exchange. I will also provide the total Vests reward for the Witness.

Once we have a witness that accomplishes this challenge, I will send out a reminder notice to all people that have made the promised to go ahead and vote.


Pleased leave a comment below that you will promise to vote on the witness that completes this task.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog. Please remember to Upvote, Resteem, and Follow. Thank you.


For a breakdown of how Steemit Rewards system works:


For a breakdown of Steemit Keys:


For a breakdown of why Steem Power is Important:



Great idea @socky - I can see that @oracle-d which is a witness is campaigning for STEEM to be listed on Canadian Exchange - Netcoins Crypto Exchange. And even better still all Steemians who contribute to the campaign can potentially get rewarded with an upvote from @oracle-d if they demonstrate with screenshots that they have cast a vote on Netcoins. So it's worthwhile people joining the Oracle-D discord server to find out more about the campaign: Discord: https://discord.me/oracle-d

OK, Netcoins is not really an exchange that I had in mind. It is great that @oracle-d is trying to get STEEM listed, but Netcoins is just an OTC exchange like blocktrades. I don't ever expect OTC exchanges to ever become huge with all the competing centralized exchanges out there that are far less expensive to use.

Thanks @socky - yes every little helps and Netcoins boasts of 170,000 users. Did you also see Tim Cliffs - Coinbase Blast Project launched this week. I'm spending a bit of time on twitter this weekend with that one too.

Yes, I am part of the Oracle-D team now. We have lots of interesting developments coming up with regards Steem integration and advertising/investment. :)
Resteeming my post about NetCoins would be a help.

Easy, I'll do 10 before breakfast. :)
What is the definition of 'major'?

It would have to be significant in some way. I would hate to put too difficult boundaries around it as witnesses are not too eager to do anything as it is. Some of these exchanges are fast growing, some are multilingual. Will they adopt both SBD and STEEM? Are they a fiat portal? These are important things to consider.

Witnesses do take steps every now and then to get Steem listed.. Typically it requires a coordinated effort across multiple social networks to motivate enough people to vote for it in an exchange's forum or something along those lines.. In such cases it tends to be multiple witnesses who get involved.

In any case, I will see if I can slice out what little time I have left after attempting to on-board some of the millions of users who witnessed the recent mass censorship on FB, trying to get Steemit inc. to fix completely basic bugs in Steem, putting together data and a proposal to support witness vote decay to keep the witness tables relevant, working with oracle-D to grow their presence and ability to draw money into Steem and pulling out useful stats via SteemOcean.com - (such as that one of the biggest self voters on the network, constantly posting almost empty posts is directly connected to berniesanders..).. reminding myself how to work with C++ so that I can prepare to test future hardforks myself to prevent the problems we had with the last one - Plus keeping my 'day job' and numerous other things.. lol

Who knows.. maybe there's a simple way to get a listing arranged :)

Oh and working with the developers of Steempeak.com to improve their features.

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Hi friend. He was absent from the list @acostaeladio he went to my post and asked me to include it ..
Or tell him to come to your post ?? to make that request effective.

Ready updated to Spanish.


very nice post please add me thank you

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